Sustainable Farming with McCormick's Sasquatch Farms

15 January 2018
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Sustainable Farming with McCormick's Sasquatch Farms

Last year, we spent a weekend with the duo at (unofficially) Sasquatch Farms.

We were given demonstrations on sustainable farming;

From composts to alpacas, land filled with Cannabi, and Wild tulsi Plants.

Sunflowers stood tall, harvested by 5am, just in time to keep the bills paid.

The landscape's vigor, isolated from the city's cheapening exploitation;

(Wish I had shrooms (psilocybe cubensis) -- but none.)

The cold winter nights are as mighty as them hot summer days.   

As high up as we were, there were nothing between us and the 'starry nights.'

Fully transparent in all its majesty -- everything felt incredibly symbiotic.

Every ounce of compost, self-made.  Every wall self-constructed.  

And best yet, a natural water stream trickles, and split, the property at its center.

There's no shortage of water here; and there's absolutely no shortage of its steward's love.

This land, their land, will hopefully be used to cultivate hemp -- one day.

For now, we are truly thankful for the blessings of their time.

To Jon McCormicks and his girl, Sarah -- Cheers. 




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