Infinite Expression - Slowly Growing

19 October 2016
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Infinite Expression - Slowly Growing

(Monday BADGE)

(Tuesday BADGE)


I felt the need to logon and give everyone a preview of what the future of "badgem" is going to look like.  If you don't already know, badgem is what we are calling our DIY kit project, so that we could help bring to life our latest creation: The Full Frontal Velcro hat called Dark Knight Champion.

So far, we've put about close to 3 months into the R&D process going as far as china to replicate this hat for a global audience.  What we envision is a BADGEM velcro board in every room, giving customers the ability to create and express whatever fits their mood.

Here's an example:


Has it been fun?  Heck yes.  The cool part is witnessing the many who's caught wind of the idea, praising it, thus giving us a whole ton of motivation.  I wish that was always the case, but realistically, there are a few outliers who was completely uninterested.  A point of which is shared in a custom job I have for you below.


Latest Customization

So I thought it'd be cool to send a COOP hemp hat with a custom design for a friend's birthday.  Based off his social media profiles, I packaged together what I felt peaks his interests -- and this is what I came up with.

 (He's a huge bay area fanboy.  Proud of "Da Bay!")

(Despite love for his city, it's always family first (Brother above & Wifey below.)


The designs are ultimately very basic, but I am certain no one else has the same vintage design arrangements I created for him.  However, what threw me off was a lack of response to my creation, and something I did not expect at all.  There was simply just a "hey, you are very thoughtful; thank you."  

To say the least, my buddy wasn't super stoked on the design of the badges.. which had me assuming that he could possibly be too old or too cool for a tacky make shift design sticker velcro like badge;m.  I mean, I don't blame him.  He's a proven gallery artist who's done some major work in his time, as keen as the eyes and heart can tell, so I cannot expect to impress him with a print and cut hat concoction.  

At the end of the day, I have to remind myself that resistance is natural in this world of push pull.  There are those that are early adopters who would jump onto the idea and rock the idea like there's no tomorrow.  For the rest, the possibilities are endless as to why they aren't turned on.  And, therefore, high expectations for a product like ours' should be immediately thrown out the window.

Or, perhaps, it could very well be that our product just wasn't up to scratch.  For that, I am motivated to continue with our R&D team in our continuance to bringing a product that hones in on our customers wants and needs.  

I've learned a lot from this project thus far, and these are the reminders I've set for myself to ensure we continue growing this idea we call "Badgem."


Target demographic: the youth, the tacky, the eccentric, and the DGAFs.

Focus on product improvements. 

Water your ideas daily.  And continue seeking inspiration from others.  

Expect the worst and hope for the best.  




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