Too Much Capitalism, Not Enough Community

22 September 2021
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Too Much Capitalism, Not Enough Community

Can you really trust an organization that preaches competition to not compete against its own people?

At the heart of it, Capitalism translate to Competition (& the only way to miss that is to live under a rock).  But if competition is what our establishment is preaching, then obviously, competition is something we must look out for, which begets the question:  Can you really trust an organization to look out for your best interest if their goal is to beat you?

In contrast, this is what we do notice of all the glory that comes with the FREE WORLD, that we, like cattle, are fed relatively nice meals, and given a place to sleep, that is, until we are delivered to the chopping block for the gain of the farm.  I mean, that's exactly how we run our schools and farms in America and judging by today's output of popular fast food chains coupled with kids running amuck on social media, you'd be hard pressed to believe otherwise.  Let's face it, there is a bad in every good and even the so called FREE WORLD has to deal with all the SMOKE that comes with the proverbial FIRE.

So you see, GOOD needs BAD, without which, there would be no contrast. 

What if?  What if we replace 50% of Capitalism with more Community energy; and, as opposed to having kids put on to destroy other kids in sports and academics, we have them focus on planting their own foods, trash picking their neighborhoods, and caring for their elderlies in exchange for family stories and etc to help them establish a better sense of who they are and where they came from, which, as a part of balance, is necessary in helping them forge a future of great clarity. 

Those whom echo the phrase "capitalism drives economy" failed to realize that inspiration does the exact same thing.



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