Sustainable Farming with McCormick's Sasquatch Farms

Last year, we spent a weekend with the duo at (unofficially) Sasquatch Farms.

We were given demonstrations on sustainable farming;

From composts to alpacas, land filled with Cannabi, and Wild tulsi Plants.

Sunflowers stood tall, harvested by 5am, just in time to keep the bills paid.

The landscape's vigor, isolated from the city's cheapening exploitation;

(Wish I had shrooms (psilocybe cubensis) -- but none.)

The cold winter nights are as mighty as them hot summer days.   

As high up as we were, there were nothing between us and the 'starry nights.'

Fully transparent in all its majesty -- everything felt incredibly symbiotic.

Every ounce of compost, self-made.  Every wall self-constructed.  

And best yet, a natural water stream trickles, and split, the property at its center.

There's no shortage of water here; and there's absolutely no shortage of its steward's love.

This land, their land, will hopefully be used to cultivate hemp -- one day.

For now, we are truly thankful for the blessings of their time.

To Jon McCormicks and his girl, Sarah -- Cheers. 




Coop Beeswax:  It's an adaptogen, antifungal, antibacterial, and anti inflammatory. Being an adaptogen it helps all organs of your body overall relax and repair. Good for skin conditions, aches, pains, sore muscles, and skin protectant. The bees wax is a natural skin protectant and moisturizer as well. And we all know what cannabis does.

Your DNA Memorizes Everything

DNA is physical, but Spiritually, it's Ethereal

Crick & Watson depicted it Spiral.

School taught us a bunch of nucleic sequences,

Seemingly hypothetical.  I cannot see its SPIRAL, but who really knows?

What about its beginning?

Where did DNA come from?

And what else does it do?

It is taught that DNA carries proteins, and holds the key to our physical makeup.

Why does that sound like storage. An ability to memorize.

They say our brain memorizes, but it appears our blood cells, and DNA, do, too.

It has to, right? 

Ever heard of Ithak Bentov?  The Serbian?

Well, he speaks of how this world is a hologram that follows the order of the Yin & Yang.

(The whole is the part, and the part is the whole.)

Ithak proved this by photographically capturing an IMAGE onto an aluminum hologram,

which he then broke into 100 pieces. 

From each piece, he reconstructed the entire IMAGE. (Read his book called "Stalking the Wild Pendulum.")

The -cosms, micro and macro, tells us that the part is the whole and vice versa.

If your blood, DNA, contains the entire footprint of you, and a piece of hologram can

reverberate the whole of the hologram,

then by that logic, we can argue that our DNA is our primary source of memory.

But our DNA isn't just in our Blood.  The DNA (Ether) is in every part of our body.

From our nails, bones, to every single skin cell on us, dead or alive.

All of who we are is DNA, and that's how Scientists can reconstruct the entire you, with only a piece of you. 

Our DNA, is truly the source of our Memory!    


First Ever Clothing Retail to Refuse Fiat and Credit Cards in Favor of Crypto-Currencies.

So, we learned in this past month that and, two of the world's largest bitcoin merchants, are continuing the longstanding tradition of discrimination -- in America -- towards marijuana and marijuana-related projects. With a combined registration count in the hundreds of millions, one's got to wonder... why hemp companies?  

... the response was an affirming, "because your business relates to marijuana."   Wow, so that means, bitcoin, a currency meant to be free of government control is now somewhat compromised from the likes of those whom have controlled banking for the last 200 years. 

...sound familiar?

It's because not long ago, African Americans were discriminated based on the color of their skin, and any association with blacks, then, would render you outcast-worthy.  Well, fuck, dare I say now  (as some would then), "I will hang out with whomever I wish, or partake in whatever I wish, despite the color of skin, size of bank accounts, nor religious beliefs." 


Fortunately, most of us were prepared for the inevitable resistance; to be expected within the order of the Yin and Yang. As such, neither Bitpay and Coinbase much less bother us. 

With that, our company was able to circumvent those hurdles and found ourselves a working relationship with the good folks over at, a bitcoin merchant solely devoted to the hemp industry. 

