The Hemp Coop 6 Panel Hybrid Cap -- 'Dark Knight Champion'

23 September 2016
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The Hemp Coop 6 Panel Hybrid Cap -- 'Dark Knight Champion'

At the start of the 2016, our team ventured anatomic north and created our very first hemp hat.  What would now become a 4-month endeavor initially started with many ideas; and, before long, eventually boiled down to 5 intricately congruent ones.  

Without further ado, here are five componets we feel would make your next dinner conversation a lot more interesting:  

IDEA #1) Hallmark "Hush" Pocket.  


Carrying Capacity:  Comfortably and completely hides seven folded bank notes.  

Dimension: 4 inches X 3 inches  

Practicality:  I've used this pocket about 15% of the times I've worn it out, making the feature suprisingly more useful than I had imagined.  However, if you are one often adorned with pockets, then this feature would be reduced to novel.

IDEA #2)  Duo-Textile 'Canvleece.'  We accented the bill's underside with a layer of fleece to give it that extra hemp softness.  Although the feature won't blow your socks off, it definitely won't go unnoticed to the touch.  However, it's an area that is most frequently mentioned in our customer feedback.   

IDEA #3)  Leather + Brass Fastener 

We thought it would be cool to add some contrasting qualities to the hat, which is why we chose GENUINE LEATHER STRAP + BRASS RIVET.  Overall, I found this configuration to be quite charming, slick, and rather fun to play with.  Would I mention it at dinner?  Probably not.  Instead, I suggest you save it for the cigar & whiskey rendezvous.  

#4) Our homage to 'counseling, community, and contrast.'

Every hat needs a positive omen, such is why we embroidered our 3C's (meaning: 'love for humility through all means necessary') onto every hat.  If anything, I hope our 3 c's encourage others to discover and, and ultimately, to live with purpose.

IDEA #5) Velcro - Partial or Full is optional.  

Okay, after googling "velcro hats," I've come to learn that 'STUSSY' (the infamous 80's American clothing brand) is the only global brand to attempt a patch friendly hat (as seen below).


On the one hand, the use of velcro is common for tactical military purposes, and on the other end, velcro caps are also used for your throw-and-stick novelty game play.  In other words, the idea has been sitting there albeit incubating.   No real public attempts of making it a world phenomenon.  But let's face it, no body likes an idea that is costly. Rather, if patches were easily manufactured, then the skies the limit on this idea and we would be surprise not see to it lift off almost immediately.  

Do we care to go down this path of exploring limitless patching?  Perhaps.  But let's save that for another blog.

So, there you have it.  The first ever 6 Panel Hybrid Hemp Hat with a full frontal velcro flat brought to you by yours' truly.  With this product at your dinner table, you can bet that conversations will never be the same.  



Fashion Community Feedback:

"The patina value is incredible as the hat keeps getting more and more charming."

"Fuzzy black front subtly contrasts the black canvas. Uniquely weird, just my type."

"24 hour fitness 'garage parking slip' fits conveniently in the 'hush' pocket.  YES!"



Need that special gift for a special occasion?  Click here and purchase this one of a kind hemp hat today.  You may have to preorder if we are sold out.



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