White.Gold VS Blue.Black Dress -- The Anomaly that Isn't.








Remember this dress that made its way around the Globe?

To the casual observer, you will either see (blue and black) or (yellow and white) -- with a third (infinite) possibility somewhere in between. These three options represent the Holy Trinity -- properties of Universal Laws-- which pose that every color, sound, taste, or even touch, are interpreted by our senses as an infinite relative, bearing the primary property of polarity.

POLARITY is everywhere, you just need to make this connection.

After having asking many people around the world about polarity, I've come to understand that men in all parts were rarely taught this simple yet profound ancient knowledge. Sure, everyone knows what polarity is, but hardly do people understand why polarity is the one principle that governs all existence in this Universe.  Every single technology of the world, work off this very principle.

So do our eyes.  And depending on who we are and how we change, our eyes and senses will continue to evolve even though it would appear that the things we perceive changes. 

We at the Hemp Coop are obsessed with the sciences of Polarity, which is why Contrast is honored as one of our three core principles; with the other two being Counseling and Community.

Contrast :  Embracing all differences as necessary.

Community : Work on others, to empower the self.


Counseling : Share your negativity first and peak of your positivities last. 


Let me know if you need further explanation, or a physical demonstration to better understand Polarity.  


Hemp & The Flat Earth


For those whom aren't familiar, the Flat Earth talk, or what mainstream media labels worthless conspiracies, has been trending as one of the most enticing subjects over the last 4 years; as shocking as the CIA's self-admitting confession of their leadership in the Cocaine distribution of the 80s:

Total Proof That The US Government And CIA Run The Drug Trade

Believing or not depends on how aware one is to media corruption. But for most, learning isn't exactly their priority especially in a society where entertainment, self-image, and money dominates most the world's attention. 

FLAT EARTH: Are you surprised?  Yes.  Disturbed?  Yes.  In disbelief?  Absolutely.  Well, that is to be expected.  The absurdity of the Flat Earth typically garners the same exact response from those whom we have interviewed.  However, after having learned of some evidences we had pointed out, most interviewees quickly opened their minds, and one by one, each were taught to ask questions versus swallowing and regurgitating what they've seen and taught to believe in school.   

A Globular Earth:  Disseminated to Americans via Television or Academia by way of astronauts and sophisticated rockets.  However, if solely judging by the merits of our own eyes, we, cannot confidently attest to the Earth's shape.  No eye witnesses means no empirical evidence; that is until you have seen the truth with your own two eyes. 

august piccardWhat's Certain:  We are not allowed in space because it is too dangerous. For one, millions of people have died through the years, so prohibiting humans from manning space flights on the premise of danger sounds more like an excuse than it is a concern. Secondly,  Space flights are too costly to send up a lay person.  Austrian scientist, August Piccard's 1931 ascent, and return, in a mediocre'ishly built balloon proved that it can be safe.  Don't know August Piccard? Well, you should.  The man broke a record for being the first to ascend highest into the Stratosphere, however, was sifted under the rug and never once mentioned.  Another reason to ask more questions.



We didn't completely ignore Piccard as he was vaguely honored in his testimonial from a 1931 August edition of Popular Science appearance in which he states that the earth appears like a "flat disc plane" from the stratosphere.  Considering the feat of being the first ever to reach the Stratosphere, in a balloon capsule with 1931 technology, one would expect an elaborate interview of his work for the frenzied media coupled with worldwide praises and academic dissemination.  But nothing!!!  One thing we are forgetting though -- when you think about it, Capitalism means Competition -- even if that competition is between those in Power and those that same Power control.  

If two men conspire to rob a bank, we don't call it a theory, but rather a crime.  If corporations conspire to shill the American public, we still call that a crime.  However, when a government rob its people, we call it a theory.   Let's throw out the word 'conspiracy theory', but rather call it what it is -- a crime.

Piccard:  No rockets; only a balloon carrying a ton capsule.

Piccard was an older man with no mentioning of aeronautics background or any other high altitude training pedigree.  His compression chamber likely carried oxygens all the while voiding atmospheric pressure, like most flight vessels, all appearing to cost no more than $10,000 by today's standards -- possibly $5,000, or less.  Which begs the question, why hasn't NASA, with the technology we have today, sent men to space via Piccard-like capsules to attest the shape of the Earth?  Instead, what we get are occasional rocket flights manned by people, whom we don't know, traversing paths mimicking that of a rainbow, seemingly headed for abandonment in the adjacent seas.