Yes, (despite setup issues at the start) came to the rescue, and our goal of being the first ever bitcoin-exclusive clothing retail, to 'refuse cash in favor of Bitcoins,' is now realized.

Do we hate CASH?  If you believe yes, then I twisted you real good and thus you've missed the entire point.  For the record, we love the spirit of Money, but one thing we wish not to deny, rather embrace, is the inevitability of change -- and cryptocurrency (namely bitcoin) is the change that we, the people, wish to see in the world.   And, just like how the blacks were treated then (in most neighborhoods), we say to CASH now... "Not Welcomed."   

Disclaimer: We do accept cash at our Etsy shop, so those wishing to take the traditional path are more than welcome to go there.   As for this site, there will simply be no cash handling -- whatsoever.  So, consider this a NO CASH ALLOWED zone. 

(Click or Scan Below to Explore's layout.) Their layout is currently underwhelming, however, it is a great step in the right direction.   Thanks for all your help, Veronica.  Cheers.

Community, Counseling, and Contrast

The Hemp Coop



The Most Powerful Formula You Were Never Taught

Below you will find a series of imaginary questions and answers we had created to raise awareness to the most powerful formula you never knew.   We explain further below how more relevant and powerful this formula is than that of Einstein's E=MC(Squared).  

We also vaguely demonstrate below how this formula can be used to empower the world, thereby unionizing our collective conscious unto the realization that we are all indeed one.

  Enjoy both the video as well as the Q&A.



I have just finished my PHD in Mathematics. In school we were taught that if you divide a number, any number, by a series of numbers escalating to zero, then the answer is said to go to infinity.    Based on your video, is infinity the same as Totality?

ANSWER:  Hi There, Great Question.

We all at the CO-OP were also taught the above throughout our educational careers.  To answer your question, Infinity is more a behavior, in this case, a series of number that implies endless climb, or rise, and does not accurately define a Constant.   Behavior and Constant are two different things.  Totality is a Constant, one that umbrellas Infinity; Hard to grasp especially since we were never taught this concept in school.

Here's another way of looking at infinity:

Infinity can be derived in many different formulas, an example of which is to take a number, X, and infinitely divide X by 2; the result would be infinitely halved with no end in sight.   This formula displays the behavior of infinity, without ever arriving at a Constant. Just like 0, totality is a Costant.    

Again, Infinity is predominantly a behavior that often gets mistaken as a CONSTANT.   Just like there are males and females in this world, it is necessary that we correct the basics of our mathematics to accurately teach there is indeed a number opposite to nothing that should be represented as EVERYTHING.    

 Totality could be deemed as the largest number possible where one billion infinities, to the infinity power, is still infinitely smaller than Totality.


QUESTION: Why Were We Not Taught This in SchooL?

There are plenty reasons why but here are a few:

  • Capitalism simply means competition, and Capitalism often encourages its members to withhold trade secrets from one another in order to maximize gains. 
  • Schools and Universities -- although collaborate on many occasions -- fundamentally compete against one another.  Withholding publication secrets is a commonality, which is evidenced in published documents that reward Universities based on their research and findings.     
  • Students typically compete among one another academically.  Answers are kept secretive due to this competitive spirit, and going further, we reward those whom compete well, and punish those whom do not.  
  • Industries naturally withhold secrets through patents and trademarks.  This is highly encourage within our societies.
  • Sports is probably the most plain-sighted secretive industry compared to all above.  The Olympics is a prime example of how CAPITALISTIC our world is, that even countries were indoctrinated, at the highest level, to edge their counterparts.

In conclusion, if most high level industries and professions were built on this CAPITALISTIC/COMPETITION model, you best believe that SECRECY is used even at the most basic level of our education.

QUESTION:  What Makes your Formula Valid?

For a formula to be valid, it must be applicable across many industries, if not all.   We based all our findings on our practices and observations of opposites and polarization

If you pay close attention, you can grow in your awareness how opposites are in everything.  Take for instance the following expressions:

'When you have nothing to lose, you have everything to gain.'

'Losing myself, will I find myself. 

'To be or not to be.'

'Let go and you shall be in control.' 

The above are the most sophisticated level of self-awareness that all will eventually cross.

