100% Organic Cotton | Hemp | Washable | Reusable | Personal Use Face Mask | Made in USA

$ 12.99

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All sales are final as no returns are accepted for sanitary reasons.   As such, we ask that everyone please read the listings carefully before purchasing.  <3

Handmade In USA
Unisex For Adults (Standard Small-Large)
Front & Back Hemp.
Pocket for Filter.
Made for Lifetime Wear.  
Machine Wash-Friendly.

Version Updates:

April 1st, 2020:      
Version 1: 45% Organic Hemp + 55% Organic Cotton

May 6th, 2020
Version 2:  53% Organic Hemp + 43% Organic Cotton + 4% Lycra

May 20th, 2020:      
Version 1: 45% Organic Hemp | 55% Organic Cotton
Labels: New Versions Will Come w/ Dual sided label to mark a collab with our sister company (ILoveBad organics).

June 24th, 2020:      
Version 1: 55% Organic Hemp | 45% Organic Cotton
Labels: Natural Cotton Coop Label

-Each mask sewn with two layers of fabrics, with a filter pouch.
-Non Earloop / elastic bands are triple sewn for added security and protection.
 (Interesting fact: Our research have shown that many buyers have suffered ear-aches from wearing masks with ear loops due to the tugging of the ears.  Studies have also shown that most customers will start with the ear-loops before swapping to the larger head ties.  The construction of our elastic wrap is based on data given to us by you guys!)
-Two elastic straps go over the head- sitting over the ears and at the nape of the neck. **For Smaller frame size faces, you can tie a knot in the elastic for a more fitted/snug fit.
-Lightweight, cool, breathable, and designed for lifetime wear.

Filtration Lining:
For added protection, you could line your filtration pocket with a cut-out sheet of coffee filter, home filter, HEPA bag filter, or some additional fabric.  If you wish, you could share with us how you line your filtration pocket so that we may share that with the world.

Hemp Textiles:
Hemp textiles are anti-microbial, anti-mildew, breathable, and so incredibly robust that it nourishes the ground in which they are grown to the tune of 7-1 that of other natural textile. It also uses 21 times less water than does inorganic cotton. Lastly, it fights off the mildew which often feast off the humidity from trapped air -- a common symptom of alternative textiles.

Love and Light,

The Hemp Coop