Instead of a free shuttle ride in the name of science endorsed by our government, the alternative is a $75,000 ticket.  Another enterprising gimmick at best; a deterrent.  Offered in 2017?  Like the same gimmick we were said to believe by Virgin Atlantic and their supposed space flight which never happened?  Click here to check out the ad for yourself.

                                                                                                                                         There are plenty more reasons why I've doubted our education prior, and therefore it is worth every bit of The Hemp Coop's energy to contribute as much as we can.  But rather than reinventing the wheel on the subject of Flat Earth, we have an independent researcher, Eric Dubay, that has dissected the Flat Earth claims in "The History of Flat Earth."  

My Reasons For Believing

Gleason map of 1890s stating that the earth is stationary and the Sun and Moon rotates above Earth's Surface.After having seen this video, and many more produced by thousands of independent researchers across the world, I was finally convinced that the earth is not a round planet that we've been programmed to believe.  Was this the first time we've been lied to? Hardly. We mentioned earlier that our government got caught for coordinating the Cocaine trade of the 1980s, most relevant is their nationwide propaganda against Marijuana and Hemp in the mid 90s?

It was widely coordinated throughout mainstream media that Marijuana & Hemp were created by the Devil and therefore Marijuana and Hemp should be banned. Subsequently, Pharmaceutical companies continues 10 times their growth from all crude opium imports which were then widely disseminated to Americans nationwide.  Marijuana can be easily home grown and thus heavily competes against Opium.  Hemp, on the same token, is 4-10 times more efficient than tree-produced printing paper or cotton textiles, making both marijuana and hemp extremely detrimental for pharmaceutical, timber, and the cotton trade.  Knowing what we know, Flat Earth now appears a lot less outlandish.

 Whether Earth is Flat or not, it's inarguable that the citizens of the world have been continually played by the political powers that be.  And whether Earth is Flat or not, it has been making headlines all across Youtube and continues to do so.

Bolivian Salt FlatsEvidence raised by Flat Earther's is a simple formulaused  to calculate Earth's curvature:        [8inches X (distance in miles squared)].  Example:  The Bolivian Salt Flats (spanning 80 miles) is clearly visible 80 miles across with absolutely no curvature; claimed many.  For a salt bed stretching 80 miles in distance, there should be roughly 51,200 inches (or 4,266 ft) of curvature.  On the same merit, go out on a clear day with a telescope and see if you can detect any curvature from objects 20, 30, 50, 100 miles away. 

Curvature formula:  8inches X (80 miles) ^2  = 51,200 inches ;  51,200in / 12 = 4,266 feet of curvature.

Don't take my word for it -- do your own math and research.  Which is something we plan on doing on our next trip to the Bolivian Flats.  I would encourage all those whom are interested in this topic to research and test as much as they possibly can.  Expect yourself to resist information coming your way -- it's absolutely normal.  Rome wasn't built over night, and nor was its destruction.  

So tell us, what do you think of the Flat Earth?






Neutrality: Path to Godhood

let goAll too often the pattern repeats in those whom fight for what they want in life.  Hard work, big sacrifices, all leading to eventual crossing of an imaginary finish line.  Celebrations ensues. And, before long, slowly and inevitably, we all crumble into the arms of defeat; Unsatisfied; Confused; Empty; And, Hungry, still.  

From here, most pick up where they had left off and thus continue with more pursuits of happiness; However, for those whom are ready, we will arrive at a point we call Neutrality -- a life where connections inward to our Godhood begins with the counter-intuitive lessons on 'letting go'.  


Imagine an amazonian Tree -- wisely rooted into the soil that supports its own structure.  If the Tree decides it wants to Uproot its existence, it knows to let go of its current habitat (its home), its roots (comfort zone), and all other elemental variables that nurtured its pedigree.  It must surrender (be neutral) to the old and make itself available to the new.  It must simply Let Go of one life for another.  When you let go, you make space for newer transformations.  

surrenderTo Let Go does not mean to forget.  It simply means to be neutral and yield yourself to the Universe.  And according to the laws of balance, this act of neutrality, of 'letting go', is the very source that inevitably Wills all of Creation to Surrender itself to you.  As the wise Lao Tzu once wrote, "Those whom Flow as Life Flows know They need no other Force."  


 Be Neutral my friends, for neutrality is the Path to your Godhood and your desired manifestations.




