Badge'M Mirror Letter Tracing & Coloring

05 March 2018
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Badge'M Mirror Letter Tracing & Coloring

Understanding The Language of the Universe: (Universal Patterns)

For the many whom desired a book on learning the lessons of the WHOLE-Listic Universe, you can now practice this same law of the Universe (Polarity) by simply revisiting the english language you've already learned..., in REVERSE.      

[Badge'M Mirror Letter Tracing & Coloring is a trying lesson on Opposites that teach the lay person to water his/her absent mind -- otherwise known as the dumb mind -- in order to empower the intelligent mind.]  This process is no different than how water is able to rush out from a bottle if you learn how to force air back into the bottle through a straw.  Use doubt to empower your confidence.

What's the Goal?

My end goal is to prove that the more one exercises one's opposite hand, thus mind, the more one will feel become exponentially more aware.  Why? and How?  How powerful and aware depends on big your imagination is.  The bigger that imagination is, the more work and sacrifice it will take for you to produce that which you desire; since in this world, every gain is traded by a loss, something most of us cannot conceive.






 Why did you choose a hand tracing book?

Why I chose a handwriting book is purely because our generation were taught, thus programmed, into the world of writing at one point or another.  Thus, writing is a common exercise 99% of us industrial-age beings share.  Writing is the common denominator.

More over, a hand tracing book of the opposite hand allows the lay person to get in touch with his or her stupid, slow, inept, and untapped opposite mind (or anything opposite), which essentially forces the person to connect to force within the opposite reality.  This force is ultimately the untapped balance that I believe is the one true wisdom that Leonardo DaVinci and Nikola Tesla wanted so badly to share. 

In practicing, via way of an alternating fashion where you are evenly connected to both your right and left hand, you will become more in tune with all the wisdom found within.  In due time, you will know exactly how it is that I was able to come up with the formula X/0 = Totality, and how this formula is the single most important formula in the world, and not that what Capitalism is trying to teach you; EMC^2.  Within nothing is everything, Walter Russel taught us.  And within that nothing is the source to infinite wisdom and prophecy I have been speaking about for over 10 years now. 

(If you are interested in learning more about that, please visit my talks on the Yin and Yang under the handle JxonDany from way back when.)

 In either case, becoming one with your opposite nature will enable you to tap back into your beginning.  It will provide you a second chance with all the things you once thought mysterious.  Now is your time, so take the leap.

Where do I go next? 

If you are not feeling the book or feel you've done enough mirror tracing, then I highly recommend you do other practices of opposites, such as walking slow,  or backwards; eating with your left, or virtually anything that is opposite to your unique upbringing.   

The more you do them, the more they come together as one unified practice of Wholism, which would then unleash more of your infinite powers within --- this time, in a very compounded sense. 

Why Am I Sharing?

The Universe has given me this message through two major losses in my life.  As I was blessed with its messages, I was also told that the more I share, the more I will gain from the practices of opposites. 

Naturally, I want to keep this all to myself so doing that which is opposite to my natural CAPITALISTIC instinct that was programmed in me, I am instead sharing.  It is the path of opposites I chose to be faithful to... therefore, sharing became the path that I am currently enjoying, and have enjoyed these past 8-10 years. I have done this for a very long time, and I believe I will die continuing the legacy of the great Nikola, and Leonardo DaVinci -- without whom, I would definitely not be the person I am today.

"WITHIN EVERYTHING IS NOTHING.  Nothing is of itself alone, everything is made of everything else."  -- Russell Walters

The above is why if often hear people say, "with nothing to lose, you have everything to gain."

Thank you for reading.

From our team to Yours',






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