Hemp Is Microwavable

31 May 2020
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Hemp Is Microwavable

This week, we got a glimpse into another unique feature of hemp/cotton that was brought to our attention courtesy of Jana B., who, not long ago, had requested we test our fabrics for its microwavability.

Quite frankly, we've never tested this feature of hemp, nor have we ever been asked, so, to resolve this curiosity, we spent a day's worth researching, sourcing & crafting a microwave friendly Hemp Bowl Cozy.

Warning:  Materials such as polyester, nylon, rayon, propylene... and many other derivatives will unlikely hold up inside a microwave, and upon testing, those materials will not only melt, but will also emit petrol fumes that will have you choking within 30 seconds of microwave time.  So, unless you're looking for a way to clear out a room, then don't microwave the aforementioned materials.

Instead, what's microwavable (at least up to 4 minutes of testing) are the list of items used below:

1) Cotton Batting from Wrap N Zap.

2) Cotton Threads by Gutermann.

3) Hemp / Cotton Fabrics from LA Dye.

You can find the first two from Joann's, Etsy, or maybe even Michael's.  The fabric could either be sourced from our Etsy store, or if you're local to LA, then LA Dye or Hemp Traders are the two places we recommend.


The sewing is simple:

With some basic sewing skills along with patterns and lessons provided by the beloved TheCraftyGemini, you'll be cranking these bowl cozies out in under 30 minutes.  We spent a little longer just for fun-sake, and the result is, unbeknownst to us, the world's first ever Hemp Bowl Cozy we call "The Vibe," inspired by its swirly quilt design.  Check it out...



Now that the job's complete, we are rest assured that we've done our part in safe'ning up our mother's microwave jobs from those smoldering hot soup bowls.

For tips on building your own bowl, visit TheCraftyGemini

(Comment below if you're interested in pre-orders.  If enough pre-orders are requested, only then will we put these cozies into production.)


Microwaves are not your enemy.

Rather, your belief that a microwave is bad for you, and the energy you invest into this belief, is ultimately what's killing you -- which is why they say that you are your own worst enemy.

We, at THC, do not often use microwaves because we push one another to exercise patience.  That, for us, is a personal preference.  

Thanks for checking out our blog... now go on and 

have a fantastic Super Sunday!



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