Badge'M Mirror Letter Tracing & Coloring (1st Edition)

$ 14.98

Challenge your kids with both Left and Right hand/brain contrasting exercises to enhance your kid's mental and physical acuity. 

Here are some areas of enhancements we believe these exercises will strengthen:

- Balance

- Intelligence

- Wisdom

- Creativity

- Understanding

To my understanding, the practices of opposites had occurred everywhere, and  was heavily practiced for Aeons before our time (particularly in the Renaissance Age).  In my personal 7 year experience, and a beneficiary of the above enhancements, I can confidently say that those whom practice the language of opposites will, in time, become prophetic.  Prophetic abilities is nothing more than a learned skill.  And much like how memory works, the more you practice, the more you will understand how the entire game works.  

The objective is to work on your counter-intuition.  The more you practice, the better you will become.  Here are some tips to aid your learning:

- The slower you go, the faster you'll get there.

- Alternate hands often.

- Take breaks in between pages for your mind to evenly digest the lessons.

- Focus your mind on your movement, and articulate them often.

- Look to draw energy from different parts of your arms.

- 5 mins of practice every night before bed.

Disclaimer: We are all unique, so the timetable by which we all learn is incredibly relative. Having expectations while simultaneously letting go of those expectations will allow the lessons to unfold within you much quicker.

Wasn't that simple?  Not really.  

From our Family to Yours, Have a Happy Contrasting Day.