The Whole is the Part, The Part is the Whole

By now you've heard the expression.. "The Whole is the Part...The Part is the Whole"  --  You have, haven't you?   Well, this (fractal-based) saying is one of the most powerful Meta concepts that most are familiar with, and could learn more of. 

(When we say meta- it simply means to study how opposites are two sides of the same coin, but still the same coin.. .meaning... .they come together.  Our job at is to share with you the sciences of opposites, one in which Leonardo Da Vinci and Nikola Tesla heavily practiced.

Human Cloning: Take any part... it becomes the whole

Your whole being is recorded into every cell of your body: physical and non.  How cool, right?  That means, if I take any part of your body: hair, finger nail, skin, etc. I can essentially duplicate another you!  We call that cloning, which is already done to animals, but said to be immoral for human use, and thus we presume most of its experiments are done in secrecy.

Plant Cloning: Plants clone, why can't we?

If you know anything about plants, you should know that it spreads its genes just as we do in the sense that it can be grown in several ways.  The first is the traditional method of seed, water, and TLC.   The second is to cut a leaf and fertilize method.  This second method here is no different than taking a drop of your blood, and growing you in an incubation tank.  So you see, the DNA of the entire plant or you, is entirely all in one little spec of you.  

Digital Photography and Memory Sticks follows the same rules.

The way digital photography works is simple: the act of recording your image onto a digital canvas is similar to how a person sits and draw you onto a canvas.  In the event of a digital camera, the camera itself points its lens at you, and then flashes a light directly onto a piece of metallic piece.  Whatever is in front of the lens will carry a frequency signature, which sits nicely on a piece of metallic piece that records.  Similar to how ripples within a pond that do nto affect one another, millions of pieces can sit on a piece of metallic sheet without affecting one another because of their unique frequency signatures.  Where it gets extra magical is when you break that metallic sheet up into many many pieces, miraculously, each of those pieces now hows a signature frequency of you that from which, could decompress into the image of the entire you!   (Itzhak Bentov - Stalking the Wild Pendulum)

The use of high conductive metallic sheet make it easier to extract with the existing technology we have today and, most significantly, is compatible with your set of eyes. The world in and around you work very much the same way in that every single vibration is recorded, be it an image or sound, onto virtually everything -- even in the empty space around you.  ( There are layers and layers of how the metaphysics work, but this explanation is a great introductory one.) 

What about Sound?

Sound works in the exact same way as described in the examples above where every note carries the DNA of other notes. That's right; you heard me. We were taught that a C note is a C note and a B note is a B note. Never were we taught that within a C note, is every other note A through G, and within every other note contains every other note outside of itself.  The reason we fail to see it is the lack of exposure and what we were conditioned to perceive growing up.  

Listen here as this seasoned Piano Tuner explains how he's able to hear every note within every other note.

Walter Russell

Lastly, there's a gentlemen by the name of Walter Russell who was renown for his expression, "Everything is made of everything else. Nothing is of itself alone."  As crystal clear as this Universal Principle to Walter, there were very few who understood then, which is no different than today. Russell was widely acclaimed for being self taught by way of meditation where he would go into meditation, (otherwise known as the EMPTINESS), to extract all of that which interests him. We were taught the exact opposite approach, in the sense that we pile on more books and experiences, but hardly do we look to empty our minds so that the answers to our lives could, in response, fill the void that we create through meditation. 


In Summary,

"The Whole is the Part, the Part is the whole" simply means that opposites create one another.  Just as with sorrows and joys, you cannot have repeat sustainable success without feeling the feelings of failure.  To go even further, for those vying for true sustainable success, you must intentionally push yourself to fail at all cost.  Be sure to fail gracefully, because if you take short cuts, it could take you longer to get there, take the easy way out and life will surely be difficult for you.  My best advice for the average being is, take a balance of both, as long as you keep your awareness on the concept that this is all your creation and that a Part of you truly is the entirety of this Whole You-niverse.

Laws of Contrast: Lesson #2






The Bullet Proof Strength of Hemp

Let's face it.  Life and death cannot exist without one another, and further along your spiritual journey, you'll soon realize that they, in a whol-listic sense, are one and the same. Hence the common expression, 'same same, but different.'

