Capitalism's Catch 22

08 September 2021
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Capitalism's Catch 22

Should Capitalism, aka competition, find a mound of gold, would she point you to it or would she point you to the other direction?

Witnessing what many of us have over the course of the last 100 years I'm quite certain that any government who's found gold will likely not share it with its neighboring country.  Furthermore, like its government, the citizen of such country also would likely not share its wealth with its neighbors should they come upon similar bags of money.  

The aforementioned is why I believe that the subjects we learn in school are really designed to keep you at bay.  On the flip side, the real knowledge about the patterns of Life is what a few of us have discovered to be buried in the Laws of Cycles -- a law that has been around for many civilizations, but buried by those in power so they can remain in power.

If you are now retired and searching for the truth, focus your energy on what it means to be Cyclical...

for cycles are found in everything!

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