A Delayed Gratification Company

All our products are sold at cost (expense + labor) withholding any profit incentive for the first 3 months of the products offering.  Here's why:

Hemp farming was banned for over 70 years since 1937, an act that drove prices of a once ubiquitous plant upward of 7-13 times that the price of cotton.  Thankfully, due to 2015 law changes, hemp is now legalized to grow in 5 states which includes Colorado, Kentucky, Oregon, Tennessee and Vermont.  

It is our hopes that as government continue to legalize hemp, natural laws of economics would bring cost down thereby making it possible for hemp to flourish once more -- and our team to profit.  

Ironically, hemp costs Americans less to farm simply because hemp: 1) is a robust crop (demands less of its farmers), 2) requires no pesticides, 3) replenishes 3-10 times faster than other textiles, and most importantly, 4) nourishes the land on which it grows at the magnitude of up to 20 times that of cotton.  

All the reasons above makes it undeniable to support and offer these products at cost, 'cause in so doing, we truly get back what we give.   

Join the revolution but purchasing from any of the hemp sites below.  We made sure that these are qualified companies that we ourselves would purchase from, so enjoy.  :)








Thank you,

from our team at The Hemp Coop.