QUESTION:  What is more important?   E = MC(squared)   or    X/0 = Totality?  

Being relevant is everything in this world.   If you can not relate to others, in one form or another, you are considered less valuable.  E=MC(squared), although popular, is infinitely weaker than 'X/0 = Everything.'   Again, for data to be considered valuable, data must be highly relevant.  X/0 = Totality is many more times powerful than every formula, because, at the root level, it is connected to everything in this world via its direct expression of POLARITY, within which all is comprised.

QUESTION: Could you further compare EVERYTHING to NOTHING?

ANSWER: 'Everything' simply means the largest number possible and 'Nothing' translates to being the smallest number possible.

QUESTION:  What about negative numbers? Are they not smaller than 0?

Not exactly. Negative number more accurately describes direction.  It's logical to describe someone as 5 feet tall, and illogical to describe another as -5 feet tall.  The same is true with weight, and etc.    However, if you were to say I have $100 versus -$100 in my bank account, it's logical to assume that you have less money, but the more accurate description is to say that +$100 are money owed to you, versus -$100 representing money owed to the bank.   One goes TOWARD you and the other is owed AWAY from you.

The same goes goes for temperature (inward versus outward pressure).

The same is true for GPS locations, where -100 degrees vs +100 degrees are both positions left, or right, top or below the center of 0 degrees.  

QUESTION:  Spiritually, what does this mean?  

ANSWER:  We are all both Gods and, concurrently, we are not.  This principle of being both male and female, alive and dead, god and human, right and wrong, has been known as the Vesica Piscis (aka Venn Diagram).  This principle explains that the root of all dimension is comprised of both ends of the Spectrum.  However, our education completely ignored this lesson, that which Leonardo DaVinci, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauburger, Walter Russell, Ikzhak Bentov, were all proponents of.   The awareness of overlapping YinYang balances within all is too a journey much like everything else is a Journey.  Whether you practice living in contrast to how you were raised, or not, is entirely up to you.  But simply put, those whom do exercise contrast in multitudes (ie. walking backwards, eating with your opposite hand, practice self inversion, and etc) will only heighten their overall balance, thereby putting them on a journey towards unionizing with their inner God -- the same God within all is created.

At the end of your journey, you will discover again you are exactly where you started, and only having known this place for the first time. 

The Hemp Coop 

Holding Your Breath The Buteyko Way


There are many 'Hold Your Breath' type exercises that are making their way around the world these days, and I'm so proud of the fact that I am not the only one who's discovered the health benefits of holding one's breath.  I'll first go into how I discovered this practice, and then go directly into why it works for all of those whom practice.   

How I Discovered the Practice

1) I am often on my inversion table for the past 7 years.  Inverting myself upside down increases my balance and at the same time increases my conscious awareness.  Every time I would get off my inversion table, I noticed my congestion clearing up.

2) I often hold my breath for the past 7 years as a practice of opposites.  I have blogs dating back 7 years ago as to how I've discovered that the entire Universe operates on this science of POLARITY, which is a science that allows you to see all Patterns in the Universe.   Holding my breath, for some reason, built the same sort of pressure into my body as did inverting myself upside down.  And I noticed that the longer I held my breath (to the point of convulsion), the more powerful was the decongestion.

3) I also practice and study this science called the sciences of Paradoxes, and how opposites can invite one another.  There's a trick to this science, but simply put, if you seek discomfort, you will find comfort.  Due to this philosophy, I often find myself subjecting my body to discomforting practices of meditation, vow of silence, fasting, celebacy, and etc.  What I found is a common denominator that the more I pushed myself to suppress my desires, the more I was able to manifest the things I desired most.   As such, I am financially independent, incredibly healthy, and as aware as I desired to be 7 years ago.

4) I've played with electrical, water, and gas pressure in the past to the extent of understanding how to store, route, and accelerate them.  Although they appear to differ, they all share the common characteristics in that all of the above are nothing more than different manifestation of ethereal energies.  Where there are energy in abundance, physical manifestation will take place.  Therefore nasal congestions like deviated septums tend to be a by product of bad energy flow, and not the other way around as is popularly believed.