Anyway, with that said, I'd like to share an article a friend of ours in the Bullet Proof industry has graced us with.  I'll also provide some useful opinions from what we've gathered from our knowledge-bank.  Read on...

Article by Culture Magazine 

[In the year 1941, Henry Ford presented to the public a Model T Ford created out of a hemp fiber composite, similar to plastic, that was light, rugged and cheap to construct. The proud inventor even tested the chassis of the vehicle by swatting it with a fireman’s axe, but did no damage. Considering that a full grown man with a two-handed tree killer couldn’t scratch the hemp panels that armored the car, it is logical to say that the composite could potentially be used to protect humans, too.

Kevlar, patented by DuPont back in 1965, is comprised of small, synthetic fibers woven together to stop blades, bullets or blows. The material is even naturally fire resistant. However, because of its synthetic nature, manufacturing Kevlar is dangerous and pollutes the environment with by products such as sulfuric acid. It is also expensive to create, requiring hours of production. The stuff is also not UV resistant, and it even corrodes in sunlight, reducing its efficiency.

Compared to the system of creating Kevlar or forging metal, growing hemp is an all-natural process requiring only soil, sun, water and time. Hemp is better for the environment because of this, but also because the material created out of hemp is still biodegradable, as opposed to plastic. The final material is also lighter than Kevlar or steel, which is good news for soldiers who have to wear nearly 31 pounds of body armor to protect themselves.

Many decades later, military scientists are looking for newer and lighter body armors for the modern soldier. While Kevlar has been the mainstay for nearly a generation, the search remains for something even stronger to protect wearers from harm. Hemp plastic might just be it. It is already understood in the automobile industry that parts created out of hemp are ten times stronger than steel, and many cars use them already. Why not apply the same technological theory to body armor?

Bulletproof Hemp2A company in Amsterdam called Hemp Works already offers a hefty bulletproof jacket called the Hemp Hoodlamb that is rated at a respectable level II-A, which the manufacturers claim has been tested with .22, 9mm and .357 magnum bullets. (However, the civilian option currently costs $7,000.) Another company working on a hemp option to Kevlar called Naturally Advanced Technologies has created their own material, Crailar, which shows good promise.

Naturally Advanced Technologies is a company that takes hemp fibers and treats them with a patented enzymatic solution that further enhances their already protective qualities by making the final material softer and thinner than silk, but stronger and lighter. This material, called Crailar, can also be converted into plastic materials similar to the kind Henry Ford’s famous Model T Ford was made of.

Government agencies associated military operations already make great use of synthetic polymers that could be replaced by hemp alternatives. Glock semiautomatic pistols have been used by police for decades, and they are made of plastic compounds similar to Crailar’s creations. The Army is currently working on a helmet made of polyethylene compounds that they hope will stop 7.62mm rounds (the kind used in an AK-47). This material, being fibrous because it is not made of metal, is also 50 percent better at stopping the fragmentation effects of improvised explosions. Hemp compounds could be used instead, to greater effect.

If the military used hemp fibers in the same way that Hemp Works and Naturally Advanced Technologies has, many  weapons, armor and materials could be replaced by lighter, stronger, sterner hemp plastic. This would not only be safer for the soldier, but also for the Earth.]

Our Thoughts

1) The fact that the military complex continues to reap extreme amounts of resources boggles my mind.  But in understanding that the reality bubble of death has to exist, I now feel it's quite necessary.  And where I chose to ignore the idea of death prior, my mind feels at ease now that I've embraced the totality of the Universe, life and death, and not just that which I was programmed for along my journey.

2) Hemp bullet proof vests, as had suggested by a commentator, should not cost $7,000.  We have all seen the powers of hemp herds mixed with lime juice to create some of the most powerful and light, fire resistant, material known to man, all of which combined should be no more than $100.  Many have proven this on Youtube -- you just gotta look for it.

3) Lastly, it appears that the reintroduction of hemp is a manifestation of the cyclical nature of the Universe, so expect to see more hemp being introduced to the point where it becomes ubiquitous.  Too, expect resistance from the plastic lobbyists, and all other paid entities that feed off the NON-Hemp (PRO-oil) industry. 

No further comments.  And as always, Power to the People,  


Farm Bill Passes Committee - Hemp-derived CBD lives on!

