COOP All Star Hemp Black Sweater 2.0

$ 88.00

Inspired by...
The paradox of Transparency & Privacy.   Despite the obvious powers of Transparency, we all still very much desire PRIVACY.   More often than not, Privacy is misconstrued as unhealth.  Ironically, in the metaphysical world, Privacy is also deemed a great source for grounding.

And, surely, we included in these "Sweaters" our company's three C's:  Community, Counseling, and Contrast.  In HEMP, we trust.  Enjoy.  =)


55% hemp / 45% cotton
pre-washed / pre-shrunk
hand wash recommended
made in the USA
100% organic
embedded coop stash pocket

The color Black represents the void, the vacuum, the emptiness that is found within every atom, and concurrently envelopes all of this Universe.  Black is also a color for detoxification / decompression, vital for those over-joyous on the surface and simultaneously riddled with undertones of sorrows.  This is largely why black is a great grounding source for white light and the infinite colors white produces.


Simply HEMP

Our designs are intended for simplicity so that you could focus on your daily tasks worry-free of fashion do's and don'ts. We also find that hemp make wonderful ice-breakers and dinner talks all in debt to its place in American History -- alongside its many beneficial attributes.


Be completely satisfied with our 60-day Guarantee and 180 days of TenderLovingCare.   

****     THIS IS OUR VOICE    ****

They want us to specialize,
avoid working with friends or family.
ignore them eternally.
"Buy low, Sell high" is everything.
And that "TIME IS MONEY!",
"do not work for free!"
 INSTEAD we...
Cast sail on many career paths.
Work with friends and family.
Probe drugs, made new discoveries.
Buy high and sell low daily.
Most importantly, what is time
when timelessness is to be?
Our mission spreads clarity,
and our style is organically sweet.
Relativity implies neutrality,
a universal truth that sets us free.
If you would like to support,
then open your mind to THC.
Thank you, all of you, sincerely, truly.
The Hemp Cooperative,
Proudly Of Your Universe