Counseling Community Contrast
What does Co-op mean to us?

Our Co-Operative journey begun with counseling one another on the virtues of contrast (no right no wrong, thus no judgement) to enhance our group synergy. This pow-wow reinforces accountability, and most importantly, appreciation for seemingly undesirable circumstances.  And through years of this practice, we have been able to understand, and dissolve, one another's dark energy to bring about enlightenment; in effect, strengthening our team -- 'within and without.'  That was our purpose for the Co-Op, which remains a philosophy we continue to share with all Co-Op'ers: Old and new.

Thank you for your mindfulness; and, a big thank you for your support.
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We chose hemp & organic cotton blends to express our appreciation for coexistence.

We chose "CO*OP" to represent the subtly visible cooperation of opposites within all things.

We chose to make our goods in the USA to enhance the communities nearest us.

We chose simplicity as our motivation for design to balance our daily complexities.

We chose to donate organic clothing to local communities to spread organic awareness.

And, we chose to "take the road less traveled by," or doing things different, no matter the difficulty that lies in our choices.

90% of our proceeds go toward creating the changes we wish to see in the world.