Just last week, we had witnessed some sneaky back-door moves on behalf of the anti-hemp actors looking to class Hemp derived CBD, and some other hemp-derivatives as a Schedule I Drug, the same as Heroine.  Disguised as pro-hemp actor, Chuck Grassley (R-IA), nearly got away, but thankfully, the people have responded and the Grassley Amendment was vehemently denied.

The following is published by the U.S. Hemp Round Table.

The Farm Bill just passed the Senate Agriculture Committee by an overwhelming 20-1 vote, and will soon go to the Senate floor.

 After our action alert last night, thousands of hemp supporters emailed and phoned their Senators, and blew up the Internet with social media posts.  Washington listened.  And we won!


You can watch video of the colloquy between Senator Grassley and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell here (skip over to the 2:08 mark).  SPOILER ALERT – McConnell was awesome.


While this is a very exciting and welcome development, the battle is not over.  Senator Grassley has indicated that he would like to meet with other Senators to incorporate his ideas after the committee votes on the Farm Bill (likely later today).  We must remain vigilant.


We have adjusted the language on our online portal to reflect the new circumstances.  We still encourage you to contact your Senators to block any efforts to introduce Grassley’s language on the Senate floor.  Please encourage your friends, customers, colleagues and social media contacts to use our portal to keep up the heat on permanent hemp legislation

The Hemp Coop Published An Opposite Hand Book

Now that we are done with our Badge'M Mirror Book (available below), I was left with the decision on how to market the item.  I enjoy talking to others and figure this would be the best approach.  So I did, and it's been fun.  However, something magical made the process even extra special just yesterday morning, something to which I feel I must share with our Co-op'in community. So the story goes as follows:

Beginning of Story

I woke up this morning to a barrage of messages a friend of mine had sent me, sending me into a powerful tear-jerking moment of reflection.  This friend of mine and I had met through the bitcoin-trade circuit some 5 years ago, 2 years after I've decided to commit myself to the Marijuana and Hemp industry, back in 2010 (even prior to it becoming legal).  He's now pursing his nursing career, and I'm still in the business of spreading Contrasts, Polarity, and Opposites -- my reason for existence -- and I hope our conversation (with a video below) equally inspires in you a lot of crying as it did for me this morning.  Read on...

TEXT CONVERSATION Between me and a friend...

Joseph:  Morning, Brotha!

Me: Good moaninggg!  What's good, Joseph?

Joseph:  I just wanted to share something interesting that happened this week. 

Earlier this week, I came across a YouTuber that preached about the yin and yang and how everything in life is encompassed around it.   His videos were a breath of fresh air for me because it made me realize the importance of balancing my life (i.e. family, school, work, and relationships).  The dude got me hooked after only 1 video.  His ability to speak in a philosophical sense flowed out like water, it was captivating man.

Quite interesting, he's around my age and he reminds me of you a lot.

Something he said that really resonated with me was how we've been given half truths all this time but by simply switching from using my right to left hand I can start challenging my mind to understand life for what it really is.

Me: Oh Dang, Nice.  (In my mind, I'm thinking, who is this other kid obsessed about the yin yang -- I really wanted to know).

Joseph:  I always had a similar hypothesis and even experimented with it but it was short lived because of my impatience.  After digesting all this, I feel like a huge cloud is starting to lift from my mind.

Me: Congrats, brotha.   Who is this person and can I please have a link? (Eagerly awaits)

Joseph: ; END OF STORY

MY 2012 VLOG

Apparently, I had vlog'ed some 6 years ago my fixation with Leonardo DaVinci and his uses of the left hand.   6 years later, me and my team finally got around to producing the world's first Mirror Tracing and Coloring -- something we are extremely excited about.   

The book is among many practices of opposites that I do practice, but with the video now surfaced, it makes my job of marketing the product that much easier, since it in itself is a great source of reference for the origins of this particular book. 

At last, the book is finally here.  If you love your friends and family, practice this with them.  Challenge your own reality with the simplest of exercise that I believe will benefit any and everyone who's willing to put in the work.

We love you all, and to all a great journey of loving discoveries.  Our job is now done -- so good bye!!!  For now.

Purchase Book Now (click image)

 opposite hand training.


