DeSwag "Calms Your Vibe"

$ 1.00

Every piece of hemp purchase comes with a choice of a 3ML sample size bottle in either natural Creamsicle or BlueFruit flavors for free, but is also available for purchase for $1. 

Inspired by...

The gift of giving.  

Goal:  One million free samples. Currently at 10,000 pieces.

Our mission at the hemp coop is to spread hemp as far and wide as possible.  In adherence to this commitment, we've concocted what we believe are combinations of scents we feel would complement the traditional herb-like scent that is currently saturating the essential oil market.  If you are one to venture out as an early adopter, then this one's for you.

Flavors:  Creamsicle or Bluefruit 

Scent:  Sweet & Savory

100% Organic Ingredients:  


5% NATURAL extracts of Orange, Vanilla, BlueBerry & Grapefruit 

We would love for you to carry these free samples at your venue so feel free tocontact us for more information. Let's together get hemp out there, mate!  :D


Customer Testimonial:

"I did some research and learned that hemp was medicative, so I applied the bottle you gave us to my boyfriends psoriasis.  The skin issue had been there for over a year and before I knew it, it's completely gone.  Thank you so much."

"Woah, I tried the bottle you gave me on my staph infection thinking 'this could do no harm.'  After a day, I noticed the infection reduced to the point of impotence.  Thank you."