Coop Shibori Hand-Dyed Naturals

$ 92.00

Inspired by...

the glory of nature and its innate colors extracted from the combination of roots, stems, leaves, barks, flowers, seeds, galls, wood chips, sawdust, insects, and fungi species.


Our Shibori dyes owe its origins to a traditional Japanese resistance-dyeing technique known in the western world as 'Tie Dye.'   The choice to hand-dye represents the cooperation between Order & Chaos considering the level of orderliness required to create this seemingly chaotic color pattern. 

There are three color choices:

The first is Indigo-Blue, a pigment that comes from a broad range of plants across an array of genera that spreads around the globe.  We sourced our's from Stony Creek Colors in Tennessee and Botanical Colors which is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.

The second option, Madder-Red.  Madder is one of the oldest and most frequently used traditional dyestuffs known to man. It is found in different forms: in Central Asia and the Middle East~ Rubia tinctorum , in India and Pakistan~ Rubia cordifolia, and Rubia peregrina~ Wild Madder. In Japan, madder is called akane and refers to Rubia cordifolia, which was obtained through trade with India.  For our natural hand dyes, we use Rubia cordifolia ~Madder that is finely grounded and smells like exquisite sweet tea when brewed.  This extract will produce pale pink and peach shades all the way through a deep, wine-colored red.

The third option, Golden Yellow.  Naturally dyed from Turmeric, also known as Curcuma longa; is from the same family as ginger (Zingiber officinale). Both are tropical plants that originated from India.  Turmeric has a long history as a medicinal herb within Ayurvedic medicine. As with many culinary herbs and spices that actually have their roots as medicinals, turmeric has a long and fascinating dual history as a type of food therapy, similar to Chinese herbal medicine.

Color Properties:

Madder Red represents self-awareness and the ability to ground oneself to the natural world.

Personality Traits: Courageous, confidence, empathy, strong-willed, spontaneous, honest, and extroverted.

Indigo Blue represents relaxation which helps with the ability to let go and find relaxation in any given moment.

Personality Traits:  Loyalty, tactfulness, affectionate, inspirational, inventive, caring, and cautious.

Golden Yellow represents enthusiasm for life and can awaken greater confidence and optimism.

Personality Traits: Emotional, cheerfulness, energy, honor, joy, intelligence, emotional strength, extroversion, friendliness and creativity.

Each color and pattern is unique, one of a kind, and not one exactly the same.
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*Coop All Star Sweater
+ embedded coop stash pocket
+ Organic: 55% Hemp / 45%  Cotton
+ pre-washed / pre-shrunk
+ hand wash recommended
+ Hemp Made In-House, California, USA

***Please consider: XS and (1) XL Coop All Star Sweaters are available to buy and ship now.  
Other sizes- S, M, and L are made to order.  
*If you prefer one without our "COOP" label, please leave message at checkout or message us after purchase.

*Please allow 7-10 days for production time.

*Coop Hemp Jersey Tee
+ Breathable Fiber for Less Sweating
+ Between Snugly and Standard Fit
+ Organic: 55% Hemp; 45% Cotton
+ Curved Bottom Cover Stitched Hem
+ Hemp Made In-House, California, USA

*Coop Multifunctional Poncho
+ 100% Organic Hemp
+ pre-washed / pre-shrunk
+ hand wash recommended...
+ but machine wash works too. =)
+ made on planet earth / galaxy milky way
+ & lastly, 100% forever evolving.
+ Hemp Made In-House, California, USA

*Coop Hemp Jersey Tank
+ Organic: 30% Hemp; 70% Cotton
+ Ultra Light Weight @ 3.5 oz
+ Keeping-it-Raw Serged Bottom
+ Extra Thin for Bucu Breathability
+ Hemp Made In-House, California, USA

*Coop Winter Sweatee (Brushed French Terry Fleece)
+ Breathable Fiber for Less Sweating
+ Created Heftier for Cool Temperatures
+ Hand Wash Recommended
+ Organic: 55% Hemp; 45% Cotton - 9.7oz
+ Reversed Brushed French Terry Fleece Construction
+ Hemp Made in California, USA

*Coop Winter Tankee (French Terry)
+ Breathable Fiber for Less Sweating
+ Created Heftier for Cool Temperatures
+ Hand Wash Recommended
+ Organic: 55% Hemp; 45% Cotton - 9.7oz
+ Reversed French Terry Construction
+ Hemp Made in California, USA
+ 100% forever evolving.

Our Guarantee

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