The Hemp Coop, LLC


The Power of Doubt


This month has been a big month for the Hemp Coop, a lot more eventful than the previous 10 months combined, and that's all thanks to the new relationship we have built with the people at New Era.

Zoom back 16 months, our journey started with creating the world's most versatile hat giving our community the ability to print virtually anything their heart desires.  To market the product, we created YouTube shorts for our organic & do it yourself community.  Here's a sneak peak of some videos thus far.



One video after another, we proved our worth as a production studio creating projects we felt highly contributes to the YouTube community. Regardless of quality, we were incredibly proud of the work we put forth.

Foolishly, we thought we were done, and the hats would be available... that is until we ran into a certain finite problems in dealing with the Hat STRAPS.   

To complete the hat, we needed a strap that represented who we were, and using the old straps simply was not creative enough.  In short, either use the old ones, or, build a brand new concept using the old; that, and do our best to give the world a new perspective on what we believe we can achieve. 

8 months of design molding with extreme exertion from our 3D printer, we finally produced a strap we felt was worthy of the 35 year old Snapback's legacy.  Check them out.

See Pics Below:

Interchangeable HatFirst Ever Sneak Peak of the Clawback Straps.Team Straps





The Straps evolved, and now New Era (verbally) wants an exclusive deal. 

Will the deal happen? Talk is cheap, therefore, we'll wait out this week to see whether or not they come through with the discussion of this so-called exclusive licensing deal.  In the mean time, we will continue to produce videos to promote our brand's philosophy of Contrast.  

Doubt Creeps In

With all that is boiling on our pot, we cannot help but feel an immense level of doubt.  There's so many things that can go wrong, so naturally, I had to remain completely transparent with my feelings.  The convention way of thinking is to "ignore doubt and focus on our work," but quite frankly, that all seems just way too plain.  One thing I hate doing is to ignore anything of my feelings.  So instead of focusing on my work, I consistently shared my doubts with everyone I've come across, at the same time, share our experiences with what we've created thus far.   I believe this level of forward and backwards approach, expressing confidence and excitement, matches our philosophy of opposites here -- maintaining the most powerful principle of them all, truths.  

Some of Us Cannot Afford to Ignore Doubt

Doubt lingers for me, and the way I deal with them is to completely share them -- thereby allowing me to engage and assess all the possibilities of things going bad up front.     I find that expressing my doubts helps limit my own expectations, something I find that is extremely powerful in the manifestation of that which I desire -- which is very consistent with the art of consciously applying opposites.  Something that is at the heart of our company's very existence.

As an individual who was never taught to express my doubts, I now look forward to expressing them every day.   Which brings me to the Moral of this Story:

We Create Doubts, So Acknowledge That They Exist So You Can Begin Your Journey In Surmounting Them.


Mountain of DoubtFor many of us, doubt is a key component of our being. Albeit ugly, it's still us, so the next time you have doubt, express them.  Try that out; see if doubt-expression can do the same for you.  

The Hemp Coop, LLC


Badge'M Mirror Letter Tracing & Coloring

Badge'M Mirror Letter Tracing & Coloring

Understanding The Language of the Universe: (Universal Patterns)

For the many whom desired a book on learning the lessons of the WHOLE-Listic Universe, you can now practice this same law of the Universe (Polarity) by simply revisiting the english language you've already learned..., in REVERSE.      

[Badge'M Mirror Letter Tracing & Coloring is a trying lesson on Opposites that teach the lay person to water his/her absent mind -- otherwise known as the dumb mind -- in order to empower the intelligent mind.]  This process is no different than how water is able to rush out from a bottle if you learn how to force air back into the bottle through a straw.  Use doubt to empower your confidence.

What's the Goal?

My end goal is to prove that the more one exercises one's opposite hand, thus mind, the more one will feel become exponentially more aware.  Why? and How?  How powerful and aware depends on big your imagination is.  The bigger that imagination is, the more work and sacrifice it will take for you to produce that which you desire; since in this world, every gain is traded by a loss, something most of us cannot conceive.






 Why did you choose a hand tracing book?

Why I chose a handwriting book is purely because our generation were taught, thus programmed, into the world of writing at one point or another.  Thus, writing is a common exercise 99% of us industrial-age beings share.  Writing is the common denominator.

