The Whole is the Part, The Part is the Whole

16 October 2018

The Whole is the Part, The Part is the Whole

By now you've heard the expression.. "The Whole is the Part...The Part is the Whole"  --  You have, haven't you?   Well, this (fractal-based) saying is one of the most powerful Meta concepts that most are familiar with, and could learn more of. 

(When we say meta- it simply means to study how opposites are two sides of the same coin, but still the same coin.. .meaning... .they come together.  Our job at is to share with you the sciences of opposites, one in which Leonardo Da Vinci and Nikola Tesla heavily practiced.

Human Cloning: Take any part... it becomes the whole

Your whole being is recorded into every cell of your body: physical and non.  How cool, right?  That means, if I take any part of your body: hair, finger nail, skin, etc. I can essentially duplicate another you!  We call that cloning, which is already done to animals, but said to be immoral for human use, and thus we presume most of its experiments are done in secrecy.

Plant Cloning: Plants clone, why can't we?

If you know anything about plants, you should know that it spreads its genes just as we do in the sense that it can be grown in several ways.  The first is the traditional seed + water + TLC.   The second one is to clone from a bio-mass of the intended subject you wish to clone, and  non-destructively decompress its bio-mass into a clone.  This second method here is no different than taking a drop of your blood, subsequently growing you in an incubation tank.  So you see, the DNA of the entire plant, or you, is entirely all in one little spec of you.  

Digital Photography and Memory Sticks follow the same rules.

Everything in this world is a recordable frequency.  From Ice dating to DNA.  What's not obvious are the things we have not yet achieved, so naturally, humans being will resist the possibilities of what I'd like to call "impressionable resonance."  I may have heard this elsewhere before, but in short, that's how the Universe expresses itself through the whole of the Universe.  Moving on, look at the amount of data that could be squeezed into a piece of memory stick today with loads and loads of instructions to produce the entirety of you.  This happens because data are able to overlap one another due to their efficiently compact nature, and because every quarks of the universe carries a unique frequency signature, the metaphysician is able to distinguish and thus extract the information into usable data.

In the sense of holography, when photo is being captured onto an aluminum sheet where it's recorded, miraculously, even when broken into hundreds of pieces, each of those pieces now contains the frequency signature frequency of the entirety of the original, which then could decompress into the entirety of the original file!   (Itzhak Bentov - Stalking the Wild Pendulum)

The use of high conductive metallic sheet make it easier to extract with the existing technology we have today and, most significantly, is compatible with your set of eyes. The world in and around you work very much the same way in that every single vibration is recorded, be it an image or sound, onto virtually everything -- even in the empty spaces around you.  (There are layers and layers of how the metaphysics work, but this explanation is a digestible introduction.) 

What about Sound?

Sound works in the exact same way as described in the examples above where every note carries the DNA of other notes. That's right; you heard me. We were taught that a C note is a C note and a B note is a B note. Never were we taught that within a C note are essences of all other notes we could easily be determinable by mathematics.

Listen here as this seasoned Piano Tuner explains how he's able to hear every note within every other note.

Walter Russell

Lastly, there's a gentlemen by the name of Walter Russell who was renown for his expression, "Everything is made of everything else. Nothing is of itself alone."  As crystal clear as this Universal Principle to Walter, there were very few who understood then, which is no different than today. Russell was widely acclaimed for being self taught by way of meditation where he would go into meditation, (otherwise known as the EMPTINESS), to extract all of that which interests him. We were taught the exact opposite approach, in the sense that we pile on more books and experiences, but hardly do we look to empty our minds so that the answers to our lives could, in response, fill the void that we create through meditation. 


In Summary,

"The Whole is the Part, the Part is the whole" simply means that opposites create one another.  Just as with sorrows and joys, you cannot have repeat sustainable success without feeling the feelings of failure.  To go even further, for those vying for true sustainable success, you must intentionally push yourself to fail at all cost.  Be sure to fail gracefully, because if you take short cuts, it could take you longer to get there, take the easy way out and life will surely be difficult for you.  My best advice for the average being is, take a balance of both, as long as you keep your awareness on the concept that this is all your creation and that a Part of you truly is the entirety of this Whole You-niverse.

Laws of Contrast: Lesson #2







22 April 2019 at 05:49 AM
The Hemp Coop

Hi Charles,

Thank you much for clarifying. You’re right about their differences. The clone of your body certainly will not be you in entirety. It overlaps in terms of what it has received from you, but as far as what it’ll become is determined both by nurture and nature over the course of time, producing an outcome that’s as limitless as the infinite possibilities under the Universal Umbrella. When you think about it, even you yourself will transform from this year to the next year, as next year, you’ll likely have new knowledge, possessions, relationships, and other things you didn’t have this year.

I hope that makes sense.

The Hemp Coop

29 March 2019 at 12:45 AM
Charles Jones

A clone of my body will not be me. Nor will it be a duplicate. Similar, yes. Duplicate, no.

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