Neutrality: Path to Godhood

24 July 2017
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Neutrality: Path to Godhood

let goAll too often the pattern repeats in those whom fight for what they want in life.  Hard work, big sacrifices, all leading to eventual crossing of an imaginary finish line.  Celebrations ensues. And, before long, slowly and inevitably, we all crumble into the arms of defeat; Unsatisfied; Confused; Empty; And, Hungry, still.  

From here, most pick up where they had left off and thus continue with more pursuits of happiness; However, for those whom are ready, we will arrive at a point we call Neutrality -- a life where connections inward to our Godhood begins with the counter-intuitive lessons on 'letting go'.  


Imagine an amazonian Tree -- wisely rooted into the soil that supports its own structure.  If the Tree decides it wants to Uproot its existence, it knows to let go of its current habitat (its home), its roots (comfort zone), and all other elemental variables that nurtured its pedigree.  It must surrender (be neutral) to the old and make itself available to the new.  It must simply Let Go of one life for another.  When you let go, you make space for newer transformations.  

surrenderTo Let Go does not mean to forget.  It simply means to be neutral and yield yourself to the Universe.  And according to the laws of balance, this act of neutrality, of 'letting go', is the very source that inevitably Wills all of Creation to Surrender itself to you.  As the wise Lao Tzu once wrote, "Those whom Flow as Life Flows know They need no other Force."  


 Be Neutral my friends, for neutrality is the Path to your Godhood and your desired manifestations.




Addendum: Marijuana and Neutrality

Most consumers of Marijuana make the mistake of giving up immediately due to the following reasons, the same reason why most won't adopt anything that brings discomfort:

1)  We get paranoid or uncomfortable.   

2)  We do not feel anything. 

3)  It is too overwhelming.  .

4)  It is considered politically Incorrect or immoral.

The best lesson, in my experience, is to go into everything with a neutral mind as most preconceived notions of your realities were built from your environment.  With a neutral mind, create new interpretations for all the above. 

1a)  Discomfort eventually leads to comfort.

2a)  Repetitious cycles increases sensitivity and awareness.

3a)  Learn of the right dosage and tune yourself to it, and it to you;  Dosage can be extremely different for everyone.

4a)  Expand your morality scope and Wholism to grasp the understanding that life is all in the mind; Paradoxically, Good does not exist without Bad, as Left does not exist without Right.  

With all the above in mind, once you've properly learned how to engage in the usage of Marijuana, you will be able to utilize marijuana to further your awareness for Neutrality.  Although it exists in our everyday life, being aware of Neutrality's purpose will only strengthen our existence.

Well, I sure hope our personal experiences help you all on your path to great awareness.  As always, explore.  :D


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