Addendum: Marijuana and Neutrality

Most consumers of Marijuana make the mistake of giving up immediately due to the following reasons, the same reason why most won't adopt anything that brings discomfort:

1)  We get paranoid or uncomfortable.   

2)  We do not feel anything. 

3)  It is too overwhelming.  .

4)  It is considered politically Incorrect or immoral.

The best lesson, in my experience, is to go into everything with a neutral mind as most preconceived notions of your realities were built from your environment.  With a neutral mind, create new interpretations for all the above. 

1a)  Discomfort eventually leads to comfort.

2a)  Repetitious cycles increases sensitivity and awareness.

3a)  Learn of the right dosage and tune yourself to it, and it to you;  Dosage can be extremely different for everyone.

4a)  Expand your morality scope and Wholism to grasp the understanding that life is all in the mind; Paradoxically, Good does not exist without Bad, as Left does not exist without Right.  

With all the above in mind, once you've properly learned how to engage in the usage of Marijuana, you will be able to utilize marijuana to further your awareness for Neutrality.  Although it exists in our everyday life, being aware of Neutrality's purpose will only strengthen our existence.

Well, I sure hope our personal experiences help you all on your path to great awareness.  As always, explore.  :D


Bitcoin & Hemp: The Alternative Ideology

The Beginning:  Numbers and Banking

The beginning of 2011 would be our year, the year my friends and I made our first Bitcoin investment.  We were't just onlookers, we were at heart newborn cryptographers mindful of numbers and sequences.

In the traditions of modern banking, few people and computers verify a transaction (10-20 collaborators).  This sequence of verification is now considered highly predictable especially with the billions of phone transactions occurring every minute.   fed Hackers thrive on few verification (by people), and the lack of change (few computers), which begs the question, How safe is your money?   To understand this, you have to understand 'How Often Do The Feds Get Hacked?' Read on...

 So you see, the banks of today's world are at heavy risks, and this is exactly where Bitcoin shines.  Bitcoin distributes all the responsibilities of safeguarding your money unto all the many millions of users and miners within the network, and at the same time, rewards them with coins (if you are a miner) and savings (if you are a user).    Unlike the Banks, there are no owners, and, unlike the banks, theBitcoin network does not print more money to cover losses, which ultimately does not undermine the values and lessons we learn from losses.

 However, with new hybrids of other cyrptocurrencies, XRP in particular, new banking practices are now offered for those whom prefer the digital protection of this era combined with traditional "insurance" policies.    








Enough on that geeky, cryptographic & philosophical wave.  Now exactly how did THC benefit?

bitcoinUnderstanding the basis of cryptography led us on a small crusade across Orange County, California, preaching and enchanting the gospel of crypto-currency to family and friends.  "YO GUYS, EVER HEARD OF BITCOINS?" -- the talk usually starts.   Back then, outside of the Darknet realm, no one speaks of BITCOINS. Whilst in contrast, the Darknet (members of privacy respecting misfits) rapidly grows in their proficiency with this novel currency; mining, trading, proving the coins elasticity, and usability, each and every day.  We promise to get more into the details of our minings effort later, but let's continue on with why Bitcoin is thriving.


To further appreciate bitcoin, understand what 'money' is, its history, role in world economies, and most significantly, how we've become a money-centric society.

Banking with the Rothchilds

For most, money is a piece of paper we were all born into.  People use it all over the world.   "But... But what came before money," you ask.?  Bartering: services, gold, food and other commodities made up every day transactions.   That doesn't happen nearly as much anymore.

Son of Baron RothchildNow, when we gave up bartering, something had to change. It wasn't until 1798, that german banker, Baron Rothschild, invented a mean of consolidating all hard goods, and the need for bartering, into paper goods, and calling them Bank Notes -- otherwise known as 'money.'  Bank notes and checks are virtually the same tool, except that checks carry a heap load more security.   Bank Notes eventually became widely known as money to the non-banking world, and that became the 'slang' we have adopted in modern day America.  

To Rothchild's credit, the idea of bank notes was considered revolutionary -- to some, it was planned monopoly.  No matter the argument as I'm sure the good goes with the evil, MONEY came and took over like the Sun's light stretching its rays upon arrival.  But just like the sun, cycling in and out, before our eyes, money will eventually find its end.

barterStorage of precious metals was simply too risky and cumbersome.  On the flip side, it was likely trendy and sophisticated to deal in paper money vs carrying around loads of metals.  