5) I've built wealth by suppressing wealth.  Not many people realize that wealth, like everything else, is energy.  The more you suppress wealth, the more aggressive it wants to find you.  Building wealth through suppression is an extremely advance ideal that I myself am trying to advance, but I do notice that it's worked in the past, and I intend on continuing down this path, and continue to report back to you guys all my discoveries.

Why this Science works.

wim hofOkay, one thing I find in common is that everyone has their way of explaining why they feel something works.   We all have different angles on a particular situation or subject, and as a disclaimer, I do not believe that any one method is better than the other, but rather they each serve unique purposes for many whom they are intended.   My goal is to dissect the fundamental pattern as to why it works for all of those whom practice -- as it is my passion to dissect this Universe from the perspective of the YIN & Yang, or opposites, which is the one true path that has helped me deciphered all of life's mysteries; at least up to this point.

To understand why holding your breath is such a powerful thing, it helps to think of your entire body as a conduit that transports energy -- exactly similar to a pipe that transports water, gases, or even electricity in which case requires only a small conductive wire.

Compression and Expansion

When you suppress anything, you naturally build up its pressure.   If you kink your water hose, pressure builds up.  Upon letting go, water frees itself and aggressively bursts out.  The same is true for gases, and so too electricity.  

This concept of pressure buildup doesn't just apply to material substances, it also carries major psychological implications.  Think of the time when you've suppressed your own strong desires to do anything, or even worst, if you've been to jail.  If you've never been detained against your own will, then here's a hard lesson you can learn from me as I have been jailed twice in my time.   

It was 8am the morning after being jailed for charges of "grand theft" (which ended up) for shop lifting as a kid,   Everything that I had taken for granted simply was much more appreciated. Every little step, breath, relationship, or even that much dreaded day at work -- no matter how boring -- was considered a blessing -- compared to jail.  

When you subject your life to severe deprivation, you will inevitably increase your level of appreciation.

So the same principle applies when you cut yourself of breath or oxygen.  You simply build up pressure into your body that is utterly and completely against what it's used to -- and as you hold down this pressure, every cell in your body has to endure it (as above so below).  The longer you hold this breath, the stronger is the sensation, and the closer you are to death, the stronger it is you'll feel connected to life.  You see what I did there?  I simply connected the practice of holding your breath to two principles that is the holy grail of practically every industry of the world and every subject matter possible.  One of which is the sciences of COMPRESSION & EXPANSION, complemented with the principle of Paradox (which is the understanding that opposites are one and the same, and are mere expression of one another.  The more happy you are, the more depressed you inevitably will feel).  We all go through depressions as a build up of pressure whenever you experience joys.   

Who would have thought that the by product of JOY is Sorrow, that which gets accumulated and builds up like a kinked water hose, and will inevitably breaks down when enough pressure is built up. 

Pressure Represents Contrasting Forces, or Forces in Opposition.

Pressure is the one thing that runs your entire body, batteries in your phone, and also every energy systems imaginable.  If you focus on pressure, you'll better understand why it is that holding your breath will inevitably enlivens your entire being, as backwards as that sounds.   So, just to answer the curiosity that is in the video below right about 4:04 (4th second of the 4th minute) where Dr. Buteyko states "We don't know how it works"; this should hopefully be a clear explanation as to why holding our breath works.  

I would go into more details and angles on why my explanation of POLARITY, PRESSURE, and PARADOX is the ultimate key to understanding this breath-holding exercise, but that'll make for a long long story.  But I kid you not, meditation, is also a practice of opposites that too will change your life.  Everyone has a different meditative practice, but the fundamental truth to them all is that you are all practicing opposites, that is which in high CONTRAST to what you are used to.   

Indeed, to gain control of your true self, is to master the ideals of letting go.

I sure hope all the above makes sense. If not, feel free to ask questions... this is what I do. It is my passion to share this ancient knowledge of Polarity and Contrast.

Dany Ong

Co-founder of THC

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Will Work 4 More WORK!



Will Work for more work

Will Work For More Work

Work will be more enjoyable when one applies opposites training to every aspect of one's existence. That is why we, at the COOP, have came up with 3 things we believe will make you more WHOLISTIC.  

