The Power of Doubt

17 April 2018
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The Power of Doubt


This month has been a big month for the Hemp Coop, a lot more eventful than the previous 10 months combined, and that's all thanks to the new relationship we have built with the people at New Era.

Zoom back 16 months, our journey started with creating the world's most versatile hat giving our community the ability to print virtually anything their heart desires.  To market the product, we created YouTube shorts for our organic & do it yourself community.  Here's a sneak peak of some videos thus far.



One video after another, we proved our worth as a production studio creating projects we felt highly contributes to the YouTube community. Regardless of quality, we were incredibly proud of the work we put forth.

Foolishly, we thought we were done, and the hats would be available... that is until we ran into a certain finite problems in dealing with the Hat STRAPS.   

To complete the hat, we needed a strap that represented who we were, and using the old straps simply was not creative enough.  In short, either use the old ones, or, build a brand new concept using the old; that, and do our best to give the world a new perspective on what we believe we can achieve. 

8 months of design molding with extreme exertion from our 3D printer, we finally produced a strap we felt was worthy of the 35 year old Snapback's legacy.  Check them out.

See Pics Below:

Interchangeable HatFirst Ever Sneak Peak of the Clawback Straps.Team Straps





The Straps evolved, and now New Era (verbally) wants an exclusive deal. 

Will the deal happen? Talk is cheap, therefore, we'll wait out this week to see whether or not they come through with the discussion of this so-called exclusive licensing deal.  In the mean time, we will continue to produce videos to promote our brand's philosophy of Contrast.  

Doubt Creeps In

With all that is boiling on our pot, we cannot help but feel an immense level of doubt.  There's so many things that can go wrong, so naturally, I had to remain completely transparent with my feelings.  The convention way of thinking is to "ignore doubt and focus on our work," but quite frankly, that all seems just way too plain.  One thing I hate doing is to ignore anything of my feelings.  So instead of focusing on my work, I consistently shared my doubts with everyone I've come across, at the same time, share our experiences with what we've created thus far.   I believe this level of forward and backwards approach, expressing confidence and excitement, matches our philosophy of opposites here -- maintaining the most powerful principle of them all, truths.  

Some of Us Cannot Afford to Ignore Doubt

Doubt lingers for me, and the way I deal with them is to completely share them -- thereby allowing me to engage and assess all the possibilities of things going bad up front.     I find that expressing my doubts helps limit my own expectations, something I find that is extremely powerful in the manifestation of that which I desire -- which is very consistent with the art of consciously applying opposites.  Something that is at the heart of our company's very existence.

As an individual who was never taught to express my doubts, I now look forward to expressing them every day.   Which brings me to the Moral of this Story:

We Create Doubts, So Acknowledge That They Exist So You Can Begin Your Journey In Surmounting Them.


Mountain of DoubtFor many of us, doubt is a key component of our being. Albeit ugly, it's still us, so the next time you have doubt, express them.  Try that out; see if doubt-expression can do the same for you.  

The Hemp Coop, LLC


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