Third Phase of Sampling - Badge-M

25 October 2016
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Third Phase of Sampling - Badge-M

In preparing ourselves for the release of Badge'M, we felt it is time we begin talks and plans with and for reputable distributors such as Harvest Growth, AllStar MG, and   So below, I have included more samples and designs to illustrate the progress we've been making.    

Follow closely, and hopefully the reality we paint for you is sufficient for you to make a move.

Each kit is capable of 16 small designs, 8 medium size designs, or 4 full canvas size designs.  Kit comes in a 4x6 (inch) box.

I'm amazed by the quality of the badge thus far, and more than satisfied with our refined selection of materials.  The kit is nearing a highly suitable market-ready product.  Also, the hats themselves are amazingly cool, even without the badges.

Never before has the freedom of expression been so instantaneous on a hat.   This project opens up other marketing avenues (Ie. Licensing and Royalty) for pre-made badges with shared revenues.

So far, we have tried about 6 types of hats, and have refined the process to one style with 5 color choices.  We anticipate that the second season release will have up to 3 styles and potentially 10 color choices in each style, and a third season to include other promotional apparels (ie sandals, bags, wallets, etc).  

With a solid plan already in place, we believe that Badge'M will continue to succeed far beyond the introductionary stages.



Current Stage of Branding:  Simplification 

Inspiration means the world to us.  Our logo speaks to cross cultural generations because of our recognition of cartoons we grew up with: Winnie the Pooh, Dragon BallZ, and Pokemon.  We believe that we are creating a product for the people, and thus it is important for us to understand the energies that move our audience.    



Below is a finalized version of Release #1.

The 6 panel hybrid cap is a new 2 year old hat concept.  This 6 Panel-Hybrid was first introduced to us by our hat manufacturer with unnoticeable market adoption in today's world. Despite the lack of adoption, we felt that the hat is framed perfectly for a first ever fully panel velcro canvas.  

Color Choices?

Primary Colors: RBY "Badger" color combo (woven label) found on the inside

, and the blue&yellow "Badge'M" on the back, were purposely selected to provide the most basic color symmetry.



Last, but not least. 

The design felt naked without the perfect hang tag.  So, with some research and the help of our in-house designer, VisualBeast, we came up with the perfect hang tag to go with what we feel is the perfect DIY product for the hat world.


Seen enough?  Now act on it.

As much as you have seen thus far, there are still plenty our team have not yet touched on (ie. experiences and lack there of)... and that is where you come in.  If you, the distributor, truly connect with our product, we would love to hear from you so that together we can continue to cultivate Badge'M and its visionary products, and deliver them into the hands of every hat wearing individual.

Please do not hesitate to call or email me at the info below.

Danny Ong 

ph: 714.642.5263



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