Things You Need to Know About Water

01 March 2019
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Things You Need to Know About Water

If you've never seen Viktor Schauburger's work, then I'll do you favor and provide a brief summary.  Bear in mind that this summary is incredibly brief with loose and general information.  If you have read enough of the materials on this blog, then you'd have no problem understanding the information below since it too is integral to the understanding of the whole Universe.

Water has memory.  If it sits still, it carries what we call Stagnant energy dominance.  That which means, if you prefer to cripple anything alive, then drink more of this stuff.  Also, your body doesn't care that there are micro organisms in them, your body's main concern is the activity of that water.  Lazy water produces lazy beings, and when your system is lazy, your organs all take a break.  This aint all bad; that is until your body is predominantly motionless thereby rendering your immune system impotent and incapable of functioning like the Sun in the midst of Spring Season.

On the flip side, water can also store a lot of kinetic energy much like the human body.  Every chance water takes traveling, it produces a coiling effect that allows it to charge and store energy, and as it continues to travel, its level of charge increases.  How amazing is that?  No different than a phone, your body relies heavily on this type of energy.  Isn't that amazing to know that inscribed into the very existence of the Universe is a pattern that follows precisely from top to bottom, where the part is the whole and the whole is the part. If water is lazy, then generally speaking that too makes you lazy.  

What about bottled water in other countries?

There is another myth about water in other countries and its ability to sicken you if drank.  Most urge others not to drink the water of the local land, particular water in third world countries.  This type of language is definitely a myth, because the same stomach-like flu you get, in my experience, is not exclusive to third world countries but also includes some of the cleanest places in the world.  Try typing in "Food Poisoning" and follow that by the name of the country, and you will find that there's report of food poisoning in every part of the world.  That's not conclusive evidence, but it's a tall sign you cannot ignore.

In order to understand why your stomach feels twisted up like a knot and mostly crippling you is the idea called sympathetic energy.  Sympathetic energy simply boils down to the local resonance of each part of the world.   Our entire world can be broken down into an entire octave on a piano.  (However, if you know your mathematics, then an entire scale can broken up into much more than 8 notes.)  For the sake of simplicity, let's break down Earth into 8 notes, whereby each note carries its own signature wave.  Although all the notes differ, some will be compatible with others. So, when you travel you may or may not get sick, that totally depends on how compatible you are to the land.  Generally speaking, because your frequency-wave-signature is so in tuned with the environment you grew up in, changing locations puts pressure on the very core of your body (the stomach).  And, the ether all around you is forcing your body to synchronize to the new environment's frequency wave.   

Regions carry different signature waves, and so do humans. 

You too can break down a human being into 8 core sets of signature waves.  When you do this, you can imagine the number of infinite possibilities as to why some people will get sick, while others will have these feelings delayed, or better yet, some will not feel this sickness at all, that assuming their energy actually harmonizes with the signature frequency of the area. 


Bottled water carries its own signature wave, and because us Americans grew up on bottled water, it then acts like a resonator whereby reinforcing that signature in you to remain dominant, disallowing the vibrations of the new land force a synchronization of sort upon you.  

The best thing to do, is to relax, and allow yourself to synchronize.  Don't fight it.  If you trust that your body is an instrument that could consciously tune itself, then you'll eventually synchronize without much difficulty at all.  Or, you can fight it, and choose to play the game that 99% of the world is playing and believe that everything you eat is poison.

I believe those reading this is the former; educated and open minded to understand that the Universe is not here to harm you. That is unless it is attempting to teach you a lesson.


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