Talk To Your Pain

26 June 2019
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Talk To Your Pain

Depends on where you are along your spiritual journey, you may or may not be aware that being spiritual means to accept the reality that every quark in this vast Universe has a consciousness. 

That means, if you're sick, talk to your pains.  Ask questions. A lot of them.  Over time, you'll be surprised as to your ability of recognizing the source of your own pain.  The trick is to practice, cause it doesn't happen over night.  

On the flip side, change the ways in which you respond to your own pain.  Replace an OUCH with complete silence.  Observe but don't react.  Avoid nagging, or cringing, and etc.  Try smiling, and talking to it.  

I promise, that the more you process pain this way, the more you'll realize that you are the parent of your own pain.  







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