Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain


'Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain' traditionally means having no distractions, but to the wholistic prophet (a.k.a. GOD), having NOTHING is the magic that allows many (first time wealth) individuals the ability to attract EVERYTHING.  So, for those who are with nothing, understand that you are in prime position to gain everything, and that NOTHING indeed MATTERS, for 'nothing' could materialize into everything you've ever desired -- that assumes you have put everything on the line in exchange.

As for the veteran practitioner whose been running circles on the "laws of attraction" credo -- I say to you -- put all your focus into the practice of letting go.  You've done the work and all that is left is for you to truly connect with the emptiness.  Uproot yourself and the things you desire. Part with it as much as you are one thus allowing the Universe to reconfigure your path to the one you mostly desire . 

However, if you hold onto expectations, and only expectations, then you'll continue to receive circular results where your manifestations will continue to be met with undesirable results.

Laws of Contrast Lesson 1 of 30: