Covid 19 + A Word From Our Owner

04 April 2020
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Covid 19 + A Word From Our Owner

Some believe it's a fake virus that's used as a 'divide and conquer' mechanism.  Whether or not you believe it's fake, one thing that is certainly real is the hysteria effect the notion of a VIRUS has on our minds that would in effect kill our bodies! 

What we know in Southern California.

Our investigation with the nurses on the ground floors of hospitals in regions of Southern California have concluded our beliefs that the pandemic is as bad as news had painted -- and that "people's bodies were bagged by this pandemic."

And according to other sources within our LA parts, the hysteria is highest our nurse-friends have seen to date leading many medical practitioners confused as to whether or not they should continue serving the public -- especially when face masks are not offered in some hospitals.

What can we do?

It's truly petrifying to live in these times, so rather than dodging the inevitable, our team have committed to manufacturing Personal Use masks in hopes to fulfill the demands of those in dire need.  More important now than ever is the use of hemp and all of its anti-microbial, anti-mildew and breathable organic properties. As such, it is a must that we get these masks produced, and do so fast!

And lastly, inspired by many whom are affected by the economy, we are offering our latest face masks at $13.99 (increased from $12.99 just last week). Unfortunately, free shipping is no longer available as of April 13th, 2020.    However, if it helps during these times, please don't hesitate to ask for either a discount or free shipping.

Lastly, A Word to Spiritual Enthusiasts

We here at THC aspire to the belief that "the whole is the part, and the part is the whole."  This paradox implies that we are all inner-twined, and what created you also created me. 

It's no different than putting a claim to the fact that everyone is capable of good and bad, and whichever attribute we fail to display rests itself to the act of dormancy.   The virus is no different where its energy lies dormant within us.  And whether or not it harms us depends on the types of energy we feed it!

By in large, the more we treat a negative situation by pouring negativity to it, the more we cripple ourselves. Contrarily, the more we acknowledge its existence, purpose, and benefits, the more it will do us good as opposed to harm.  (To simply state that negative energy cannot be converted to positive energy is simply a fallacy of a person who does not understand life's necessary balances of opposites.)

Every virus, big or small, have a spirit that could be communicated to; and the viruses, energies, that are most friendly are the ones we tend acknowledge, recognize, and praise -- even at the slightest.  

So, do your best to talk to your bodies!

As always, stay balanced!

The Hemp Coop


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13 April 2020 at 10:46 PM
Leslie Jordan

Thank you for that perspective. The healing and acceptance that it inspires produces an overall feeling of peace that I really needed at this time.

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