From Outsourcing to Insourcing - The Sew Op

22 June 2017
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From Outsourcing to Insourcing - The Sew Op

From Out to In

After three years of outsourced manufacturing, TheHempCoop have finally invested in our own 8-man team sew shop -- to realize our dream of in-house manufacturing.   

No one expected the purchase to happen so soon, but it was an idea frequently thought of.  Now in hindsight, we have no reason to doubt that the God's themselves were truly the ones credited for the entire acquisition.  Don't worry, we promise to not get overly spiritual with y'all.  You have our word. 

The Sew Op

The acquisition was made possible with the retiring of a family friend -- let's call her Aunt Natalie -- bequeathing her 17 year old profitable sew shop all in good faith. And, it didn't take long before the shop took on the name... wait for it...The Sew Op.  Incredibly divine we thought. Before you celebrate, we weren't too sure that the decision was a smart one, since, by all means, our company had never once profited since its inception -- thus making the expansion somewhat questionable.  Ah well, with new challenges comes new opportunities for new defeat, right?  And, as they say, "our [successes] are our [failures] unmasked."  (Khalil Giibran,The Prophet)

New responsibilities, especially one that is of grass-root origins felt sufficiently rewarding.  And also, feeling innovative is extremely crucial, thus keeping The Hemp Coop alive is a feat that is remarkably inspiring for us.  Giving was the root of our team's existence, and thus we needed for T.H.C.'s spirits to continue to do what it does best -- inspire.

Giving and Receiving

We are living proof that giving does pay handsomely, and as such, the hemp and marijuana industry have largely benefited.   Let's not forget that Hemp production was banned for over 60 years since the late 40's and early 50's here in America, which in that time have contributed majorly to hemp production overseas. As such, the recent legalization, albeit only in some parts of the U.S., is incredibly monumental for all alternative-conscious beings.  Yes, there is much to celebrate still, so go out and have yourself a smoke, won't you!                                                                                                                                              As for us, we continue to receive donations and contributions from our hemp loving customers/patrons.  We are not exactly sure how these funds are coming in, but something tells us, again, that the divine working of the God's are with us -- constantly empowering the needs of opportunists whom trusts in the power of giving.  We certainly do, and that is why we intend on giving more this year to local businesses in the alternative living industry.  So looking forward to that!  Don't worry, we promise to keep you in the loop as well, especially if all this giving continues to reward our endeavors.


Not Profiting, Yet.  

Will we ever be sales conscious? Not exactly sure. Business means profit, and giving typically occurs in the prudence of marketing.  Perhaps, we should reclassify our organization as a marketing company, or better yet, a non-profit corporation.  Ah, that just sounds all too clever, for what, just to save a few bucks.   On the flip-side, there's a benefit to being a shitty Uncle Sam tenant, by-passing all of those shitty paperwork, is the feeling of letting go of one's own fears and trust your faith in the Universe. Believe it or not, such process is deemed unorthodox to this very generation.   Perhaps, that's what we, THC, are meant to discover, that beyond the existence as your average paperwork filing company, is a force so divine that no matter what we do, the result will always be the same -- that we are exactly where we are meant to be,... forever growing, learning, and planting alternative living seeds of inspiration to many of us whom are in need.  We, as a team, can use all the inspiration we can get.  Stay open to them, clamoring for more of 'em; always.

We don't always inspire, but when we do, we ought to believe that it is a pleasure and a gift to be with such mindset.  Such mindset, today operates what is known as TheHempCoop, an alternative-living conscious team.


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