Why Dreams Exist

06 October 2019
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Why Dreams Exist

So as not to bore you with today's modern explanation as to why we dream (google it), I'll give you an explanation that is coherent to everything THC have shared up to this point. Here goes it:

Our Theory Dreams are designed to be a balancing opposite to your awaken state. 

Think about it, every motion is eventually met with stillness, and every life is eventually met with death. The two YIN&YANG is what we call DUALITY, a concept that is most fundamental to understanding the whole of Universe, and not just its parts; the Metaphysical, and not just the Physical.

Let's compare.

Awaken State

  • Most everything appears logical & sequential.  
  • Your awaken state picks up right where you left it before you go into sleep.
  • You have a permanent identity and your physical being is mostly yours to control.

Contrasting to that is your Dream State.

Dream State

  • Most everything appears illogical & non-sequential. 
  • It's uncommon for dreams to pick up where they leave off.
  • You do not have a permanent identity and your physical being is not likely in your control.

The list would be unending if we choose to compare and contrast both states. Personally, I find it quite anti-climatic and boring to compare the two state.  No matter how I spin it, there's no denying the principles of Duality and how the Universe have nestled this principle into each and every dimension of our existence; 'cause literally, everything we know to be -- relationship, entertainment, health, wealth, self-awareness, etc -- could be framed in terms of duality, polarity, and relativity. So, if the awaken state is mostly a coherent one, then our dream state has to be one plagued of incoherence.

We can't run from our need for balance.  It's inescapable.


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