For money to take off, it needs backing.   And that's where Baron's political ties helped. (Skipping the boring facts) Fast forward 200 years, bank notes continue to dominate the world's trade affairs, even long after, Rothchild, its creator past away.    

Empires in Cycles

Does bartering exist today?  For small transactions, yes.  However, if a transaction exceeds certain dollar amount -- depending on the city, state, or country -- then bartering is considered illegal.  

How does bartering tie into the growth of Bitcoins?

When you strip society of freedom, that freedom will find itself on path to an area of least resistance, where it spend times, and eventually make its way back.  Our American society stripped American's economy of its ability to barter, which is largely why any device that gets introduced into our economy with the promise to deliver a bartering type trust, will succeed.  This is the laws of cycles working at its best.  

Why is bartering important?  Bartering implies less traceability, limited to zero governance, meaning, you can trade with your neighbors, friends, strangers without the need of bank notes, which essentially disempower the banks and the government whom maintain them.  

Bartering, as old as the concept implies, is a choice by those seeking an alternative lifestyle -- for those whom prefer to take back the power gained by the banks, and distribute them among non-bankers.       

Protecting Your Own Wealth

With the advent of Bitcoins, alongside the growing digital age, the need for physical banks to store gold, cash, and etc... diminishes.  And as you read this, the echoes of "tangible investments" no longer is sound advice.   The roles of banks continue to diminish giving way to its cyclical heir apparent -- the digital coin.  

Everything has a cycle (analog, digital, simplicity, complexity, life and death), and thus is why we say that every rise of a civilization is eventually met by its inevitable fall.  The greater is the rise typically is matched by a greater commensurable fall.

The Roots: The Majoring Underground

At a restaurant, an inferior service typically warrants negative reviews — a complaint of sort — that 'feedbacks' as one vote.   In the same sense, when citizens are dissatisfied with banking mismanagement, they reserve the right to vote down banks, and they do so by choosing an alternative currency.  Thus, using Bitcoin is widely considered a down-vote to the banking empire.  

Furthermore, the printing and safeguarding of money used to be primary tasks banks, and hence the large exorbitant profits; with bitcoins, the printing work gets done by anyone willing to load a 'phone app' equivalent, purchase and maintain specifically built equipment for the 'app' -- the reward is handsomely distributed among them.

When you put your heart, soul, guts, and hardship into the mining process, you will endure satisfaction; and so long as Bitcoins are being used and perfected in 'Darknet' terms, there is no end to how far Cryptocurrency can go.  

Remember, when you suppress anything, be it feelings, ideas or thoughts, or people's natural tendency to be different, expect that energy to find a path of least resistance rather than believing it will go away.  That's to say that those unorthodox not accepted in the orthodox society will eventually rise above those whom follow the orthodox tradition.  


Bob Dylan teaches us in his song 'The Times They Are A Changin' that "what is first place now will be last place later."  Maybe Dylan was right, and the way the world works has everything to do with cycles.   Oddly, we were hardly taught these virtues in the teachings we grew up with -- which is why those whom learn cycles now appreciate 'em all the more.


The world finally tuned in.

I was never fond of the All-American “if it ain't broken, then don’t fix it” mentality and can’t help but feel its effects.  For your average citizen, paper money is still a viable currency, however, for those concern of our inflationary bubble, Bitcoin has taken on the pre-emptive role.  Today, cryptocurrency has a combined estimated market value of $100 billion, so whether you want to or not, you can no longer ignore bitcoins, nor the young investor who was ridiculed for mere mentioning of Bitcoins.  And today, a $2.40 BTC coin invested 6 years ago is now worth $2,400 per coin.

Well, we are extremely glad we made that investment 6 years ago, and are still holding on to most of our investments.   Additionally, we believe that with all the features inherent to the coin, mainly the instantaneous global transfer with little to no fees, there is absolutely no reason not to use the coin: And thus is why we highly recommend those looking to be a part of this digital revolution to join this wave in ushering in this powerful 7 year old currency.  

Remember, with every use of bitcoins, the powers of the banks shifts from them and into the hands of everyday citizens; You and I.   What are you waiting for?  Do it today at one of the major cryptocurrency market places: ,,,,; Feel free to message us with any questions an we'll gladly help as much as we can.

