Accepting Coins: The Old Fashion Way


If you would like to pay in Bitcoins, please follow the instructions below:


1) Send your payment to:     1P9hGbafC3zfZPDnUwu82RDj4fzYJv8A5Q


2) Enclose Order:  

a. Quantity     b. Product Name     c.  Size     d.  Color


3) Your domestic shipping address (Example format):  

John Doe

8888 Infinity Lane

One, Totality, 92683


International Orders

 For efficient processing on international orders, please use Google Maps to locate your address, then provide us with your address link.    Thank youuuuu!

4) Email the 3 pieces of information above to



Mistakes are welcomed.

Don't sweat it!  We will do our best to confirm the order with you!