Farm Bill Passes Committee - Hemp-derived CBD lives on!

22 June 2018
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Farm Bill Passes Committee - Hemp-derived CBD lives on!

Just last week, we had witnessed some sneaky back-door moves on behalf of the anti-hemp actors looking to class Hemp derived CBD, and some other hemp-derivatives as a Schedule I Drug, the same as Heroine.  Disguised as pro-hemp actor, Chuck Grassley (R-IA), nearly got away, but thankfully, the people have responded and the Grassley Amendment was vehemently denied.

The following is published by the U.S. Hemp Round Table.

The Farm Bill just passed the Senate Agriculture Committee by an overwhelming 20-1 vote, and will soon go to the Senate floor.

 After our action alert last night, thousands of hemp supporters emailed and phoned their Senators, and blew up the Internet with social media posts.  Washington listened.  And we won!


You can watch video of the colloquy between Senator Grassley and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell here (skip over to the 2:08 mark).  SPOILER ALERT – McConnell was awesome.


While this is a very exciting and welcome development, the battle is not over.  Senator Grassley has indicated that he would like to meet with other Senators to incorporate his ideas after the committee votes on the Farm Bill (likely later today).  We must remain vigilant.


We have adjusted the language on our online portal to reflect the new circumstances.  We still encourage you to contact your Senators to block any efforts to introduce Grassley’s language on the Senate floor.  Please encourage your friends, customers, colleagues and social media contacts to use our portal to keep up the heat on permanent hemp legislation

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