How to Kill Any And All Viruses

08 May 2020
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How to Kill Any And All Viruses

When I observe the Yin/Yang symbol these days, I no longer just see the jet black contrasting against the bright white, but instead, an image of 3 circles -- two smaller circles and the foremost outer circle.


What this means is simple.  The larger circle represents the GOD, the all knowing, and the two smaller circle represents the primordial basic components of the INFINITY.  (White light carries all colors, whereas black negates them -- the combination of which is the push and pull principle that governs all energies in this Universe.)

What's also notable about this symbol is the wave-like flow that divides the black and white components, which, in my opinion, denotes the idea that everything in this world journeys in and out of between the two concepts of good bad -- in ways so beautifully infinitesimal that we are blinded to the notion that one exists without the other, a belief that is often in those at the early stages of Universal awareness.

Why is this connection important?

Basically, what we are trying to tell you is that you are the GOD to all the cells within your body. Though this communication is currently inert in most of us, it could simply be activated by thecombination of time & acknowledgement.  That's right, spend time talking to all the cells in your body!

When you have spent ample time acknowledging and connecting to all the cells in your body, only then will you be able to call upon them to aid you in the fight against all harm, not just viruses, around you.  Beyond all, the more you continue to activate the littler consciousnesses inside you the more they will resonate within you a power so strong that it'll have you well on your way to realizing your own god-hood.

Remember, that consciousness only exists in something we give consciousness to -- which isn't something we were all taught at the onset of life.   Instead, we were told that only humans have consciousness, which is none further from the truth

In my experience, spending more time communicating with my body is the main reason why I have not been sick from flus nor colds in over 15 years, ever since the day I had learned of such truths. 

The more I spoke to my body, the more I understood the patterns of how they interact with any and everything.  

It's very true what they say, that your body is a lot more powerful than what most of us are told.




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