1) Become Ambidextrous

Did you know that Leonardo DaVinci became a person of Contrast (or doing things opposite) as a day to day practice to expand his metaphysical awareness.   DaVinci, along with many other Renaissance like thinkers understood this process as Wholism, and as such would routinely practice their left-hands, and writing backwards.

These acts of WHOLISM (making the brain whole -- forward and backwards) enabled him to think from a point of TRUE omniscience, lending them visions to invent/create from divine vantage point.  There are many ways you can apply this exercise to your workplace; and as you become smarter, so does your the company you work for.

2) Meditate More

Meditation carries many forms, but the most extreme of them all is to think of NOTHING; and feel NOTHING.  However, if this is too much for you, then practice diversifying all your thinking energy to the rest of your body.  This process of diversification grounds your entire physical existence to the present moment; contrarily, over thinking tends to stagnate your energy flow, rendering yourself less present and ineffective at what you do.

3) Diversify Your Habits

Instead of working longer hours and faster, try to work shorter hours and slower.  

Instead of perfection, see where mistakes can lead you.  

Instead of eating more and faster, try to eat less and slower.  

Instead of straight walks, adopt an expressively articulating strut.  

Instead of traditional tongue, learn a new one.  

Instead of waiting on the boss to give you more work, go ask for more work.  

Instead of money, ask how you can add value; give more.  

Instead of right, go left.  

Instead of control, let go.

Instead of talking, listen.

Instead of being right, see the wrong in right and the right in wrong. 

These are all the things we are doing as an investment to the ideals of WHOLISM, the same practice DaVinci himself would advise.  This very practice alone propelled our former business from 350th ranked in the world to #1 -- within 3 years.  

As such, we highly encourage many of our COOPERS to put themselves in a position to WORK 4 More WORK.  Don't let money get in your way of a truly BALANCED, and WHOLISTIC journey.


Invest in Your Surroundings. 

300 pieces of organic COOP hemp gift boxes to the local homeless shelter this 2017 Xmas.  



THC's First Solar Eclipse Trip To Oregon

En route to Bend, Oregon for TheHempCoop's first ever Solar Eclipse.


16 hour road trip plus an 8 hour wait at the gate, finally set up tent amidst 40,000 attendees @ the Oregon Eclipse Festival 2017.


Day 2: Finally, onto the celebration @ Oregon Eclipse Festival.


Day 4: The Solar Eclipse & Nearing Totality w/ Our New Festival Buddies



White.Gold VS Blue.Black Dress -- The Anomaly that Isn't.








Remember this dress that made its way around the Globe?

To the casual observer, you will either see (blue and black) or (yellow and white) -- with a third (infinite) possibility somewhere in between. These three options represent the Holy Trinity -- properties of Universal Laws-- which pose that every color, sound, taste, or even touch, are interpreted by our senses as an infinite relative, bearing the primary property of polarity.

POLARITY is everywhere, you just need to make this connection.

After having asking many people around the world about polarity, I've come to understand that men in all parts were rarely taught this simple yet profound ancient knowledge. Sure, everyone knows what polarity is, but hardly do people understand why polarity is the one principle that governs all existence in this Universe.  Every single technology of the world, work off this very principle.

So do our eyes.  And depending on who we are and how we change, our eyes and senses will continue to evolve even though it would appear that the things we perceive changes. 

We at the Hemp Coop are obsessed with the sciences of Polarity, which is why Contrast is honored as one of our three core principles; with the other two being Counseling and Community.

Contrast :  Embracing all differences as necessary.

Community : Work on others, to empower the self.


Counseling : Share your negativity first and peak of your positivities last. 


Let me know if you need further explanation, or a physical demonstration to better understand Polarity.  


Hemp & The Flat Earth


For those whom aren't familiar, the Flat Earth talk, or what mainstream media labels worthless conspiracies, has been trending as one of the most enticing subjects over the last 4 years; as shocking as the CIA's self-admitting confession of their leadership in the Cocaine distribution of the 80s:

Total Proof That The US Government And CIA Run The Drug Trade

Believing or not depends on how aware one is to media corruption. But for most, learning isn't exactly their priority especially in a society where entertainment, self-image, and money dominates most the world's attention. 

