24 July 2016
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The Coop Counseling initiative is a vibrational tuning initiative that aims at de-layering men's complexities, and focuses on the underlying microcosm, that which we call our central being.  Everything - as we know it - is a 'vibration,' and unbeknownst to many we've surveyed, vibrations have their own sets of characteristics that are widely integrated in our everyday living.  Here are its characteristics:
Characteristics of Vibrations
1) All vibrations contain polarity. If you take a look at a wave, you'll likely see the top of the wave, and the bottom of the wave.  
2) Polarity is a two-way street.  There are always two forces (opposites to one another) that fuels the life of a vibration.  The minute one dies, the other dies.
3) Every vibration is a subset of another vibration (fractals), and every vibration of itself is primary to and contains many sets of smaller vibrations.
4) Vibration automatically records itself onto its environment.  Today's technology revolves around capturing interference patterns emitted by vibrations that constantly pulsates in this interconnected consciousness. 
5) Every vibration is cyclical.   Vibrations alternate between opposite forces.  
(Poor&Rich, Up&Down, Left&Right, Win&Loss, Close&Open, Young&Old, Life&Death, Tall&Short, Hard&Soft, Hard&Easy)    The study of vibration is synonymous to the study of cycles; and the Universe always expresses itself in vibrations and cycles.    

6) Vibrations are both visible and invisible which are all illusions manifested as a result of the difference between polar forms of vibrations

7) Vibrations are both intangible and tangible -- Some vibrations you can feel (wind, breath, air) and other vibrations you can touch and hold onto(metal).   The rest are untapped vibratory energy that exists in a space we call the VACUUM.   The Vacuum is a container for which all vibrations exist. 

8) Vibration is often defined as a rapid succession of cyclical motion, non vibrational suggests that an object is a vibration that is at rest.  Objects at rest are illusively vibrating at a fractal level that is not visible to the naked eye.


You are constantly vibrating under an electronic microscope, and within that primary vibration are many myriads of other vibrations. 


Having understood all the above, we as human beings, represent the hardware and are constantly bombarded with a multitude of interference patterns.  There are patterns that are destructive to our existence causing our levels of radiation to far exceed our levels of gravitation, or vice versa.  When that happens, our regulatory systems fight extra hard to put ourselves back into balance.
 Radiation and Gravitation are two forces that are integrated in all & every being.  Earth radiates energy (levity) and also pulls energy (gravity).  Humans radiate (by levity) energy and also attracts (by gravity) energy.  It's a push and pull concept.  However, if we radiate energy at a much higher rate than what we pull in, or vice versa, we simply become imbalance, which ultimately gives rise to diseases.  (When one spirit dies, another rises in its place.  The diseases in you are liken to the smaller individual you that are leaving your body due to the lack of symmetry & harmony your body requires for healthy living.)
Fortunate for us, Hemp contains a vibrational signature that induces symmetry upon which it acclimates, thus balancing the radiational and gravitational energies.   When we plant its seeds into the ground, we inevitably produce harmony within.  Also, when one consumes hemp or wears hemp, one records the same symmetry onto oneself. And when our bodies, minds, and souls achieve a great level of symmetry, we as individuals benefit in terms of clarity, motivation, confidence, and much much more.

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