First Ever Clothing Retail to Refuse Fiat and Credit Cards in Favor of Crypto-Currencies.

01 December 2017
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First Ever Clothing Retail to Refuse Fiat and Credit Cards in Favor of Crypto-Currencies.

So, we learned in this past month that and, two of the world's largest bitcoin merchants, are continuing the longstanding tradition of discrimination -- in America -- towards marijuana and marijuana-related projects. With a combined registration count in the hundreds of millions, one's got to wonder... why hemp companies?  

... the response was an affirming, "because your business relates to marijuana."   Wow, so that means, bitcoin, a currency meant to be free of government control is now somewhat compromised from the likes of those whom have controlled banking for the last 200 years. 

...sound familiar?

It's because not long ago, African Americans were discriminated based on the color of their skin, and any association with blacks, then, would render you outcast-worthy.  Well, fuck, dare I say now  (as some would then), "I will hang out with whomever I wish, or partake in whatever I wish, despite the color of skin, size of bank accounts, nor religious beliefs." 


Fortunately, most of us were prepared for the inevitable resistance; to be expected within the order of the Yin and Yang. As such, neither Bitpay and Coinbase much less bother us. 

With that, our company was able to circumvent those hurdles and found ourselves a working relationship with the good folks over at, a bitcoin merchant solely devoted to the hemp industry. 

Yes, (despite setup issues at the start) came to the rescue, and our goal of being the first ever bitcoin-exclusive clothing retail, to 'refuse cash in favor of Bitcoins,' is now realized.

Do we hate CASH?  If you believe yes, then I twisted you real good and thus you've missed the entire point.  For the record, we love the spirit of Money, but one thing we wish not to deny, rather embrace, is the inevitability of change -- and cryptocurrency (namely bitcoin) is the change that we, the people, wish to see in the world.   And, just like how the blacks were treated then (in most neighborhoods), we say to CASH now... "Not Welcomed."   

Disclaimer: We do accept cash at our Etsy shop, so those wishing to take the traditional path are more than welcome to go there.   As for this site, there will simply be no cash handling -- whatsoever.  So, consider this a NO CASH ALLOWED zone. 

(Click or Scan Below to Explore's layout.) Their layout is currently underwhelming, however, it is a great step in the right direction.   Thanks for all your help, Veronica.  Cheers.

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