The Hemp Coop Published An Opposite Hand Book

27 April 2018
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The Hemp Coop Published An Opposite Hand Book

Now that we are done with our Badge'M Mirror Book (available below), I was left with the decision on how to market the item.  I enjoy talking to others and figure this would be the best approach.  So I did, and it's been fun.  However, something magical made the process even extra special just yesterday morning, something to which I feel I must share with our Co-op'in community. So the story goes as follows:

Beginning of Story

I woke up this morning to a barrage of messages a friend of mine had sent me, sending me into a powerful tear-jerking moment of reflection.  This friend of mine and I had met through the bitcoin-trade circuit some 5 years ago, 2 years after I've decided to commit myself to the Marijuana and Hemp industry, back in 2010 (even prior to it becoming legal).  He's now pursing his nursing career, and I'm still in the business of spreading Contrasts, Polarity, and Opposites -- my reason for existence -- and I hope our conversation (with a video below) equally inspires in you a lot of crying as it did for me this morning.  Read on...

TEXT CONVERSATION Between me and a friend...

Joseph:  Morning, Brotha!

Me: Good moaninggg!  What's good, Joseph?

Joseph:  I just wanted to share something interesting that happened this week. 

Earlier this week, I came across a YouTuber that preached about the yin and yang and how everything in life is encompassed around it.   His videos were a breath of fresh air for me because it made me realize the importance of balancing my life (i.e. family, school, work, and relationships).  The dude got me hooked after only 1 video.  His ability to speak in a philosophical sense flowed out like water, it was captivating man.

Quite interesting, he's around my age and he reminds me of you a lot.

Something he said that really resonated with me was how we've been given half truths all this time but by simply switching from using my right to left hand I can start challenging my mind to understand life for what it really is.

Me: Oh Dang, Nice.  (In my mind, I'm thinking, who is this other kid obsessed about the yin yang -- I really wanted to know).

Joseph:  I always had a similar hypothesis and even experimented with it but it was short lived because of my impatience.  After digesting all this, I feel like a huge cloud is starting to lift from my mind.

Me: Congrats, brotha.   Who is this person and can I please have a link? (Eagerly awaits)

Joseph: ; END OF STORY

MY 2012 VLOG

Apparently, I had vlog'ed some 6 years ago my fixation with Leonardo DaVinci and his uses of the left hand.   6 years later, me and my team finally got around to producing the world's first Mirror Tracing and Coloring -- something we are extremely excited about.   

The book is among many practices of opposites that I do practice, but with the video now surfaced, it makes my job of marketing the product that much easier, since it in itself is a great source of reference for the origins of this particular book. 

At last, the book is finally here.  If you love your friends and family, practice this with them.  Challenge your own reality with the simplest of exercise that I believe will benefit any and everyone who's willing to put in the work.

We love you all, and to all a great journey of loving discoveries.  Our job is now done -- so good bye!!!  For now.

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