The Wholly 360 Days of the Year

05 May 2019
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The Wholly 360 Days of the Year

Join me as we geek-out on Numerology.   

Before we go any further, numerology was, 'once upon a time' new to me, but somehow quickly became familiar, liken to the innateness in our ability to walk.  With that said, I believe if you follow intently, you will too experience that which I have this past 15 years practicing what we call "Contrarian exercises." So, without further ado, let's begin.

Numbers are Sacred. 

Well, maybe not to everyone, duhhh, but to the consciously mindful, numbers tell a magical story.  You can even simplify it as such that it is no different than playing a video game where information slowly unveils itself as the journey goes on.

Let's continue to geek on.

Even if you are a veteran at this, I advise you to read intently and do your best to maintain the perspective of "I know nothing".  And, most importantly, save your questions for later. 

Here are some basics you gotta know:  

Rule #1) Every multiple digit number has a root number.

A root number is calculated by adding all the digits together in such a manner that the CONCLUSION results in a single digit.  Example, the number 365 would add to 5 since 3 + 6 + 5 = 14 and 1+4 is 5. 

Rule #2) Every cycle ends at 9 in this ROMAN NUMERICAL single digit spectrum, and starts again at 1 (since after 9 is 10 and 1 + 0 = 1, which is the beginning of a new cycle). 

With each new cycle, you get a new level of the 'same same but different' type energy.  A good example of a completed cycle is our annual cycle being 365 days in a year.  You get a year older every year, different by a year of age, but the average person gets to retain the same name.  Hence the phrase "same same, but different" (Same Name, Different Age).  Another familiar name for this cycle is a Revolution, which, to us, is metaphysically more powerful than the word Evolution.  

The Anomaly: Why are there 365 days in a year, when 360 is the perfect cycle?

Okay.  I, for one, am not a fan of science, or anyone who ever claims that everything they were taught were backed by 2500 years of science, blah blah blah.  But I get it, force needs resistance.... hear me out.  This is more than just hearsay or conspiracy theories.  It's about numbers, and the more you pay attention to its magic, the more it'll speak to you.

 Alrighty then, why is 360 the perfect cycle? Check this out.  Numbers are no different than humans. How?  The more numbers have in common with each other, the more popular they are.  Take for example, we were told in our Modern world that there are 365 days in a year - that which represents our Solar cycle.  100%.  Why haven't gotten a reason to doubt it -- well, some of us will always doubt the things we were taught.  Anyway, 365 days is the number we were told, and we all have accepted for it has no context or barrier to have we live.

On the flip side, the Solar Cycle has a counterpart called the Lunar cycle that bears 360 totally days to complete an annual cycle. The Lunar cycle is a lot more evident in that you can track the cycles based on the appearance of the Moon, from wane to crescent, etc.  The Lunar cycle is also more popular to the Ancient asian cultures and other Middle Eastern Culture, and is used by many people outside of this Consumerism-based Western world.  It's considered a Sacred Calendar, and is often an indication as to the true Rhythm of a human being's emotional cycle.  To understand this, I'll explain all this from the perspective of the Yin and Yang.... Pay attention.

365 vs 360: The Popularity Contest

What makes a person popular?  Not a trick question.  What makes us popular is how much we have in common with the populace.  If you, persay, have more in common with others, then you are considered harmonious, or in harmony with others.  In the Numerological world, numbers too align to the same principles, which is the basis for the principles of harmonics, programming, engineering, and virtually everything you can imagine.  I've studied them all so you don't have to.

In our observation, 360 is the perfect number when compared to 365 as the number representative for the total number of days in a year (Lunar Vs. Solar Calendar).   Why?  360 is divisible by every single-digit number, that except for the number 7.  Imagine that, every number except for 7, which , of course, represents the "exception to the rule" clause that is consistent with the Universal principle highly preach here at TheHempCoop -- Contrast.  Fittingly, 3+6+0 equals to 9, which in numerical order is the FINAL number of the single digit spectrum and is the perfect completion to a cycle.  Getting hot!

On the other hand, 365 is an extremely disharmonious number considering that it is only divisible by 1 & 5.  Given that every whole number is divisible by 1, then 5 stands out as our number of interest.  Add 3+6+5, and you'll get 14 or 1+4 = 5.  Coincidentally, 5 is the only round single-digit factorial most ubiquitous in Modern Society (half of 10).   Ironically, 5 is also the sides to the PENTAGON known to represent the Government that which governs modern society.  5 also is the symbol of the Pentagram, known as the Devil worshiping number.  (Told you it was getting hot)

In short, if 360 and 365 were running for president, 360 would be the harmonious choice, and 365 would represent the resistance.   Do the math and see for yourself how every digit divides into 360,... all except for 7.   

7 is hugely significant

Remember, that I told you there needs contrast in life, otherwise life simply would not exist.  Well, 7 is that number.  It is the necessary evil, the Joker in the Movie Batman, or Thanos as he calls himself "Inevitable" (from The Avengers).  Without, 7, or bad, good would cease to exist, as one defines the other.  

Wait, there's more!  The Significance of 2520

If you multiple 360 by the number 7, you'll get 2520, a number I believe is WHOLLY since it is the smallest number to be divisible by every single digit.  Imagine that, a number that carries the DNA of every single digit of the numerical order.  If 2520 were a substance, it would contain all the basic elements of the world.  

2520 also adds to 9 since 2+5+2+0 = 9, which is, again, the perfect completion to a cycle.  Ironically, 2520 is awfully close to 2019, which according to my gut feeling, could be a huge huge transition for everyone here in this world.  An apocalypse? Evolution? Or Regression, even?  Sorry, I digress.

360-day year vs a 365-day year

After 15 years as a contrarian, one whom practices the art of opposites, I'm convinced that a 360-day year is more accurate than a 365 day year.  And, if indeed the annual cycle is to be 360 days and not 365, then after 10 years, our Solar calendar would be off by a total of 50 days (3650 - 3600 = 50).  Convert it to months and you'll have 1 month and 20 days (plus leap-year days).  After 20 years then you'll have a difference of approximately 100 days (or 3 months plus).  Ask yourself, could this be why many are experiencing a delay in summer days and winter seasons? Hmmmmm.  POSSIBLY.

In Conclusion

Numbers are heavily sacred in the studies of everything under the umbrella of the Universe, and could intimately relate to you the story of the Universe.  Personally, I find that the more I practice CONTRAST, or doing things opposite to what I was born to do, the more I see Patterns in the many blogs here at 

It makes perfect sense to me that our reality is exactly how Ithak Bentov had described it, a holographic universe, where all knowledge sits within the ether and the more ROUND & Whole is our brain, the greater the ability to extract information from the WHOLE Universe.

That is why we here encourage our followers to practice forwards as though they're backwards, for those that do will see what God sees -- purpose in everything, good or bad. 

Let us know yours thoughts below.  Cheers.





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