Hearsay, Knowledge, and Expectations

13 June 2017
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Hearsay, Knowledge, and Expectations

Finally, the debate is behind us and marijuana is not the culprit.                                                                                                         So, for harmony sake, can we ALL finally accept that what makes us crazy or lazy (when high on marijuana) is simply the Universe's inclination for infinite expression, and not the fault of Marijuana, Alcohol, Drugs, People, Weapons, Stress and Hatred? Remember, good and bad is a necessary duality unique in its capacity as is every individual in this world (including all you harmless couch potatoes, and yes, the media-frenzied villains).  
WHAT WE LEARNED.   Marijuana is a frequency that works similar to how a radio works.  When you smoke POT, you simply are changing the station to your mind which often puts you to in tune with areas of life that lacked awareness. This so-called frequency transition works much like all other transitions, whereby if you are willing to embrace its challenging discomforts, the benefit becomes tremendous.  And, of course, for those whom dread the discomfort of new experience, simply abandoning the effort and hermit'ing back into your reclusive shell is hardly inspirational.  Though I can't blame ya, since we all do it in our own little ways.  Nonetheless, it is a bitch move where that most of us get to laugh over for the next 10-20.

WHAT TO EXPECT.  You can expect a lot of Americans with more job opportunities in the 
hemp and marijuana business -- that's what you can expect.   It was only a generation ago (70 years) that hemp was fully legal, with a recorded 10,000 year historical significance.  If it's true that cycles are as imminent as the Sun's rotation, then we should see more clothes, papers, cars, fuel, food, and practically anything FOSSIL FUEL-based to soon be replaced with Hemp Oil -- lifeblood of the hemp stock itself.  
   If you do not already know, everything physical the hands touch is comprised of Water and Oil (yes, even metal).  Water and Oil are opposites to one another, but they are fundamentally created of one another.  Upon observation, they separate when left untouched.  If you process the two together, they carry the illusion of blending. This very basic concept, counter-intuitive to most, is the basis of all creation.   Understanding this concept of metallurgy, is arguably the most quintessential aspect of mitigating the industrial age alongside crude oils -- and their effects in our everyday lives. I reason that those whom understand said concept will find themselves nurturing Hemp's rightful coming; as aristocrats of the next free world.  That is why THC continues to expect the world of Hemp.  One other note to digest is that OILS, like humans, can be trained (processed) to match the combustibility of other oils?  Yes, that means replacing today's fossil-fuel demands, all 100% of them, with Hemp is indeed more than possible.  That's how powerful Hemp is, and that's why you will undoubtedly hear more from Hemp in the days ahead.   HEMP HEMP HOORAY!

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