When Knowing Nothing Is True Wisdom

18 January 2019
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When Knowing Nothing Is True Wisdom

The title of today's blog is inspired by the ancient paradox: "I know I'm wise, 'cause I know that I know nothing." - Socrates, or not. It doesn't matter.

Breaking this down:

the word 'wisest' translates to knowing everything, because a man who's wise tends to have a general understanding of all things under the Milky Way. If you speak on the subject of Piano, something that which he may never have seen, the PROPHET, could still break down all there is to know about a Piano's mechanics.

How is that possible?  A META-Physician observes & studies energy for the properties of its cycles (frequencies, vibrations, and polarity), and considering that all substances are created from cycles you too would then be intimately familiar with all the components of a piano: its keys, notes, and thus harmonies. 


'Nothing,' in metaphysical terms, isn't actually nothing.  Oh no.  For those who's had advanced meditation experience, we all understand that the more you focus on nothing, the more the answers to that which one seeks manifest more readily.  It's the act of desiring combined with letting go, simultaneously, is the secret to manifestation.  That's exactly why the answers to a lot of our questions tend to come when we least expect them.

Laws of Contrast: Lesson 3

Play Dumb, Let go of egoic intellect & empty the mind.  Humble yourself to the belief that opposites attract one another, and knowledge indeed is in that EMPTY space that surrounds you.  Understand that your brain is merely an instrument that communicates to that space, not an actual storage of its information, like the way we were taught.  And, thus, to become one with this paradoxical NOTHINGNESS is definitively the greatest capacity for wisdom, true wisdom, any and all us humans/gods could ask for.

"Within nothing is everything, and within everything is the nothing.  Nothing in this world is alone. Everything is made of everything else." - Walter Russell




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