FLAT EARTH: Are you surprised?  Yes.  Disturbed?  Yes.  In disbelief?  Absolutely.  Well, that is to be expected.  The absurdity of the Flat Earth typically garners the same exact response from those whom we have interviewed.  However, after having learned of some evidences we had pointed out, most interviewees quickly opened their minds, and one by one, each were taught to ask questions versus swallowing and regurgitating what they've seen and taught to believe in school.   

A Globular Earth:  Disseminated to Americans via Television or Academia by way of astronauts and sophisticated rockets.  However, if solely judging by the merits of our own eyes, we, cannot confidently attest to the Earth's shape.  No eye witnesses means no empirical evidence; that is until you have seen the truth with your own two eyes. 

august piccardWhat's Certain:  We are not allowed in space because it is too dangerous. For one, millions of people have died through the years, so prohibiting humans from manning space flights on the premise of danger sounds more like an excuse than it is a concern. Secondly,  Space flights are too costly to send up a lay person.  Austrian scientist, August Piccard's 1931 ascent, and return, in a mediocre'ishly built balloon proved that it can be safe.  Don't know August Piccard? Well, you should.  The man broke a record for being the first to ascend highest into the Stratosphere, however, was sifted under the rug and never once mentioned.  Another reason to ask more questions.



We didn't completely ignore Piccard as he was vaguely honored in his testimonial from a 1931 August edition of Popular Science appearance in which he states that the earth appears like a "flat disc plane" from the stratosphere.  Considering the feat of being the first ever to reach the Stratosphere, in a balloon capsule with 1931 technology, one would expect an elaborate interview of his work for the frenzied media coupled with worldwide praises and academic dissemination.  But nothing!!!  One thing we are forgetting though -- when you think about it, Capitalism means Competition -- even if that competition is between those in Power and those that same Power control.  

If two men conspire to rob a bank, we don't call it a theory, but rather a crime.  If corporations conspire to shill the American public, we still call that a crime.  However, when a government rob its people, we call it a theory.   Let's throw out the word 'conspiracy theory', but rather call it what it is -- a crime.

Piccard:  No rockets; only a balloon carrying a ton capsule.

Piccard was an older man with no mentioning of aeronautics background or any other high altitude training pedigree.  His compression chamber likely carried oxygens all the while voiding atmospheric pressure, like most flight vessels, all appearing to cost no more than $10,000 by today's standards -- possibly $5,000, or less.  Which begs the question, why hasn't NASA, with the technology we have today, sent men to space via Piccard-like capsules to attest the shape of the Earth?  Instead, what we get are occasional rocket flights manned by people, whom we don't know, traversing paths mimicking that of a rainbow, seemingly headed for abandonment in the adjacent seas.








Instead of a free shuttle ride in the name of science endorsed by our government, the alternative is a $75,000 ticket.  Another enterprising gimmick at best; a deterrent.  Offered in 2017?  Like the same gimmick we were said to believe by Virgin Atlantic and their supposed space flight which never happened?  Click here to check out the ad for yourself.

                                                                                                                                         There are plenty more reasons why I've doubted our education prior, and therefore it is worth every bit of The Hemp Coop's energy to contribute as much as we can.  But rather than reinventing the wheel on the subject of Flat Earth, we have an independent researcher, Eric Dubay, that has dissected the Flat Earth claims in "The History of Flat Earth."  

My Reasons For Believing

Gleason map of 1890s stating that the earth is stationary and the Sun and Moon rotates above Earth's Surface.After having seen this video, and many more produced by thousands of independent researchers across the world, I was finally convinced that the earth is not a round planet that we've been programmed to believe.  Was this the first time we've been lied to? Hardly. We mentioned earlier that our government got caught for coordinating the Cocaine trade of the 1980s, most relevant is their nationwide propaganda against Marijuana and Hemp in the mid 90s?

