Will Work 4 More WORK!

12 September 2017
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Will Work 4 More WORK!



Will Work for more work

Will Work For More Work

Work will be more enjoyable when one applies opposites training to every aspect of one's existence. That is why we, at the COOP, have came up with 3 things we believe will make you more WHOLISTIC.  

1) Become Ambidextrous

Did you know that Leonardo DaVinci became a person of Contrast (or doing things opposite) as a day to day practice to expand his metaphysical awareness.   DaVinci, along with many other Renaissance like thinkers understood this process as Wholism, and as such would routinely practice their left-hands, and writing backwards.

These acts of WHOLISM (making the brain whole -- forward and backwards) enabled him to think from a point of TRUE omniscience, lending them visions to invent/create from divine vantage point.  There are many ways you can apply this exercise to your workplace; and as you become smarter, so does your the company you work for.

2) Meditate More

Meditation carries many forms, but the most extreme of them all is to think of NOTHING; and feel NOTHING.  However, if this is too much for you, then practice diversifying all your thinking energy to the rest of your body.  This process of diversification grounds your entire physical existence to the present moment; contrarily, over thinking tends to stagnate your energy flow, rendering yourself less present and ineffective at what you do.

3) Diversify Your Habits

Instead of working longer hours and faster, try to work shorter hours and slower.  

Instead of perfection, see where mistakes can lead you.  

Instead of eating more and faster, try to eat less and slower.  

Instead of straight walks, adopt an expressively articulating strut.  

Instead of traditional tongue, learn a new one.  

Instead of waiting on the boss to give you more work, go ask for more work.  

Instead of money, ask how you can add value; give more.  

Instead of right, go left.  

Instead of control, let go.

Instead of talking, listen.

Instead of being right, see the wrong in right and the right in wrong. 

These are all the things we are doing as an investment to the ideals of WHOLISM, the same practice DaVinci himself would advise.  This very practice alone propelled our former business from 350th ranked in the world to #1 -- within 3 years.  

As such, we highly encourage many of our COOPERS to put themselves in a position to WORK 4 More WORK.  Don't let money get in your way of a truly BALANCED, and WHOLISTIC journey.


Invest in Your Surroundings. 

300 pieces of organic COOP hemp gift boxes to the local homeless shelter this 2017 Xmas.  



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