Dark Knight Champion - Infinite Possibilties

02 October 2016
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Dark Knight Champion - Infinite Possibilties

We decided after all that offering a velcro hat is simply too bland.  Besides, everyone can appreciate a new innovative twist.  

A little background on us.  Over the past 5 years, we have spent tens of thousands of dollars on diecut stickers throughout our previous ventures from the likes of diecutstickers.com or stickermule.com.  So before long, something clicked.  Requiring only a piece of scrap paper, a printer, clear packing tape, and a piece of velcro, we came up with our very first DIY Self-Cut velcro sticker prototype.  

Coincidence?  We think not!

With 6 guys and a week of plenty tomfoolery, our velcro sticker idea took flight.  

Simply put,  NOW YOU CAN....

(...start with a hat that suits your style:  Regular, Dad Hat or Trucker)


(...instantaneously badge the brands that inspire you.)


(...double up on the things you love.)


(...shut up and let your emojis do the talking. )

express your mood


(...print your business logo instantly to keep your business ideas fresh.)


(...uniquely energize your political agendas.)


(...collect, share, trade, or sell.)


(...redefine your team hat.  THIS IS OUR TEAM)


(...get 3 dimensional with your creativity.)


(...bring life to the next party with your own games.)

The possibilities are endless.  

As of right now, we are ironing out all the kinks to ensure you have a quality product to bring your conceptual designs to life.  All of our time invested into this project is designed to save you time, so we know you will enjoy it when the time comes.

Stay tuned...  (DIY kit soon available. Starts @ $8-10)

Community Feedback for 'Dark Knight Champion' HEMP Cap:

"The patina value is incredible as the hat keeps getting more and more charming."

"Fuzzy black front subtly contrasts the black canvas. Uniquely weird, just my type."

"24 hour fitness 'garage parking slip' fits perfectly in the stash.  YES!"

"The badging idea is so simple, yet innovative."

"Wow, pretty awesome that you can customize anything you want."





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