Well, that's it for now.  Oh, not to forget, here's a video we were introduced to 7 years ago when bitcoins first hit the scenes.  Check it out below, and enjoy!  Cheers.

Please ask questions below.   You should ask, really!



Someone Cares Soup Kitchen With LaLa

One obvious thing to point out is that our review is subjective, so take it for what it is -- one single feedback.

We, THC, have been to Someone Cares Soup Kitchen thrice over the past 2 years, both with reservations of at least 1 month in advance. Mind you, most of us are quite seasoned when it comes to community service due to the regularity of service THC have provided throughout Orange County, so being in a seemingly hectic environment that serves 300 daily has, so far, been chaos free.

Having said that, we'll go ahead and provide Pros and Cons, along with recommendations for those interested in serving.

Consistently Serving (someone cares predates dinosaurs) 

Easy Roles (for you newcomers, start by making lemonades)

Difficult Roles (stacking heavies & scrubbing garbage are both great workouts)

Autonomous (assuming you know what you're doing)





























































Friendly & Orderly Environment


(See video below.) 











Job Selections (there are roughly 10-20 different tasks in both dining area and kitchen) 




New kids/adults not always given sufficient attention.

Can be difficult for those looking for easy work.

Could get disorderly for those not trained in handling chaos.

Can get dirty for those not used to the environment.

Bear in mind that our team were serving at the rate of approximately once a month up to this point, so it is totally unfair for the average person to take on our attitude.  Please feel free to add any other recommendations in the comments area below.

1) Someone Cares is often overbooked so do call them @ 949.548.8861 to reserve a spot, preferably around 2 weeks in advance.  There is no set policy here so if you're looking to volunteer last minute, then give it a try.      

2) Go in ready to work. As we got seasoned, we naturally became aware of what to do.  For those not diverse in their experiences with the service industry, expect the worst and I'm sure you'll come out satisfied.

3) Comfortable Attire - wear something you're willing to discard in the event they get damaged.  Someone Cares do not allow open-top shoes (ie. sandals) or sleeveless shirts, and kitchen floors can get slippery so definitely wear something that'll mitigate that problem.  I walked away both times without any problems to our clothes, but it only takes one freak accident for you to regret you ignored this recommendation.  

4) Ask Questions.   Google any questions you may have.  Asking questions online prior to arriving helps prepare you for the inevitable anxieties -- assuming you are not a seasoned volunteer. There are plenty of tasks involved and a freakish amount of heads to manage, so if you are to expect one thing -- let that that be chaos.  

Other questions you may want to ask is "are you there to create problems for others, or are you there to help resolve them should they occur?"  Humbly speaking, there are problems in everyday life, and if you are spewing out negative energy then realize that you are the problem.   We all do it, but the ones that acknowledge and embrace them, tend to be the ones walking away with the pleasant experience.  



5) Bring attention to your breath upon arriving.  Being breath-conscious is a powerful process that helps alleviate chaos from almost every setting, therefore one should look to attain a calm and relaxed state of mind before beginning any tasks.  Every system has its pace, and a simple breath certainly improves flow control and allow for better pace synchronization.  Soon enough, gaps, holes and other empty spaces will avail themselves to you.

 6) Now that you have sunken into the spirit of the kitchen, take note of all the dirty and difficult jobs.  Those are the ones that tend to be more vacant than others, which is usually the first place you should go.  Why?   Because the more discomfort you take on, the more comfort you invite.  This is the balances of opposites you often hear.  However, if you are one whom are only fitted for lighter tasks, then certainly ask in advance so that organized instructions could be provided to you.   There is no such thing as a stupid role, so feel free to select tasks that best suits you.

7) For those completely new and unfit for quasi bootcamp-type leadership, then start by purely observing.  Take the time to observe everyone's pace, especially Lolo's (headchef).   LOLO has always been cool with providing straight-shot instructions, and more often than not, have treated everyone of us with utmost professionalism. Just bear in mind that you are in a kitchen with 20 other beings, so do your best to take patience in her and I'm sure you'll get the same love in return.  In our humble opinion, she's the coolest gal to work with of all the locations we've served at, but all opinions are subjective, so take ours' with a grain of salt.

Worth repeating, Someone Cares Soup Kitchen is a hectic environment, and most certainly not an easy camp to jive with for newcomers.  However, if you continue to build on the above's recommendation, mark our words, you will FIND YOUR GROOVE!  

