Toroid: The Key to The Universe

25 July 2019
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Toroid: The Key to The Universe

Wow.  A toroid. 

If you are here to understand its magic, then you're in the right place. 

Today's topic is possibly the most crucial topic in all of TheHempCoop's archive of blogs due to the illustration involved.  If you haven't seen what a toroid looks like, then one is provided for you below! 

Let's examine its appearance from the eyes of Nikola Telsa. 

Every single particle of energy, no matter how small, contains polarity, both positive and negative openings and closings (or positive and negative charge depending on what you observe).  What scientists call electromagnetic simply means forces of opposites that are always paired together, and perpetually act and rely upon one another. When you trigger one force, the other force is created. Resist energy, and more energy will be created.  And for the hopeless romantic, the more love you create the more hate potential you inevitably create.  It is the notion of time and the lack of awareness that prohibits the lay person of this understanding.

Moving along, if we combine Nikola Tesla's suggestion that "Resistance is Immaterial" with our observation of the Sun's constant motion, then there should be no misunderstanding of the concept and purpose of resistance.   Liken to what we've learned in terms of energy (kinetic and potential) as it flows from the top of a the mountain to the bottom, energy flow, when resisted, is considered captured.  It's exactly how wind and water turbines work.  It is the exact same science that permits cars to recapture electric energy through the process of regenerative braking in today's electric cars.  So, what exactly is Nikola Tesla saying?  If you focus on resistance, you will find that energy is immaterial and readily available to mankind. 

The Ethereal: Representing the Invisible World

Upon close examination of a magnet under an X-ray, we could determine that energy is both visible and invisible.  In the case of a magnet, we can clearly see the existence of a toroidal grid (energy lay-lines identical to that of a human being's aura).  Stare at enough of these grids then one should come to the understanding that energy constantly flows in and out of you, whether or not you see them.  As such, we say that invisibility is a characteristic of energy whereby all components of said energy naturally fulfills a cycle in which leaving and re-entering of the body creates a constant flux.  This concept is in perfect harmony with the Sun and every entity under the Sun.



Components of a Toroid

Similar to you, a toroid can be broken into 3 major parts, which is fundamental to all existence on this physical plane.  The center of the Toroid represents the void/vacuum of our Universe that is the primordial epicenter of every single quarks of existence -- including every cell in your body where the master center is along your stomach.  It is the point that connects everything,  and is the common denominator of all things, in this Universe. 

[when you focus your energy on your stomach, you too can communicate with all things in the Universe.  Which is why many will advise you to trust your gut feelings over your heart.

The Center is what we deem the VOID/VACUUM/NOTHINGNESS.  This VOID/VACUUM/NOTHING is in every cell in your body, and again, could be communicated via meditation (the art of emptying the mind to converge our awareness to the nothingness of our stomachs).

The extremities of your body, including your brain, are basically the expression of the center.  Where the void represents the stillness of a pendulum, the extremities represent the pendulum in motion.

Compression/Decompression polarity is how the toroid expresses itself.

All energy decompresses itself from the infinite void (center of toroid), and all things compresses itself back into the same center.  This concept represents the everything/nothingness duality where everything unfolds from the nothingness causing the pendulum to swing.  And when the pendulum swings, the everythingness manifests.  The time by which energy parts from the center determines how much time it spends expressing itself in reverse as a part of fulfilling its cyclical nature.  So if you spend this entire lifetime in the space of love, chances are you will be spending your next lifetime in a space of hate which is all determined by the amplitude of your cyclical nature to which everyone differs.

 BONUS: How Nothingness Stores Information

 infinityThe toroid as an invisible structure is the only possible way your DNA is able to store all your genetic information (infinite amount of energy), and is also how the Universe neatly organizes the entirety of its infinite nature. We were told that the DNA is represented by the helical strand our observation tells us that that the DNA should be the shape of a toroid as opposed to a helical step ladder.

Tying it all together, it is extremely paradoxical, counter-intuitive, and against conventional wisdom, to believe that the Nothingness of this Universe serves as a storage place for all sources of information -- a truth that have been known among folks of the metaphysical communities (since META implies opposite).  And since the average being was never trained to communicate to this Metaphysical space, we are completely oblivious to its existence.  We simply believe that nothing implies zilch, worthless, with zero capacity.  But in a metaphysical reality, it is known that the nothingness maintains a capacity so large that all of the Universe exists within it..  And for this reason, the Toroid is said to represent all of the Universe.  

If you haven't yet read my writing on the Paradoxical Mathematics, I demonstrated how mathematics can too prove that the Everythingness of this Universe came from the Nothingness.

So, the next time someone says to you "nothing matters," whether he knows it or not, he is absolutely correct.

Stay meditated, if not medicated!

With Love,






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