30 Components of the Metaphysics: 1 of 30

You know the saying, "it is, and it isn't?"

Well, the same could be said about the Metaphysics: It is difficult to understand, and it isn't.  I'll explain.

If you could ignore all of what you've learned in school, their definitions of the Metaphysics, and instead follow me through these 30 components of the Metaphysics, I promise you, at some point along this short journey, that you will be enlightened with the lessons that costed me my life to acquire.

Again, I encourage you all to be patient, as TRUE lessons of the metaphysics, is supposed to be backwards from your traditional education. The Metaphysics is said to be a territory that is outside your scope of awareness, as is with most knowledge that is counter-intuitive (backwards to the way you were taught to perceive).  With that in mind, here goes nothing, or everything...

Lesson #1: Metaphysics from a numbers perspective.

Imagine a mile and how long that mile is to the naked eye.

Shrink that in half, and you are left with half a mile.  Half of that is a quarter mile.

Half of that would be 1/8 of a mile.

If you continue to half this distance many more times, you'll eventually get to a point where you can no longer readily see that distance.  Some of your imagination will close off to anything beyond what you can see, cause naturally, we do not observe this minutia of a space, that is unless you are a quantum physicists, etc. 

This is exactly what is meant by the metaphysics.  It is there, but because most of us do not work with such oddities in numbers, we no longer relate to it.  In science, this realm is typically called the Nano, or Micron space, but for the sake of time, I find it a lot easier to identify this space as the Metaphysical space. 

And, irregardless if whether the META-space is visually observable or not, it still exists. And, the more you think of that space, the more awareness you will gain from it.