Simple Rules of Breathing

18 February 2020
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Simple Rules of Breathing

As a young adult, I often wonder if our human lives are based on a limited amount of heart-beats we inherit in this Universe, and that our deaths are met at the breach of this limit.  Whether or not it's true, the more I ponder on this limited heart-beat concept, the more it stands out as simple and yet realistic rules of life, and less hypothetical a longer-living and more fulfilling life. 

Regardless, here are these simple rules of breathing we all could explore, which I feel aligns to the wisdoms with which are familiar to us.


Rule #1) Long breaths reduces the heart rate and results in...

a) Greater mindfulness and intentions.

b) Greater patience with the feeling of timelessness.

c) Greater relaxation and awareness.

d) Overall greater sense of self-confidence.


Rule #2) Short breaths speeds up the heart rate and results in...

Mindful Breather.

a) discombobulation and disconnection from center.

b) a limited awareness of time.

c) irrationality with hastier, anxious, and irritable feelings.

d) the roof is quickly closing over my head. I'm unaware of my own insecurities.

As I got through the basic human observations above, I reinforced the game with some no-so-apparent rules that first sound subjective, but then eventually got more and more objective -- believable. 

Rule #3) How we go into our sleep determines how much energy we consume.

a) Going to bed with an elevated heart rate will increase your heart beat many more times than if you were to go into your sleep relaxed.  This means, you literally age faster in your sleep. 

b)  Those prepared for relaxation before bed time with slow breathing exercises experience a longer living life (i.e. holding your breath is to this extreme). 

c) Meditation immediately before sleep is a great way of reducing your sleeping heart rate, a practice that represents the highest form of longevity.

d) There are many forms of waking meditation, hobbies that transcend space and time.  And, those that live their passion tend to receive the greatest form of success -- balance.

The goal of this rule is to prolong our lives by controlling our breath.  Health is just a matter of giving intentions to your body and insuring it is focused on bringing harmony within itself, rather than living life in ways that brings about dissonance which ultimately deters you achieving the life you most desired.



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