The Secrets of Hallucinogens

14 June 2019
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The Secrets of Hallucinogens

We often are shared stories of hallucinogens (LSD, Shrooms, Peyote, Mescalin, DMT, etc) and its inert ability to channel enlightenment.  Today, you'll be learning the one missing piece of information that's been sitting under our nose the entire time.  The one piece of information most us already know, but have somewhat been deprogrammed of. 

With that, I also want to make another connection as to why I believe understanding the Yin & Yang will help you understand the effects of hallucinogens and its relationship to the Universe.  Here it goes, again.

Hallucinogens, or any state of existence, all represent a vibrational frequency which is produced whenever you are under the hallucinogen's effects.  Regardless, whether or not you are under the influence, you still exist vibrationally, even when you're sober.  (Every moment in time is a vibrational existence that can be likened to its own room in a circus, varying in as many scenarios as creatively possible.)

Hallucinogens are no different in that it also carries a vibrational signature.  And since its effects puts you into a state that is so different than how you are environmentally programmed to live makes hallucinogens appear completely abnormal, dark, gloomy & fear-worthy.  Conversely, there are many who experience the exact opposite of those effects and deem hallucinogens to be extremely bright, welcoming, and fun.   

For those whom started off programmed to believe that hallucinogens are demonic, the preconceived effects of hallucinogens can be overbearing, so much that we consider ourselves lost when under the influence.  And when we're lost, our brain responds in a way we would expect it to respond.  If you're not familiar with something, you likely will find discomfort, and if you're used to overcoming discomfort and find comfort in odd situations, then good for you, you'll likely fit right in.

For those lost in this madness, fortunate for you the act of being lost directly feeds into this madness of so-called enlightenment. That's right.  That same ol paradox reveals its ugly head again and teaches us that the more we induce darkness, failure, discomfort, a sense of lost, and the like, the more we polarize the universe's need for balance whereby manifesting the opposite; and in your case: enlightenment, success, discovery, comfort, and the like. 

So, at any given moment you are feeling as though there's no end to your specific madness, then stick with it, you could be going in the right direction, where at the end of that journey, you'll discover that there is truly no right path.

If you need this repeated, then re-read from the beginning.  Otherwise, enjoy that which you've gained today.

As always, knowing is half the battle.  What you do with the knowledge is entirely up to you.

Stay Balanced.



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