White.Gold VS Blue.Black Dress -- The Anomaly that Isn't.

14 August 2017
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White.Gold VS Blue.Black Dress -- The Anomaly that Isn't.








Remember this dress that made its way around the Globe?

To the casual observer, you will either see (blue and black) or (yellow and white) -- with a third (infinite) possibility somewhere in between. These three options represent the Holy Trinity -- properties of Universal Laws-- which pose that every color, sound, taste, or even touch, are interpreted by our senses as an infinite relative, bearing the primary property of polarity.

POLARITY is everywhere, you just need to make this connection.

After having asking many people around the world about polarity, I've come to understand that men in all parts were rarely taught this simple yet profound ancient knowledge. Sure, everyone knows what polarity is, but hardly do people understand why polarity is the one principle that governs all existence in this Universe.  Every single technology of the world, work off this very principle.

So do our eyes.  And depending on who we are and how we change, our eyes and senses will continue to evolve even though it would appear that the things we perceive changes. 

We at the Hemp Coop are obsessed with the sciences of Polarity, which is why Contrast is honored as one of our three core principles; with the other two being Counseling and Community.

Contrast :  Embracing all differences as necessary.

Community : Work on others, to empower the self.


Counseling : Share your negativity first and peak of your positivities last. 


Let me know if you need further explanation, or a physical demonstration to better understand Polarity.  


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