Badge'M Mirror Letter Tracing & Coloring

05 March 2018
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Badge'M Mirror Letter Tracing & Coloring

Da Vinci CodeSo, it's been roughly 9 years since I intimately researched into a fellow by the name of Leonardo Da Vinci, the one who blatantly practices both his right and left hand, which is often overlooked from many of his masterpieces (namely the Vitruvian man -- a topic I previously identified many times).

WHY does it matter? Well, tying the two, and many others whom have practiced his work, Leonardo was prophetic, and in proving so, he showed us his many abilities to tap into the myriad of angles and layers of the Universal spirit.  A polymath he is commonly known for.  Through him, the pure Universe expresses and Leonardo was the weird recluse privy'd to the language.


Why Opposites, Polarity, and Relativity is LAW. 

Fast forward 7 years of left handed practice combined with many many other lessons on opposites (polarity), I can tell you with great confidence that when you learn yourself the languages of opposites, and the importance of them, you will become god(s), or all knowing, of your immediate Universe.  That is from my personal experience.

Not everyone is ready for it, but you can certainly try. 

If your frequency however isn't ideal for this particular language, similar to any other abilities, then patience is heavily required as you continue to hack away at your understanding of how you learn.  I will start you off at the beginning, and from there, we will continue to develop or undevelop certain learning habits that you've acquired.  At the very least, my goal is to get you to better understand yourself, and in so doing, you will become in tune with the outer universe. 

So within, is without.


Be Your Version 

If you truly understand Leonardo, you'll have to live in recluse.  This is likely too much for many to handle. Instead, most who's able to overcome the first challenge of belief (the 51% population), you can be your own version of timelessness.    Reach for whatever level you desire.  If this truly is the secret, then ask yourself if whether a timeless legacy is worth reaching?


How To Understand More Universal Patterns: 

For the many who've requested a book on learning the lessons of the the WHOLE-Listic Universe, you may now practice this same law of the Universe (polarized) by first practicing the language you've learned, in reverse.  Having said, this new practice is created so that many others whom lack the understanding of the patterned Universe can now too practice what I believe to be Leonardo Davinci's biggest lesson: opposites.    

Disclaimer:  Expect yourself to feel a rubbish connection with this path of opposites; to each her own.  Living life in contrast can be difficult, or easy, depends on the combinations of frequencies at which you operate.  One lesson to bear in mind is that the more you let go (the more you empty your mind of expectations, ego, and etc.) the faster these prophetic visions will be clear to you. 

Book will be released in May of 2018.


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