Resourcefulness is KEY

21 February 2015
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Resourcefulness is KEY

As a true startup company, being resourceful is our #1 priority.  

We were fortunate enough to have some friends kind enough to show love modeling on our very first outdoor photo shoot.   There was no clear direction on what we wanted to achieve, as we were hoping it would all miraculously come together.  Well, it did and it didn't.   The moral of the story here is, "always be prepared."

For what it's worth, we all had fun strolling the Santa Ana would-be art district familiarizing ourselves with the local eateries.  We have not made plans to go back, but I definitely sense it forthcoming in our immediate future.  Run it back, shall we?

Special thanks to: 

Andy Vu,  Charles Khuc & Donny Tran on Cameras

& Keenan Allen, Kailee Thu Huong & Daniel Ong for modeling their lovely bods.  :D

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