Well, that's all we really gotz to recommend for now. Again, a big shout out to Laurie (aka Lolo) for having been a great and wonderful spirit to work for this past 2-3 events.  Thank you, and God Bless.


Hope that Helps Y'alls,

From Outsourcing to Insourcing - The Sew Op

From Out to In

After three years of outsourced manufacturing, TheHempCoop have finally invested in our own 8-man team sew shop -- to realize our dream of in-house manufacturing.   

No one expected the purchase to happen so soon, but it was an idea frequently thought of.  Now in hindsight, we have no reason to doubt that the God's themselves were truly the ones credited for the entire acquisition.  Don't worry, we promise to not get overly spiritual with y'all.  You have our word. 

The Sew Op

The acquisition was made possible with the retiring of a family friend -- let's call her Aunt Natalie -- bequeathing her 17 year old profitable sew shop all in good faith. And, it didn't take long before the shop took on the name... wait for it...The Sew Op.  Incredibly divine we thought. Before you celebrate, we weren't too sure that the decision was a smart one, since, by all means, our company had never once profited since its inception -- thus making the expansion somewhat questionable.  Ah well, with new challenges comes new opportunities for new defeat, right?  And, as they say, "our [successes] are our [failures] unmasked."  (Khalil Giibran,The Prophet)

New responsibilities, especially one that is of grass-root origins felt sufficiently rewarding.  And also, feeling innovative is extremely crucial, thus keeping The Hemp Coop alive is a feat that is remarkably inspiring for us.  Giving was the root of our team's existence, and thus we needed for T.H.C.'s spirits to continue to do what it does best -- inspire.

Giving and Receiving

We are living proof that giving does pay handsomely, and as such, the hemp and marijuana industry have largely benefited.   Let's not forget that Hemp production was banned for over 60 years since the late 40's and early 50's here in America, which in that time have contributed majorly to hemp production overseas. As such, the recent legalization, albeit only in some parts of the U.S., is incredibly monumental for all alternative-conscious beings.  Yes, there is much to celebrate still, so go out and have yourself a smoke, won't you!                                                                                                                                              As for us, we continue to receive donations and contributions from our hemp loving customers/patrons.  We are not exactly sure how these funds are coming in, but something tells us, again, that the divine working of the God's are with us -- constantly empowering the needs of opportunists whom trusts in the power of giving.  We certainly do, and that is why we intend on giving more this year to local businesses in the alternative living industry.  So looking forward to that!  Don't worry, we promise to keep you in the loop as well, especially if all this giving continues to reward our endeavors.


Not Profiting, Yet.  

Will we ever be sales conscious? Not exactly sure. Business means profit, and giving typically occurs in the prudence of marketing.  Perhaps, we should reclassify our organization as a marketing company, or better yet, a non-profit corporation.  Ah, that just sounds all too clever, for what, just to save a few bucks.   On the flip-side, there's a benefit to being a shitty Uncle Sam tenant, by-passing all of those shitty paperwork, is the feeling of letting go of one's own fears and trust your faith in the Universe. Believe it or not, such process is deemed unorthodox to this very generation.   Perhaps, that's what we, THC, are meant to discover, that beyond the existence as your average paperwork filing company, is a force so divine that no matter what we do, the result will always be the same -- that we are exactly where we are meant to be,... forever growing, learning, and planting alternative living seeds of inspiration to many of us whom are in need.  We, as a team, can use all the inspiration we can get.  Stay open to them, clamoring for more of 'em; always.

We don't always inspire, but when we do, we ought to believe that it is a pleasure and a gift to be with such mindset.  Such mindset, today operates what is known as TheHempCoop, an alternative-living conscious team.


Hearsay, Knowledge, and Expectations

Finally, the debate is behind us and marijuana is not the culprit.                                                                                                         So, for harmony sake, can we ALL finally accept that what makes us crazy or lazy (when high on marijuana) is simply the Universe's inclination for infinite expression, and not the fault of Marijuana, Alcohol, Drugs, People, Weapons, Stress and Hatred? Remember, good and bad is a necessary duality unique in its capacity as is every individual in this world (including all you harmless couch potatoes, and yes, the media-frenzied villains).  
WHAT WE LEARNED.   Marijuana is a frequency that works similar to how a radio works.  When you smoke POT, you simply are changing the station to your mind which often puts you to in tune with areas of life that lacked awareness. This so-called frequency transition works much like all other transitions, whereby if you are willing to embrace its challenging discomforts, the benefit becomes tremendous.  And, of course, for those whom dread the discomfort of new experience, simply abandoning the effort and hermit'ing back into your reclusive shell is hardly inspirational.  Though I can't blame ya, since we all do it in our own little ways.  Nonetheless, it is a bitch move where that most of us get to laugh over for the next 10-20.

