Town & Country Manor Field Trip

21 May 2015
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Town & Country Manor Field Trip

We set out this year (2015) to complete twelve group charity events as part of our commitment to community development.  

First and foremost, a big shoutout to the folks at Town & Country Manor (Costa Mesa, CA).

"Them some quality folks over there at the Manor."  We showed up to entertain with  makeshift music and magic, and in return, were charmed with some of the most memorable stories from the nursery seniors.  Beyond belief, the visit turned out to be one of the most rewarding experience we have had in a long time.  

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.   :)

Special Thanks to Van Nguyen for putting us in touch with the folks there at the Manor.

Looking forward to seeing you guys again.  Until next time.  :D 

From left to right as appear above:

TOP ROW: Brittany Tran, Daniel Ong, Khuong PhamDang, Jimmy Le, Viet Nguyen, Charles Khuc, Kailee Thu Huong

BOT ROW: Yours Truly (Dany Ong), Van Nguyen, and Duy Nguyen


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