More over, a hand tracing book of the opposite hand allows the lay person to get in touch with his or her stupid, slow, inept, and untapped opposite mind (or anything opposite), which essentially forces the person to connect to force within the opposite reality.  This force is ultimately the untapped balance that I believe is the one true wisdom that Leonardo DaVinci and Nikola Tesla wanted so badly to share. 

In practicing, via way of an alternating fashion where you are evenly connected to both your right and left hand, you will become more in tune with all the wisdom found within.  In due time, you will know exactly how it is that I was able to come up with the formula X/0 = Totality, and how this formula is the single most important formula in the world, and not that what Capitalism is trying to teach you; EMC^2.  Within nothing is everything, Walter Russel taught us.  And within that nothing is the source to infinite wisdom and prophecy I have been speaking about for over 10 years now. 

(If you are interested in learning more about that, please visit my talks on the Yin and Yang under the handle JxonDany from way back when.)

 In either case, becoming one with your opposite nature will enable you to tap back into your beginning.  It will provide you a second chance with all the things you once thought mysterious.  Now is your time, so take the leap.

Where do I go next? 

If you are not feeling the book or feel you've done enough mirror tracing, then I highly recommend you do other practices of opposites, such as walking slow,  or backwards; eating with your left, or virtually anything that is opposite to your unique upbringing.   

The more you do them, the more they come together as one unified practice of Wholism, which would then unleash more of your infinite powers within --- this time, in a very compounded sense. 

Why Am I Sharing?

The Universe has given me this message through two major losses in my life.  As I was blessed with its messages, I was also told that the more I share, the more I will gain from the practices of opposites. 

Naturally, I want to keep this all to myself so doing that which is opposite to my natural CAPITALISTIC instinct that was programmed in me, I am instead sharing.  It is the path of opposites I chose to be faithful to... therefore, sharing became the path that I am currently enjoying, and have enjoyed these past 8-10 years. I have done this for a very long time, and I believe I will die continuing the legacy of the great Nikola, and Leonardo DaVinci -- without whom, I would definitely not be the person I am today.

"WITHIN EVERYTHING IS NOTHING.  Nothing is of itself alone, everything is made of everything else."  -- Russell Walters

The above is why if often hear people say, "with nothing to lose, you have everything to gain."

Thank you for reading.

From our team to Yours',






Sustainable Farming with McCormick's Sasquatch Farms

Last year, we spent a weekend with the duo at (unofficially) Sasquatch Farms.

We were given demonstrations on sustainable farming;

From composts to alpacas, land filled with Cannabi, and Wild tulsi Plants.

Sunflowers stood tall, harvested by 5am, just in time to keep the bills paid.

The landscape's vigor, isolated from the city's cheapening exploitation;

(Wish I had shrooms (psilocybe cubensis) -- but none.)

The cold winter nights are as mighty as them hot summer days.   

As high up as we were, there were nothing between us and the 'starry nights.'

Fully transparent in all its majesty -- everything felt incredibly symbiotic.

Every ounce of compost, self-made.  Every wall self-constructed.  

And best yet, a natural water stream trickles, and split, the property at its center.

There's no shortage of water here; and there's absolutely no shortage of its steward's love.

This land, their land, will hopefully be used to cultivate hemp -- one day.

For now, we are truly thankful for the blessings of their time.

To Jon McCormicks and his girl, Sarah -- Cheers. 




Coop Beeswax:  It's an adaptogen, antifungal, antibacterial, and anti inflammatory. Being an adaptogen it helps all organs of your body overall relax and repair. Good for skin conditions, aches, pains, sore muscles, and skin protectant. The bees wax is a natural skin protectant and moisturizer as well. And we all know what cannabis does.

Your DNA Memorizes Everything

DNA is physical, but Spiritually, it's Ethereal

Crick & Watson depicted it Spiral.

School taught us a bunch of nucleic sequences,

Seemingly hypothetical.  I cannot see its SPIRAL, but who really knows?

What about its beginning?

Where did DNA come from?

And what else does it do?

It is taught that DNA carries proteins, and holds the key to our physical makeup.

Why does that sound like storage. An ability to memorize.

They say our brain memorizes, but it appears our blood cells, and DNA, do, too.

It has to, right? 

Ever heard of Ithak Bentov?  The Serbian?

Well, he speaks of how this world is a hologram that follows the order of the Yin & Yang.

