Are you Seeing 11:11?

02 April 2021
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Are you Seeing 11:11?

Inspired by Alignment...

Rather than giving you an interpretation that is the regurgitated work of many, we are hoping to share with you a perspective to which we feel everyone could relate, in a freestyled & free flowing manner.  Here she goes...

To better understand 11:11, we first have to ask ourselves, what can we all agree about the number 1.

  • 1 represents the first number to the numerical sequence, and thus often translate to the 'beginning', or in historical sense -- heritage energy.  From another angle, being 'First' is regarded as the highest order of significance.
  • 1 often represents Unity and lends itself to the expression “All for One, and One for All.”  [The dualistic version of which is, “All is One, and One is All”].
  • 1 appears as a straight line, and lines are often associated with alignment, or similarly, synchronicity.
  • When all 4 numbers align, such as in 11:11, rather than 1:11 or 5:55, we have what we deem maximum alignment.

Now What?

Putting it all together, we believe that one of the many reasons we are seeing 11:11 is largely due to a cyclical process of us journey’in, or REVOLVING, back to our beginning all in part to complete a CYCLE -- no matter how small or large the cycle.

[Evolution often represents mankind's belief that the world should always progress where Revolution represents both forward and backward equally, regarding both as equals within the world of cycles to form a perfect WHOLLY circle.  None is the better, but rather each representing different stages of our journeys with each stage bearing an infinite combinations of pros and cons.]  

As it is natural for some of us to obsess over evolution rather than revolution, we will all eventually circle away from the concepts of evolution, leaving our preference for individualism for in order to arrive back at the beginning -- oneness.  This cycle of going forward then backwards and vice versa, often at the same time, is necessary and innate in us all, and are prescribed in infinitesimally unique combinations with each representing every micro-color of our visible spectrum.

11:11, or Maximum Alignment

Maximum alignment suggests a greater degree of mindfulness toward our beginnings, which in social context translates to Unity, or uniting yourself with others (especially in times of social divide).  Despite what you believe, there’s always division everywhere in the world at the same time there is unity in other parts of the world.  This dualistic reality is necessary in maintaining the order of individualism & Unity (“to each our own”) and is largely how the Universe manages the mechanisms of your journey and keeping it distinctively working for us!  You must always have both -- in other words, one does not exist without the other.

For the Advanced Number Geekthe number 1 is divisible into every whole number thus making it the root of every number. This is also true on the quantum level when dealing with non-whole numbers, since .5555 is divisible by .0001.  Note: When making comparisons, it is crucial to compare apples to apples, and hence non-integers to non-integers as demonstrated above.

Let’s Conclude

So, the next time you see the time of 11:11 realize that you are expanding towards your own beginnings and oftentimes are trying to figure out how to realign yourself with all human kind.  This part of our journey often is paired with an even greater spiritual and metaphysical mindfulness (not good, nor bad) and the order of which how creation works stands out the most in that specific moment we are in -- no matter how brief.  

The End.


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