Your DNA Memorizes Everything

09 January 2018
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Your DNA Memorizes Everything

DNA is physical, but Spiritually, it's Ethereal

Crick & Watson depicted it Spiral.

School taught us a bunch of nucleic sequences,

Seemingly hypothetical.  I cannot see its SPIRAL, but who really knows?

What about its beginning?

Where did DNA come from?

And what else does it do?

It is taught that DNA carries proteins, and holds the key to our physical makeup.

Why does that sound like storage. An ability to memorize.

They say our brain memorizes, but it appears our blood cells, and DNA, do, too.

It has to, right? 

Ever heard of Ithak Bentov?  The Serbian?

Well, he speaks of how this world is a hologram that follows the order of the Yin & Yang.

(The whole is the part, and the part is the whole.)

Ithak proved this by photographically capturing an IMAGE onto an aluminum hologram,

which he then broke into 100 pieces. 

From each piece, he reconstructed the entire IMAGE. (Read his book called "Stalking the Wild Pendulum.")

The -cosms, micro and macro, tells us that the part is the whole and vice versa.

If your blood, DNA, contains the entire footprint of you, and a piece of hologram can

reverberate the whole of the hologram,

then by that logic, we can argue that our DNA is our primary source of memory.

But our DNA isn't just in our Blood.  The DNA (Ether) is in every part of our body.

From our nails, bones, to every single skin cell on us, dead or alive.

All of who we are is DNA, and that's how Scientists can reconstruct the entire you, with only a piece of you. 

Our DNA, is truly the source of our Memory!    


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