(The whole is the part, and the part is the whole.)

Ithak proved this by photographically capturing an IMAGE onto an aluminum hologram,

which he then broke into 100 pieces. 

From each piece, he reconstructed the entire IMAGE. (Read his book called "Stalking the Wild Pendulum.")

The -cosms, micro and macro, tells us that the part is the whole and vice versa.

If your blood, DNA, contains the entire footprint of you, and a piece of hologram can

reverberate the whole of the hologram,

then by that logic, we can argue that our DNA is our primary source of memory.

But our DNA isn't just in our Blood.  The DNA (Ether) is in every part of our body.

From our nails, bones, to every single skin cell on us, dead or alive.

All of who we are is DNA, and that's how Scientists can reconstruct the entire you, with only a piece of you. 

Our DNA, is truly the source of our Memory!    


First Ever Clothing Retail to Refuse Fiat and Credit Cards in Favor of Crypto-Currencies.

So, we learned in this past month that and, two of the world's largest bitcoin merchants, are continuing the longstanding tradition of discrimination -- in America -- towards marijuana and marijuana-related projects. With a combined registration count in the hundreds of millions, one's got to wonder... why hemp companies?  

... the response was an affirming, "because your business relates to marijuana."   Wow, so that means, bitcoin, a currency meant to be free of government control is now somewhat compromised from the likes of those whom have controlled banking for the last 200 years. 

...sound familiar?

It's because not long ago, African Americans were discriminated based on the color of their skin, and any association with blacks, then, would render you outcast-worthy.  Well, fuck, dare I say now  (as some would then), "I will hang out with whomever I wish, or partake in whatever I wish, despite the color of skin, size of bank accounts, nor religious beliefs." 


Fortunately, most of us were prepared for the inevitable resistance; to be expected within the order of the Yin and Yang. As such, neither Bitpay and Coinbase much less bother us. 

With that, our company was able to circumvent those hurdles and found ourselves a working relationship with the good folks over at, a bitcoin merchant solely devoted to the hemp industry. 

Yes, (despite setup issues at the start) came to the rescue, and our goal of being the first ever bitcoin-exclusive clothing retail, to 'refuse cash in favor of Bitcoins,' is now realized.

Do we hate CASH?  If you believe yes, then I twisted you real good and thus you've missed the entire point.  For the record, we love the spirit of Money, but one thing we wish not to deny, rather embrace, is the inevitability of change -- and cryptocurrency (namely bitcoin) is the change that we, the people, wish to see in the world.   And, just like how the blacks were treated then (in most neighborhoods), we say to CASH now... "Not Welcomed."   

Disclaimer: We do accept cash at our Etsy shop, so those wishing to take the traditional path are more than welcome to go there.   As for this site, there will simply be no cash handling -- whatsoever.  So, consider this a NO CASH ALLOWED zone. 

(Click or Scan Below to Explore's layout.) Their layout is currently underwhelming, however, it is a great step in the right direction.   Thanks for all your help, Veronica.  Cheers.

Community, Counseling, and Contrast

The Hemp Coop



The Most Powerful Formula You Were Never Taught

Below you will find a series of imaginary questions and answers we had created to raise awareness to the most powerful formula you never knew.   We explain further below how more relevant and powerful this formula is than that of Einstein's E=MC(Squared).  

We also vaguely demonstrate below how this formula can be used to empower the world, thereby unionizing our collective conscious unto the realization that we are all indeed one.

  Enjoy both the video as well as the Q&A.



I have just finished my PHD in Mathematics. In school we were taught that if you divide a number, any number, by a series of numbers escalating to zero, then the answer is said to go to infinity.    Based on your video, is infinity the same as Totality?

ANSWER:  Hi There, Great Question.

We all at the CO-OP were also taught the above throughout our educational careers.  To answer your question, Infinity is more a behavior, in this case, a series of number that implies endless climb, or rise, and does not accurately define a Constant.   Behavior and Constant are two different things.  Totality is a Constant, one that umbrellas Infinity; Hard to grasp especially since we were never taught this concept in school.

Here's another way of looking at infinity:

Infinity can be derived in many different formulas, an example of which is to take a number, X, and infinitely divide X by 2; the result would be infinitely halved with no end in sight.   This formula displays the behavior of infinity, without ever arriving at a Constant. Just like 0, totality is a Costant.    

