Doing Nothing is the Absolute Best Way To Ground

27 October 2021
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Doing Nothing is the Absolute Best Way To Ground

We often hear the principle of GROUNDING, but oddly many are not familiar with said principle. 

Grounding, is nothing more than ridding oneself of excess energy that causes tension/stress within a system to which needs grounding.  Just like a spring that is either too loaded or underloaded, one's body needs to be dialed in so that any excess/deficient load within the body are properly address so that one may go about operating to the best of one's ability.

Too much load creates tension and thus leads to stress.  Not enough load often leads to failure of said system.  The body works in the same manner where it needs to ground any excess energy, or if deficient, garner more energy, so that the body may sustain a balance to perpetuate its own existence.

Per our research, we believe that meditation is the single best practice of grounding that one may use to rid oneself of any excess tension; ultimately, sending that tension into the abyss of the nothingness -- a place where all things go to die in preparation for a return back into existence.  On the flip side, meditation also allows for one to harness that same energy that is ready to return back into existence.

In conclusion, it appears that meditation, or the act of stillness/surrender, connects one to a space where all energy goes to die, and where the recycle energy awaits its return to the physical plane.   

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