WHAT TO EXPECT.  You can expect a lot of Americans with more job opportunities in the 
hemp and marijuana business -- that's what you can expect.   It was only a generation ago (70 years) that hemp was fully legal, with a recorded 10,000 year historical significance.  If it's true that cycles are as imminent as the Sun's rotation, then we should see more clothes, papers, cars, fuel, food, and practically anything FOSSIL FUEL-based to soon be replaced with Hemp Oil -- lifeblood of the hemp stock itself.  
   If you do not already know, everything physical the hands touch is comprised of Water and Oil (yes, even metal).  Water and Oil are opposites to one another, but they are fundamentally created of one another.  Upon observation, they separate when left untouched.  If you process the two together, they carry the illusion of blending. This very basic concept, counter-intuitive to most, is the basis of all creation.   Understanding this concept of metallurgy, is arguably the most quintessential aspect of mitigating the industrial age alongside crude oils -- and their effects in our everyday lives. I reason that those whom understand said concept will find themselves nurturing Hemp's rightful coming; as aristocrats of the next free world.  That is why THC continues to expect the world of Hemp.  One other note to digest is that OILS, like humans, can be trained (processed) to match the combustibility of other oils?  Yes, that means replacing today's fossil-fuel demands, all 100% of them, with Hemp is indeed more than possible.  That's how powerful Hemp is, and that's why you will undoubtedly hear more from Hemp in the days ahead.   HEMP HEMP HOORAY!

Hemp Is Metaphysical

14 November 2016

Hemp Is Metaphysical

What is Metaphysics

Where you can observe the physical space, you typically cannot observe or sense the metaphysical space.  The METAPHYSICS is to Physics what LEFT is to Right; what WRONG is to Right, and what HEMP is to Cotton.

The only way to understand the metaphysical is to practice that which you are not.  Let go of who you think you are, and start practicing being who you think you are not.



Manifestation is a byproduct of the Metaphysics. 

Manifestation is nothing more than dissolving your old self in order to become the NEW self, in a new reality.   When you dissolve the old self, you loosen yourself from your old reality, an effect which makes it easy for you to materialize yourself in a new form. More often than not, we tend to identify ourselves in ways similar to how water stays frozen as ice.  Some of us lock ourselves into this physical structure, Ice, and not realize the powers of being malleable.  Now, if we allow ourselves to melt like Ice, then it would be a lot easier for us to mold ourselves into something that is more desirous -- something that we currently are not. 

A wholistic creator does not favor components of its creation, but rather realizes the equal importance of every component. 

I find that the more I wear hemp and practice that which I am not, I dissolve myself of who I believe I was, and in effect, I slowly become that which I desire to be.  How awesome is that, that we can become healthier, richer, and more prosperous in our relationships so long as we focus our energy on the habit of preferring one over the other, but rather believe that we are both variably, and that we are none -- AT THE SAME TIME.  An example being "you must not only desire what you want to become, but you also want to LET GO of that which you desire to become."  Gaining it all, more often than not, requires you to risk it all."

So the next time you wonder if you can become rich or poor, tall or short, soft or hard, denying or wanting it, respond with -- "I can be anything as long as I focus on being nothing at all. "





Third Phase of Sampling - Badge-M

In preparing ourselves for the release of Badge'M, we felt it is time we begin talks and plans with and for reputable distributors such as Harvest Growth, AllStar MG, and   So below, I have included more samples and designs to illustrate the progress we've been making.    

Follow closely, and hopefully the reality we paint for you is sufficient for you to make a move.

Each kit is capable of 16 small designs, 8 medium size designs, or 4 full canvas size designs.  Kit comes in a 4x6 (inch) box.

I'm amazed by the quality of the badge thus far, and more than satisfied with our refined selection of materials.  The kit is nearing a highly suitable market-ready product.  Also, the hats themselves are amazingly cool, even without the badges.

Never before has the freedom of expression been so instantaneous on a hat.   This project opens up other marketing avenues (Ie. Licensing and Royalty) for pre-made badges with shared revenues.