Again, Infinity is predominantly a behavior that often gets mistaken as a CONSTANT.   Just like there are males and females in this world, it is necessary that we correct the basics of our mathematics to accurately teach there is indeed a number opposite to nothing that should be represented as EVERYTHING.    

 Totality could be deemed as the largest number possible where one billion infinities, to the infinity power, is still infinitely smaller than Totality.


QUESTION: Why Were We Not Taught This in SchooL?

There are plenty reasons why but here are a few:

  • Capitalism simply means competition, and Capitalism often encourages its members to withhold trade secrets from one another in order to maximize gains. 
  • Schools and Universities -- although collaborate on many occasions -- fundamentally compete against one another.  Withholding publication secrets is a commonality, which is evidenced in published documents that reward Universities based on their research and findings.     
  • Students typically compete among one another academically.  Answers are kept secretive due to this competitive spirit, and going further, we reward those whom compete well, and punish those whom do not.  
  • Industries naturally withhold secrets through patents and trademarks.  This is highly encourage within our societies.
  • Sports is probably the most plain-sighted secretive industry compared to all above.  The Olympics is a prime example of how CAPITALISTIC our world is, that even countries were indoctrinated, at the highest level, to edge their counterparts.

In conclusion, if most high level industries and professions were built on this CAPITALISTIC/COMPETITION model, you best believe that SECRECY is used even at the most basic level of our education.

QUESTION:  What Makes your Formula Valid?

For a formula to be valid, it must be applicable across many industries, if not all.   We based all our findings on our practices and observations of opposites and polarization

If you pay close attention, you can grow in your awareness how opposites are in everything.  Take for instance the following expressions:

'When you have nothing to lose, you have everything to gain.'

'Losing myself, will I find myself. 

'To be or not to be.'

'Let go and you shall be in control.' 

The above are the most sophisticated level of self-awareness that all will eventually cross.

QUESTION:  What is more important?   E = MC(squared)   or    X/0 = Totality?  

Being relevant is everything in this world.   If you can not relate to others, in one form or another, you are considered less valuable.  E=MC(squared), although popular, is infinitely weaker than 'X/0 = Everything.'   Again, for data to be considered valuable, data must be highly relevant.  X/0 = Totality is many more times powerful than every formula, because, at the root level, it is connected to everything in this world via its direct expression of POLARITY, within which all is comprised.

QUESTION: Could you further compare EVERYTHING to NOTHING?

ANSWER: 'Everything' simply means the largest number possible and 'Nothing' translates to being the smallest number possible.

QUESTION:  What about negative numbers? Are they not smaller than 0?

Not exactly. Negative number more accurately describes direction.  It's logical to describe someone as 5 feet tall, and illogical to describe another as -5 feet tall.  The same is true with weight, and etc.    However, if you were to say I have $100 versus -$100 in my bank account, it's logical to assume that you have less money, but the more accurate description is to say that +$100 are money owed to you, versus -$100 representing money owed to the bank.   One goes TOWARD you and the other is owed AWAY from you.

The same goes goes for temperature (inward versus outward pressure).

The same is true for GPS locations, where -100 degrees vs +100 degrees are both positions left, or right, top or below the center of 0 degrees.  

QUESTION:  Spiritually, what does this mean?  

ANSWER:  We are all both Gods and, concurrently, we are not.  This principle of being both male and female, alive and dead, god and human, right and wrong, has been known as the Vesica Piscis (aka Venn Diagram).  This principle explains that the root of all dimension is comprised of both ends of the Spectrum.  However, our education completely ignored this lesson, that which Leonardo DaVinci, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauburger, Walter Russell, Ikzhak Bentov, were all proponents of.   The awareness of overlapping YinYang balances within all is too a journey much like everything else is a Journey.  Whether you practice living in contrast to how you were raised, or not, is entirely up to you.  But simply put, those whom do exercise contrast in multitudes (ie. walking backwards, eating with your opposite hand, practice self inversion, and etc) will only heighten their overall balance, thereby putting them on a journey towards unionizing with their inner God -- the same God within all is created.

At the end of your journey, you will discover again you are exactly where you started, and only having known this place for the first time. 

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