It was widely coordinated throughout mainstream media that Marijuana & Hemp were created by the Devil and therefore Marijuana and Hemp should be banned. Subsequently, Pharmaceutical companies continues 10 times their growth from all crude opium imports which were then widely disseminated to Americans nationwide.  Marijuana can be easily home grown and thus heavily competes against Opium.  Hemp, on the same token, is 4-10 times more efficient than tree-produced printing paper or cotton textiles, making both marijuana and hemp extremely detrimental for pharmaceutical, timber, and the cotton trade.  Knowing what we know, Flat Earth now appears a lot less outlandish.

 Whether Earth is Flat or not, it's inarguable that the citizens of the world have been continually played by the political powers that be.  And whether Earth is Flat or not, it has been making headlines all across Youtube and continues to do so.

Bolivian Salt FlatsEvidence raised by Flat Earther's is a simple formulaused  to calculate Earth's curvature:        [8inches X (distance in miles squared)].  Example:  The Bolivian Salt Flats (spanning 80 miles) is clearly visible 80 miles across with absolutely no curvature; claimed many.  For a salt bed stretching 80 miles in distance, there should be roughly 51,200 inches (or 4,266 ft) of curvature.  On the same merit, go out on a clear day with a telescope and see if you can detect any curvature from objects 20, 30, 50, 100 miles away. 

Curvature formula:  8inches X (80 miles) ^2  = 51,200 inches ;  51,200in / 12 = 4,266 feet of curvature.

Don't take my word for it -- do your own math and research.  Which is something we plan on doing on our next trip to the Bolivian Flats.  I would encourage all those whom are interested in this topic to research and test as much as they possibly can.  Expect yourself to resist information coming your way -- it's absolutely normal.  Rome wasn't built over night, and nor was its destruction.  

So tell us, what do you think of the Flat Earth?






Neutrality: Path to Godhood

let goAll too often the pattern repeats in those whom fight for what they want in life.  Hard work, big sacrifices, all leading to eventual crossing of an imaginary finish line.  Celebrations ensues. And, before long, slowly and inevitably, we all crumble into the arms of defeat; Unsatisfied; Confused; Empty; And, Hungry, still.  

From here, most pick up where they had left off and thus continue with more pursuits of happiness; However, for those whom are ready, we will arrive at a point we call Neutrality -- a life where connections inward to our Godhood begins with the counter-intuitive lessons on 'letting go'.  


Imagine an amazonian Tree -- wisely rooted into the soil that supports its own structure.  If the Tree decides it wants to Uproot its existence, it knows to let go of its current habitat (its home), its roots (comfort zone), and all other elemental variables that nurtured its pedigree.  It must surrender (be neutral) to the old and make itself available to the new.  It must simply Let Go of one life for another.  When you let go, you make space for newer transformations.  

surrenderTo Let Go does not mean to forget.  It simply means to be neutral and yield yourself to the Universe.  And according to the laws of balance, this act of neutrality, of 'letting go', is the very source that inevitably Wills all of Creation to Surrender itself to you.  As the wise Lao Tzu once wrote, "Those whom Flow as Life Flows know They need no other Force."  


 Be Neutral my friends, for neutrality is the Path to your Godhood and your desired manifestations.




Addendum: Marijuana and Neutrality

Most consumers of Marijuana make the mistake of giving up immediately due to the following reasons, the same reason why most won't adopt anything that brings discomfort:

1)  We get paranoid or uncomfortable.   

2)  We do not feel anything. 

3)  It is too overwhelming.  .

4)  It is considered politically Incorrect or immoral.

The best lesson, in my experience, is to go into everything with a neutral mind as most preconceived notions of your realities were built from your environment.  With a neutral mind, create new interpretations for all the above. 

1a)  Discomfort eventually leads to comfort.

2a)  Repetitious cycles increases sensitivity and awareness.

3a)  Learn of the right dosage and tune yourself to it, and it to you;  Dosage can be extremely different for everyone.

4a)  Expand your morality scope and Wholism to grasp the understanding that life is all in the mind; Paradoxically, Good does not exist without Bad, as Left does not exist without Right.  

With all the above in mind, once you've properly learned how to engage in the usage of Marijuana, you will be able to utilize marijuana to further your awareness for Neutrality.  Although it exists in our everyday life, being aware of Neutrality's purpose will only strengthen our existence.

Well, I sure hope our personal experiences help you all on your path to great awareness.  As always, explore.  :D