So far, we have tried about 6 types of hats, and have refined the process to one style with 5 color choices.  We anticipate that the second season release will have up to 3 styles and potentially 10 color choices in each style, and a third season to include other promotional apparels (ie sandals, bags, wallets, etc).  

With a solid plan already in place, we believe that Badge'M will continue to succeed far beyond the introductionary stages.



Current Stage of Branding:  Simplification 

Inspiration means the world to us.  Our logo speaks to cross cultural generations because of our recognition of cartoons we grew up with: Winnie the Pooh, Dragon BallZ, and Pokemon.  We believe that we are creating a product for the people, and thus it is important for us to understand the energies that move our audience.    



Below is a finalized version of Release #1.

The 6 panel hybrid cap is a new 2 year old hat concept.  This 6 Panel-Hybrid was first introduced to us by our hat manufacturer with unnoticeable market adoption in today's world. Despite the lack of adoption, we felt that the hat is framed perfectly for a first ever fully panel velcro canvas.  

Color Choices?

Primary Colors: RBY "Badger" color combo (woven label) found on the inside

, and the blue&yellow "Badge'M" on the back, were purposely selected to provide the most basic color symmetry.



Last, but not least. 

The design felt naked without the perfect hang tag.  So, with some research and the help of our in-house designer, VisualBeast, we came up with the perfect hang tag to go with what we feel is the perfect DIY product for the hat world.


Seen enough?  Now act on it.

As much as you have seen thus far, there are still plenty our team have not yet touched on (ie. experiences and lack there of)... and that is where you come in.  If you, the distributor, truly connect with our product, we would love to hear from you so that together we can continue to cultivate Badge'M and its visionary products, and deliver them into the hands of every hat wearing individual.

Please do not hesitate to call or email me at the info below.

Danny Ong 

ph: 714.642.5263



No email yet created for  (Website undergoing 2nd of 5 phases of development).

Web Development Consultant (


Infinite Expression - Slowly Growing

(Monday BADGE)

(Tuesday BADGE)


I felt the need to logon and give everyone a preview of what the future of "badgem" is going to look like.  If you don't already know, badgem is what we are calling our DIY kit project, so that we could help bring to life our latest creation: The Full Frontal Velcro hat called Dark Knight Champion.

So far, we've put about close to 3 months into the R&D process going as far as china to replicate this hat for a global audience.  What we envision is a BADGEM velcro board in every room, giving customers the ability to create and express whatever fits their mood.

Here's an example:


Has it been fun?  Heck yes.  The cool part is witnessing the many who's caught wind of the idea, praising it, thus giving us a whole ton of motivation.  I wish that was always the case, but realistically, there are a few outliers who was completely uninterested.  A point of which is shared in a custom job I have for you below.


Latest Customization

So I thought it'd be cool to send a COOP hemp hat with a custom design for a friend's birthday.  Based off his social media profiles, I packaged together what I felt peaks his interests -- and this is what I came up with.

 (He's a huge bay area fanboy.  Proud of "Da Bay!")

(Despite love for his city, it's always family first (Brother above & Wifey below.)


The designs are ultimately very basic, but I am certain no one else has the same vintage design arrangements I created for him.  However, what threw me off was a lack of response to my creation, and something I did not expect at all.  There was simply just a "hey, you are very thoughtful; thank you."  

To say the least, my buddy wasn't super stoked on the design of the badges.. which had me assuming that he could possibly be too old or too cool for a tacky make shift design sticker velcro like badge;m.  I mean, I don't blame him.  He's a proven gallery artist who's done some major work in his time, as keen as the eyes and heart can tell, so I cannot expect to impress him with a print and cut hat concoction.  

At the end of the day, I have to remind myself that resistance is natural in this world of push pull.  There are those that are early adopters who would jump onto the idea and rock the idea like there's no tomorrow.  For the rest, the possibilities are endless as to why they aren't turned on.  And, therefore, high expectations for a product like ours' should be immediately thrown out the window.

Or, perhaps, it could very well be that our product just wasn't up to scratch.  For that, I am motivated to continue with our R&D team in our continuance to bringing a product that hones in on our customers wants and needs.  

I've learned a lot from this project thus far, and these are the reminders I've set for myself to ensure we continue growing this idea we call "Badgem."


Target demographic: the youth, the tacky, the eccentric, and the DGAFs.

Focus on product improvements. 

Water your ideas daily.  And continue seeking inspiration from others.  

Expect the worst and hope for the best.