Hemp & The Flat Earth

06 August 2017
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Hemp & The Flat Earth


For those whom aren't familiar, the Flat Earth talk, or what mainstream media labels worthless conspiracies, has been trending as one of the most enticing subjects over the last 4 years; as shocking as the CIA's self-admitting confession of their leadership in the Cocaine distribution of the 80s:

Total Proof That The US Government And CIA Run The Drug Trade

Believing or not depends on how aware one is to media corruption. But for most, learning isn't exactly their priority especially in a society where entertainment, self-image, and money dominates most the world's attention. 

FLAT EARTH: Are you surprised?  Yes.  Disturbed?  Yes.  In disbelief?  Absolutely.  Well, that is to be expected.  The absurdity of the Flat Earth typically garners the same exact response from those whom we have interviewed.  However, after having learned of some evidences we had pointed out, most interviewees quickly opened their minds, and one by one, each were taught to ask questions versus swallowing and regurgitating what they've seen and taught to believe in school.   

A Globular Earth:  Disseminated to Americans via Television or Academia by way of astronauts and sophisticated rockets.  However, if solely judging by the merits of our own eyes, we, cannot confidently attest to the Earth's shape.  No eye witnesses means no empirical evidence; that is until you have seen the truth with your own two eyes. 

august piccardWhat's Certain:  We are not allowed in space because it is too dangerous. For one, millions of people have died through the years, so prohibiting humans from manning space flights on the premise of danger sounds more like an excuse than it is a concern. Secondly,  Space flights are too costly to send up a lay person.  Austrian scientist, August Piccard's 1931 ascent, and return, in a mediocre'ishly built balloon proved that it can be safe.  Don't know August Piccard? Well, you should.  The man broke a record for being the first to ascend highest into the Stratosphere, however, was sifted under the rug and never once mentioned.  Another reason to ask more questions.



We didn't completely ignore Piccard as he was vaguely honored in his testimonial from a 1931 August edition of Popular Science appearance in which he states that the earth appears like a "flat disc plane" from the stratosphere.  Considering the feat of being the first ever to reach the Stratosphere, in a balloon capsule with 1931 technology, one would expect an elaborate interview of his work for the frenzied media coupled with worldwide praises and academic dissemination.  But nothing!!!  One thing we are forgetting though -- when you think about it, Capitalism means Competition -- even if that competition is between those in Power and those that same Power control.  

If two men conspire to rob a bank, we don't call it a theory, but rather a crime.  If corporations conspire to shill the American public, we still call that a crime.  However, when a government rob its people, we call it a theory.   Let's throw out the word 'conspiracy theory', but rather call it what it is -- a crime.

Piccard:  No rockets; only a balloon carrying a ton capsule.

Piccard was an older man with no mentioning of aeronautics background or any other high altitude training pedigree.  His compression chamber likely carried oxygens all the while voiding atmospheric pressure, like most flight vessels, all appearing to cost no more than $10,000 by today's standards -- possibly $5,000, or less.  Which begs the question, why hasn't NASA, with the technology we have today, sent men to space via Piccard-like capsules to attest the shape of the Earth?  Instead, what we get are occasional rocket flights manned by people, whom we don't know, traversing paths mimicking that of a rainbow, seemingly headed for abandonment in the adjacent seas.








Instead of a free shuttle ride in the name of science endorsed by our government, the alternative is a $75,000 ticket.  Another enterprising gimmick at best; a deterrent.  Offered in 2017?  Like the same gimmick we were said to believe by Virgin Atlantic and their supposed space flight which never happened?  Click here to check out the ad for yourself.

                                                                                                                                         There are plenty more reasons why I've doubted our education prior, and therefore it is worth every bit of The Hemp Coop's energy to contribute as much as we can.  But rather than reinventing the wheel on the subject of Flat Earth, we have an independent researcher, Eric Dubay, that has dissected the Flat Earth claims in "The History of Flat Earth."  

My Reasons For Believing

Gleason map of 1890s stating that the earth is stationary and the Sun and Moon rotates above Earth's Surface.After having seen this video, and many more produced by thousands of independent researchers across the world, I was finally convinced that the earth is not a round planet that we've been programmed to believe.  Was this the first time we've been lied to? Hardly. We mentioned earlier that our government got caught for coordinating the Cocaine trade of the 1980s, most relevant is their nationwide propaganda against Marijuana and Hemp in the mid 90s?

It was widely coordinated throughout mainstream media that Marijuana & Hemp were created by the Devil and therefore Marijuana and Hemp should be banned. Subsequently, Pharmaceutical companies continues 10 times their growth from all crude opium imports which were then widely disseminated to Americans nationwide.  Marijuana can be easily home grown and thus heavily competes against Opium.  Hemp, on the same token, is 4-10 times more efficient than tree-produced printing paper or cotton textiles, making both marijuana and hemp extremely detrimental for pharmaceutical, timber, and the cotton trade.  Knowing what we know, Flat Earth now appears a lot less outlandish.

 Whether Earth is Flat or not, it's inarguable that the citizens of the world have been continually played by the political powers that be.  And whether Earth is Flat or not, it has been making headlines all across Youtube and continues to do so.

Bolivian Salt FlatsEvidence raised by Flat Earther's is a simple formulaused  to calculate Earth's curvature:        [8inches X (distance in miles squared)].  Example:  The Bolivian Salt Flats (spanning 80 miles) is clearly visible 80 miles across with absolutely no curvature; claimed many.  For a salt bed stretching 80 miles in distance, there should be roughly 51,200 inches (or 4,266 ft) of curvature.  On the same merit, go out on a clear day with a telescope and see if you can detect any curvature from objects 20, 30, 50, 100 miles away. 

Curvature formula:  8inches X (80 miles) ^2  = 51,200 inches ;  51,200in / 12 = 4,266 feet of curvature.

Don't take my word for it -- do your own math and research.  Which is something we plan on doing on our next trip to the Bolivian Flats.  I would encourage all those whom are interested in this topic to research and test as much as they possibly can.  Expect yourself to resist information coming your way -- it's absolutely normal.  Rome wasn't built over night, and nor was its destruction.  

So tell us, what do you think of the Flat Earth?






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