To Be Da Vinci One Must Be Da Vinci

06 September 2019
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To Be Da Vinci One Must Be Da Vinci

We all eventually come to the realization that one should never judge a book by its cover.  However, because there aren't much research credited to the average being on Leonardo Da Vinci, many are left to judge his legacy by its cover. That begets the question, how qualified is the average person as to Leonardo Da Vinci's super human abilities. 

From the Yin to the Yang

On the surface, we see/hear a lot about Leonardo's work.  While it's fascinating to see illustrations and drawings from Da Vinci that dates back 500+ years often times in languages outside our comfort zones, the average person, you and I, fail to get the more pertinent information I believe could align ourselves to the divine knowledge for which Da Vinci owned.  Underneath, Da Vinci is what I believe to be a learned contrarian (One who has a high inclination for practices opposites to the populous).  Here are the exercises I believe Da Vinci practiced that set him apart from the default world; exercises that essentially gave him his ability to think outside the box.

a) He is a recluse/hermit (inwards development).

b) He practiced writing with both hands (brain balancing development).

c) He practiced writing forward and backwards (reflectional development).

d) Last but not least, he studied and understood the laws of opposites (what we here call contrast).

A Recluse/Hermit

As a recluse, you are not distracted by the sensations and desires that surround you thus enabling you to remain focus on that which you desire to expand.  It was easy for Leonardo to tune himself into the frequencies of the Ether, a place of emptiness that holds information to all things in the Universe.  One can easily tap into this ethereal (void) space in meditation; the level of degree to which one tunes into this Ethereal space is contingent upon whether or not one's practice of CONTRAST is sufficiently deepened.  


As an ambidextrous, one automatically enters a place of illogical reasoning in such a way that upon suggesting the practices of ambidexterity would trigger a response of "....a waste of time."  Evidently, the average lay person looks to save time and considers anything outside of instant-gratification a waste of time, meanwhile the wise understands that the path to true knowledge more often than not is profoundly lengthy.

leonardo da vinci dyslexiaTo reiterate, the goal of ambidexterity isn't just to look cool but rather is to expand one's awareness and ability to think profoundly. It is part of developing your metaphysical powers, a process that deals profusely with the ethereal space, a space that is mostly non-privy to your everyday lay person.  Meta in metaphysical is just another fancy word that suggests opposite, and knowledge of the metaphysics is what is considered the missing piece of the Yin and Yang pie most Philosophers go through great lengths to understand. And, if you must understand the mystical aspect of the Universe, you must include into your daily practices exercises that are nonsensical/metaphysical -- which are all practices of opposites. 

Writing forward is efficient. Writing backwards is not readily efficient.

Writing backwards is one other examples of nonsensical/metaphysical (third-eye) practices meant to expand one's awareness of the entirety of the Universe. To become a metaphysician, one must continue on this path whereby continuous contrasting exercises will eventually unveil the mystery behind the non-sensical aspect of our Universe.

Laws of Contrast

oppositesBecause we are all unique, we all essentially are responsible for understanding practices that which are in contrasts to our upbringing.  If you have spent time as a left handed person, then spend your with your right non-dominant hand. Other practices of contrasts for me includes: i) walking backwards, ii) driving with my opposite foot, iii) spending time upside down, iv) walking with my eyes closed v) meditation (spending time thinking of absolutely nothing) vi) spending time giving instead of taking vii) do things I never do viii) spend time in the dark where I previously spent time chasing the light, and etc.  What you do is completely original to you since no two individuals have shared the exact same background, and that goes to show how truly unique we all are.

The Real Da Vinci Code

holy grailThese are all subtleties I believe Leonardo were about. He knew that if you want to understand the non-sensical aspect of the Universe, you must practice things that are non-sensical.  This is the way by which one can converge the Yin with the Yang as one, whereby the result will become a man/woman of WHOLISTIC proportions.  And logically, a person that is considered timeless, is one whom is with the ability of spending his time in the Present to merge the Past with the Future, for combining the two is the only balance that could forge a spirit of timelessness.




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