The Brain's Primary Function is Likely Not a Memory Bank.

29 September 2021
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The Brain's Primary Function is Likely Not a Memory Bank.

Vibration can be perceived as a signature of the Universe.

Vibration is a collection of small building blocks of cycles.

Electricity is measured in cycles.

Everything we know of emits/broadcast a vibration whether you see it or not.

Everything we know of records/receives vibration, with the obvious being ice dating, carbon dating, even your blood cells.

Every cell & organ in your body records vibrations, which is why every drop of blood, or strand of hair, holds your DNA and can be used to recreate an image of the entire you.

So, what then is the purpose of the Brain?

In contrast to popular belief, the brain's primary function is likely not for "memory storage" but rather serves as our electrical motherboard.

 A motherboard is a hub that processes the receiving/reception of electricity (aka vibrations) and delivery/distribution of said electricity within our bodies.  It is also the motherboard that keeps us connected to the entire Universe.  

- Inspired by Nikola Tesla

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