The Most Powerful Formula Never Taught

23 September 2020
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The Most Powerful Formula Never Taught

Below you will find a series of imaginary questions and answers we had created to raise awareness to the most powerful formula you never knew.   We explain further below how more relevant and powerful this formula is than that of Einstein's E=MC(Squared).  

We also vaguely demonstrate below how this formula can be used to empower the world, thereby unionizing our collective conscious unto the realization that we are all indeed one.

  Enjoy both the video as well as the Q&A.



In our math classes, we were taught that if you divide a number, any number, by a series of numbers escalating to zero, then the answer is said to go to infinity.    Based on your video, is infinity the same as Totality?

ANSWER:  Hi There, Great Question.

We members at the CO-OP were also taught the above throughout our educational careers.  To answer your question, Infinity is more a characteristic, in this case, a series of number that implies endless climb, or rise, and does not accurately define a Constant.   Infinity & a Constant are two different things.  Totality is a Constant (to imply everything), one that umbrellas Infinity; Hard to grasp especially since we were never taught this concept in school.  Whereas Zero is defined as "nothing."

Here's another way of looking at infinity:

Infinity can be derived in many different formulas, an example of which is to take a number, X, and infinitely divide X by 2; the result would be infinitely halved with no end in sight.   This formula displays the behavior of infinity, without ever arriving at a Constant. Just like 0, totality is a Costant.    

Again, Infinity is predominantly a behavior that often gets mistaken as a CONSTANT.   Just like there are males and females in this world, it is necessary that we correct the basics of our mathematics to accurately teach there is indeed a number opposite to nothing that should be represented as EVERYTHING.    

 Totality could be deemed as the largest number possible where one billion infinities, to the infinity power, is still infinitely smaller than Totality.


QUESTION: Why Were We Not Taught This in SchooL?

There are plenty reasons why but here are a few:

  • Capitalism simply means competition, and Capitalism often encourages its members to withhold trade secrets from one another in order to maximize gains. 
  • Schools and Universities -- although collaborate on many occasions -- fundamentally compete against one another.  Withholding publication secrets is a commonality, which is evidenced in published documents that reward Universities based on their research and findings.     
  • Students typically compete among one another academically.  Answers are kept secretive due to this competitive spirit, and going further, we reward those whom compete well, and punish those whom do not.  
  • Industries naturally withhold secrets through patents and trademarks.  This is highly encourage within our societies.
  • Sports is probably the most plain-sighted secretive industry compared to all above.  The Olympics is a prime example of how CAPITALISTIC our world is, that even countries were indoctrinated, at the highest level, to edge their counterparts.

In conclusion, if most high level industries and professions were built on this CAPITALISTIC/COMPETITION model, you best believe that SECRECY is used even at the most basic level of our education.

QUESTION:  What Makes your Formula Valid?

For a formula to be valid, it must be applicable across many industries, if not all.   We based all our findings on our practices and observations of opposites and polarization

If you pay close attention, you can grow in your awareness how opposites are in everything.  Take for instance the following expressions:

'When you have nothing to lose, you have everything to gain.'

'Losing myself, will I find myself. 

'To be or not to be.'

'Let go and you shall be in control.' 

The above are the most sophisticated level of self-awareness that all will eventually cross.

QUESTION:  What is more important?   E = MC(squared)   or    X/0 = Totality?  

Being relevant is everything in this world.   If you can not relate to others, in one form or another, you are considered less valuable.  E=MC(squared), although popular, is infinitely weaker than 'X/0 = Everything.'   Again, for data to be considered valuable, data must be highly relevant.  X/0 = Totality is many more times powerful than every formula, because, at the root level, it is connected to everything in this world via its direct expression of POLARITY, within which all is comprised.

QUESTION: Could you further compare EVERYTHING to NOTHING?

ANSWER: 'Everything' simply means the largest number possible and 'Nothing' translates to being the smallest number possible.

QUESTION:  What about negative numbers? Are they not smaller than 0?

Not exactly. Negative number more accurately describes direction.  It's logical to describe someone as 5 feet tall, and illogical to describe another as -5 feet tall.  The same is true with weight, and etc.    However, if you were to say I have $100 versus -$100 in my bank account, it's logical to assume that you have less money, but the more accurate description is to say that +$100 are money owed to you, versus -$100 representing money owed to the bank.   One goes TOWARD you and the other is owed AWAY from you.

The same goes goes for temperature (inward versus outward pressure).

The same is true for GPS locations, where -100 degrees vs +100 degrees are both positions left, or right, top or below the center of 0 degrees.  

QUESTION:  Spiritually, what does this mean?  

ANSWER:  We are all both Gods and, concurrently, we are not.  This principle of being both male and female, alive and dead, god and human, right and wrong, has been known as the Vesica Piscis (aka Venn Diagram).  This principle explains that the root of all dimension is comprised of both ends of the Spectrum.  However, our education completely ignored this lesson, that which Leonardo DaVinci, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauburger, Walter Russell, Ikzhak Bentov, were all proponents of.   The awareness of overlapping YinYang balances within all is too a journey much like everything else is a Journey.  Whether you practice living in contrast to how you were raised, or not, is entirely up to you.  But simply put, those whom do exercise contrast in multitudes (ie. walking backwards, eating with your opposite hand, practice self inversion, and etc) will only heighten their overall balance, thereby putting them on a journey towards unionizing with their inner God -- the same God within all is created.

At the end of your journey, you will discover again you are exactly where you started, and only having known this place for the first time. 

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